Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

If you're in the market for a footlong tablet, Verizon's now listing the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. The large — as in, yes, 12.2 inches in the diagonal — tablet will run $849 sans contract. Signing up for a two-year stretch will only lop off $100, so choose wisely.

In addition to all the usual Samsung bells and whistles, the 4G LTE tablet will also serve as a hotspot — and with a 9,500 mAh battery on board, it should be able to serve up data for quite some time.

You can order the Note Pro 12.2 here, and be sure to check out Verizon's coverage map while you're at it.


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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 hits Verizon for $849


Because it's Verizon, and they drink their own Koolaid. They want 749 and a two year contract too. I pitty the suckers that save a hundred for a 2 year contract. Verizon is pretty full of themselves, especially being able to get something like 30% from unlimited to tiered data.

Holy hell that's expensive. And I cannot BELIEVE they only take off $100 when dedicating 2 years to them. That is madness. I hope no one is dumb enough to sign up with that rip off...

Some people are having serious issues with this concept. You can argue it's not that we'll suited for a "pro" user but Samsung is clearly marketing this tablet to that group.

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Keep in mind that on the family plan the $100 discount is against a total contract commitment of $10/month x 24 months = $240. So, they are rebating up front ~41% of your total monthly device spend.

By contrast, a smart phone has a total contract commitment of $40x24 = $960

That seems like a good deal as long as you intend to be a Verizon customer for the contract duration.

Keep in mind that if you are already on one of the plans where you can add the device for $10, that plan includes tethering from your mobile. In other words you can use the data allotment you already have for free by just turning on the tethering app on your smartphone. Why spend the $10?

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That's nothing!! Your mom enjoys the footlong in my underpants for free!!!!

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While a lot of people are shocked at the price you have to understand that this tablet is not aimed at you, its aimed at the person who needs a large scale tablet with stylus abilities. This is perfect for an artist and for the use they will get from this its really a well priced device. go and look how much and artist tab costs and you will realize that for certain people in different trades and with different hobbies this is a well priced device that will suit the needs

Sketching on this would be awesome. I mean.. look how much bigger more semi-pro grade wacom display/surfaces go for!

I agree. The price shocked me for a bit. Has anyone checked out Pen.Up app? There are some amazing skilled artists out there.

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I have an unhealthy want for one of these.. I have a Moto X, a Macbook Air, and a Nexus 7 FHD.. I don't need one, but it would be so purdy!!!

Wish verizon would release the Pro 8.4. THAT I would drop cash on.

Noting the world one S-Pen at a time

Not sure that's relevant. Of course if you buy a car for that much you'll get what you pay for... which is a piece of shit (unless you get lucky). But you can buy a nice LG 55 inch led smart tv for actually $150 or so less than this tablet, and LG is a great brand for a tv! Never been disappointed with LG tv's. So it's not a good comparison.

This is over priced for the regular consumer, but I don't think it's aimed at the regular consumer. More aimed towards a business minded person, and I'm sure artists who usually spend more on artist tabs will give this a gander as well.

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Although over exaggerated my point was that you get what you pay for. I personally don't think they make a good TV under 1k. But this is one of the areas of electronics that I splurge.

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Ok well to keep this short... read my response a few comments down. You're wrong.

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I wish they would update my Sammy tab 2 10.1 off of 4.1 . That is a bit pricey for the avarage user. Wait about a month and watch it go down in price.

For a two year contract this should have more than 100 dollars taken off.

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It's very expensive and very cheap at the same time, depending on what i'm comparing it to.... :)

For comparison:

I bought a 60" TV last September for $789.

Two years before that, I bought my Apple iPad 2 64GB 3G(AT&T) for $829. (iPad 2, so it was the original low-resolution model)


Yeah but how horrible is your TV? I have this conversation all the time around black Friday. People go crazy "omgodzilla! 60" TV for $5!!"

You get what you pay for.

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Put it this way, as far as your line "you get what you pay for" in this circumstance... it's incorrect. I purchased a Samsung 55" for $2100, give or take. After screen calibration it looked much better than it did from the factory, but still not as good as my $850 LG from 3 years ago. I was honestly surprised at this revelation. You sit dead center and it looks ok at best, but you move your body an inch in either direction and be hard pressed to not notice a difference in the quality of the picture. Looked like complete shit! Which was disappointing because I really liked the borderless design. It was also a smart tv but that portion of it was extremely clunky. In the end I returned the Samsung and stuck with my lg which is less than half the price and have been much happier. So you see, it's not always "you get what you pay for" when it comes to tv's. It's the screen technology that's mostly what's important, and LG has fantastic screens for a great price. I'm sure there's other brands too, I'm not an LG spokesperson by any means, but this is just my experience over the course of several years.

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I highly doubt your 850 TV compares with top of the line ones. Again, our opinions are different.

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My LG is less clunky with its smart software and the screen looks better than the Samsung that was more than double the price... You're not gonna prove shit as far as my existences are concerned, and my experiences render your point moot, so why don't you stfu and move on...

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At that price hell no. My nexus 7 is just fine lol if I want to spend that I'll go with a full fledged laptop

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Carriers are retarded. I'd rather buy the $650 wifi version and hotspot it with my 10 GB from my HTC One. That's what I do with my Nexus 7 and it works out great. One bill too.

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Please tell me where you can get a "Note 12.2" for $650. I'll save you the time and effort, you can't! Please have a clue as to what you are taking about before running your month... If you want a Tab Pro 12.2 then that is your only choice (wifi)...

$750 for a 16GB tablet. Verizon really sticks it to its customers. I'm getting one of these Note Pro's, but WiFi only and 32GB for the same price.
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Don't get why tablets are not just as subsisized as phones..

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They used to be. But, the carriers stopped subsidizing them. Verizon was first, followed by the other carriers, I believe.