Galaxy Note

It's not very often that I'll use the word "deal" when something costs $579, but the Samsung Galaxy Note is an exception. If you've been looking for one, and prefer an unlocked world version over the AT&T version, now is you chance to save a bit of cash and pick it up in white. 

Source: 1SaleADay. Thanks, Robert!

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I played with it at at&t, pretty laggy.

sedracer says:

i'm gonna have to say it must have been because the store version was beat on. i've had mine almost two weeks and the only reason i rooted was to restore my apps with titanium backup. the animations and app opening and closing speeds seem smooth to me, maybe a tad smoother on my gs2 but the note is also pushing 3 times as many pixels.

unglued94ta says:

You played with a Snapdragon. The above phone is an Exynos.

lesmchl says:

Will this one work on VZW??

jflexe99 says:

Not..completely different radios.

Would this work on T-Mobile hspa+ 4g network?

jflexe99 says:

Read around, there is a post about swapping radios so T-Mobile works on this phone on this site, and also XDA.

mr nruz says:

its only for the att version dumbass

jflexe99 says:

rocket321 says:

Love the international 3-button layout.

jflexe99 says:

Damn...wish I could have waited ever longer...Got mine for 700. Would have been nice to save about 120 now....But, I love the phone!

hmill13 says:

does this world version support att 4g?

planoman says:

faux 4G or HSPA+, yes. No LTE on the international version.

FireAndGlass says:

Yes Faux,G, which since I live in Seattle and that's all they have. NotLike they have a huge tech baseboard companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Expedition, Valve, NCSoft, etc here or anything...

unglued94ta says:

If I remember right, it is penta band so it should work on T-Mobile 4g as well. If anything it will work on 2g for sure. Btw...I just bought mine.

JtothaR says:

Time to dump my Infuse on ebay, and my HP touchpad as well.... Ordering this after work.