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Samsung's Android-based, professional-class camera gets leaked ahead of June 20 event

Just hours after Samsung co-CEO JK Shin confirmed that the company will release an Android-powered mirrorless camera, we're already seeing the first leaked promotional shots of the device. Vietnamese tech site Tinh te has published three images of a device bearing the name Galaxy NX -- a product that fuses Samsung's smart device and camera brands.

And it's a big honkin' camera. The Galaxy NX clearly a professional-class product, with interchangeable lenses, a viewfinder, a big grippy body and a large rear display -- a world away from last year's Galaxy Camera. According to Tinh te's post, the NX features a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor, 1080p video recording support, max ISO of 25,600 and a dual-core or quad-core Exynos CPU. The touchscreen back is a "high resolution" 4.3-incher, according to the post. No word on connectivity, but there's a signal strength meter on the display, suggesting it'll feature cellular radios of some sort.

If the Galaxy S4 Zoom was Samsung's answer to a consumer-level Android imaging device, then the Galaxy NX is squarely aimed at the professional market, and may attract attention from high-end users who were underwhelmed by the Galaxy Camera's performance. We can only speculate as to the eventual price (we imagine it won't come cheap), but whatever it costs, we're eager to get our hands on the Galaxy NX at Samsung's June 20 "Premiere" event.

More pics after the break, and at the source link below.

Source: Tinh te

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Samsung 'Galaxy NX' Android-based mirrorless camera pictured


Why do you care anyway? You probably have a nexus device that you are really happy with and loathe touchwiz to the an astounding extent

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next time try the edit button. unless you are using the app. (i don't know if you can do that in the app.

you mean one with a good camera, the Galaxy Nexus didn't have buttons it was on the Play Store for $349 for a good 3 months prior to ditching it for the Nexus 4.

You can make VoIP calls. No you can't make other type of calls, the other type of calls would set you back 17 years in the evolution of a the phone size.
We have enough with the Galaxy Zoom

God thank you for calling it a mirrorless camera every other news outlet is calling it a DSLR and it's infuriating

His name is Alex Dobie. He's British. That kind of name calling could really make a lot of impact on a British fellow.

This is certainly still a consumer level product. Just because it is not pocketable does not make it a tool for photographic professionals. Nothing about this camera looks "Professional".

Pros require a much wider range of lenses and other accessories than will be available at launch. Pros demand durable equipment. They don't need a camera with a camera app.

Nikon and Canon are paying attention, but they are not scared by this product.

The vast majority of "Pros" don't need or carry more lenses than are pictured here.

Most news photographers (the largest group of so called "pros") go into field with at most three but more often than not, only ONE lens per body.

And since digital took over, more often then not these pros are hitting the field with only one or two bodies.

Sports photographers are the only bunch still showing up festooned with lenses and bodies and camera bags the size of athletic bags.

If you seriously thing Nikon an Canon aren't worried by a major industrial entity entering their space you are delusional.

Those three lenses are variable zoom. I am no pro but I could see if one carried only prime(fixed)lenses, he/she would need more.

I am interested to see what the frames per second are on the mirror-less tho.

Exactly my point.

If you use google image search for news photographers or just watch for them at the next news event you happen to be near, they are ALL using variable zoom these days.

The only people who use fixed lenses anymore are Portrait shops (a dying industry)and some free-lancer "artist" types.

Variable zoom technology has just about killed off the fixed zoom lens industry.

Can you explain the difference between variable and fixed zoom lenses? I was under the impression that a fixed zoom meant fixed maximum aperture. You seem to be talking prime vs. zoom?

No it hasn't. You might be confusing "big" with "zoom"...they are not the same. Also, don't confuse paparazzi with news.

You are making a huge mistake based on the number of lenses, not the qualities of those lenses.
Sure, a pro might carry one lens into the field. That lens would be a very versatile, very fast lens that meets the specific needs of a pro. Take for instance a 24-70 2.8 USM. If you understand what that means, you know that not only very fast focusing speed, a large aperture for more light, and very high quality lenses all come with that lens. There are also nice things like a non-rotating front element and anti fingerprint coatings. That, and it costs more than that Samsung android thingy with all three lenses.
In the end, it's not the tool but the user that matters, some photographers use plastic toy cameras. However, very few professionals will be using this camera.

Yeah, not professional level at all. Low end pro-sumer at best. But, a small step in the direction of professional, and given where sony has been going, another name on the edge of the radar of Canon and Nikon for sure.

Sorry, but next time you are out and about at some place where pro photographers are running around, take a look at what they are shooting.

The so called "pro-sumer" cameras have taken over.

Well, I guess it depends on what you mean. I doubt many are using Rebels and such, which would appear to far exceed the professional levell of this camera. 5D or 6D perhaps or Nikon D600s. What do you think they are using?

I have 5 lenses and really should have at least two other specific ones. News photographers are a small portion of the professional population. this is brand new! Let's see what this camera can do! We're waiting, Samsung!

Posted via Android Central App

I would.. I just got rid of my Sony Alpha DSLR (Gave it to my Bro-In-Law for his wifes B-Day) and I kind of miss having that camera around...

does look kinda fake. The screen is not perfectly fit into the housing and there are some artefacts around the galaxy logo

Call me crazy, but this seems extremely unnecessary. I carry my dslr and use it to take pictures. I use my phone for everything else. Why does a big camera need a calculator, contacts, or s-voice? Bueller...

What's wrong with a voice controlled shutter?
Google Goggles?
Instant upload to a site?
Or anything else a truly connected camera could do?

There are very few physical buttons on the body. There would be nothing worse than having to change things like aperture, ISO and shutter speed in an on-screen menu. Physical buttons let you do all that while looking through the view finder.

The photos aren't the best for gauging size, so I'll wait until it's next to a DSLR and the Micro 4/3 or Sony NEX line before judging.

Size is everything with mirrorless. If it's not smaller (ie, more convenient) than a DSLR, why would I sacrifice image quality?

I feel like I'm the only one against this product. It's not a professional camera and too high level for the standard consumer. I'm sorry for saying, but kind of like for the wannabe photographer. I'm not exactly sure about this product yet...

You are right, anyone with a DSLR camera and a smartphone already is not going to scrap their rig to go to this when there are no meaningful features; but there are a TON of wannabe photographers out there who will eat it up as their first "pro like" camera...

I think this a great camera for journalists, or anyone who needs to get images up quickly and easily, and don't need the highest quality. Currently many news sites have started using iPhones or Android devices. Giving them one of these could result in significantly nicer photos. The Advantage over a dedicated camera would be that they could take the shot, look at it, do some quick minor editing (crop, or fix colours), and post it online.

Any android device (when paired with any camera) can already do that. Eye-fi cards for wireless or USB OTG for faster wired connections, either way you can get full size photos out of any camera (even pro cameras) and instantly edit and send. This reduces it to one device and makes it a little more "instant" but the basic functionality is unchanged, if they wanted to send photos right after taking them (no matter what kind of camera) it only takes a few minutes to accomplish. In reality, unless you are liveblogging an Apple product launch, your pictures can wait a minute or two.

I think Jerry has the right attitude on this beast. It may be best to avoid the first one or two iterations. I will stick with my Nikon system unless this device is both utterly transformative and fits my actual needs perfectly. However - there could soon be a variant of Camera+Phone that would work for me this year.

A capable and effective Camera+Phone seems ideal for many professionals. Reporters must hate dragging two or three devices around a show; one of Samsung's other devices could be the answer.

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Fascinating. If it's got LTE on-board, this could be an all-in-one solution for streaming video or even broadcast live shots.

Or for still photographers, this lets them edit and transmit right on the camera. Spiffy.

The more I think about this, the more I think a tool like this could transform the workflow for a lot of photographers.