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We've been spending the past few days getting to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and we'll be publishing our full review soon. In the meantime, we've got a selection of photos and video from the phone's impressive 8-megapixel camera. Like the Galaxy S3, the Note 2 packs a rear camera with a BSI (backside illuminated) sensor and f/2.6 aperture. The camera software also shares many of the characteristics of the S3's, including rapid-capture capabilities and a HDR shooting mode. And it packs some impressive macro shooting capabilities, as you'll see in our samples after the break.

Click through for a gallery containing some of our sample images, along with some 1080p video footage.

You can download full-sized 8-megapixel versions of all these images from this location.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 initial photo and video samples


I won't believe it until I see - let's see a picture of a white wall, please. That was one of my main gripes with the original GNote.

EDIT - sorry I thought you were referring to that big splotch of ugly in the middle, that plagues the GNote camera, and several other Samsung phones. Upon further review it appears you were actually swiping at the iPhone 5.

You call that impressive? Please! The new iPhone 5 camera has a feature that automatically applies a cool purple haze filter to photos that have bright lights in them. That saves me a step in Instagram when I post pictures of my food. Because it's on an iPhone it must be cool.



What would we do without AAPL telling us what is 'normal'.

If your going to really record a video, i'm sure its not going to be of a stream or traffic. CrApple internals are Sammy Products so if you love your CrApple Phone then you love Sammy.

Looking like a wonderful package the Galaxy Note 2. I can't see anything coming out within the next 6/7 months that will be better than this device. No don't mention any Nexus device compared to this. Don't mention NO Htc One X± doesn't even fit, Don't mention NO Lg Óptimus G that won't compare not even close, And forget about any useless Motorola devices NONE of those can touch the Galaxy Note 2. Until the Galaxy Note 3 nothing will be better...

Unless of course you just don't want a phone that is way too big for most people. I love the idea of this device very much, for practical daily use for me it's just too big. All of the phones you listed would be better choices for me.

You don't see anything better coming out in the next 6-7 months? Wow you are stupid. Innovation moves fast. Stop trolling every website with the same garbage.

Color me impressed. Both the stills and video were REALLY good and on par with most mid range point and shoot cameras.

Looks decent. I just hope samsung doesn't stock different versions of their camera sensor like they did with the sgs3. Should be same across the board - samsung or sony sensor.

Eagerly await the full review. I do hope this gets announced for Verizon before December so there's perhaps some chance of a Black Friday discount. For some reason I am drawn to this phone because I see it as offering to do more than other phones. Of course it's a good joke to say this is a phablet, but in reality I see filling in where a separate tablet might do for others/most. For some it might do neither as well as 2, but I suspect it would satisfy my needs.

Ever since I started in with smartphones (way back in the WinMo days) it was always about convergence. Since carrying around my Android phone I rarely take my mini-notebook with me and almost never grab my point and shoot or video/flip cameras. As long as I could get it to fit in my pocket this would cover so ground convergently speaking - also a part of me misses having a stylus (S-Pen w/e).

Its amazing that noone crashed in the making of that video....being everyone was driving on the wrong side of the road. ;)

I just had an eyegasm... wait..... Am I allowed to say that? >.>

Anyway, think with you want guys but this is very good for a phone camera. 0.0

I have never been so impressed looking at a picture of a spider web. Not kidding here! My current phone could never focus in on something like that. All the pictures look so crisp and vibrant. Even the video, including the sound, felt like I was standing right there!! I cannot wait go get on on VZW!

Did you get reallocated to New Zealand? :) Looks like locales from Lord of the Rings.
Whatever happened to the dreary English skies?

When the original Note came out I thought it was way too big for a phone and I was perfectly happy with my current 4.3" screen. I was then given a Nexus 7 for work and I LOVE it. Now I find myself wishing the Nexus 7 had a bigger screen for the tablet aspect, but also wish it were a little smaller to be just a bit more portable. Plus, now when I look at my phone's screen it seems so small!.

I think my next setup may just be the Note 2 for phone and work tablet duties and a 10" tablet for home and travel.

Maybe your vision is just rapidly deteriorating. You should see an ophthalmologist ASAP.

Alex, you're a great photographer! The photo of the Pyracantha is nicely done! I opened it on a 27" display and it's beautiful!

Hi, Could you revisit come of the places you took pictures of with the One X so I can compare them directly? The one you have, the canal that bends to the left with houses behind it, makes me believe the One X has a better camera, but a few more samples would be nice. That said, this does take incredible shots.

samsung keeps putting out winner after winner after winner.

i was at a friends house last night who just got a new samsung fridge. that thing was bad ass. i never though a refrigerator would become a work of art. what samsung is bringing to the table for consumers.... is flat out fucking impressive.

I think low light will be the tell all. I know less than nothing about cameras but isnt the f2.6 bad? Something tells me the lower the better for low light which means this is pretty bad compared to the other cameras that have f2.0 (I think this is the exposure sensitivity I have no idea). Of course I could be totally wrong but you never know. low light is the single biggest complaint I have with these cameras. I mean come on how often are you outside on a sunny day vs how often are you taking pictures of dumb sh!t in your house/apartment/job. On cloudy days in my place (and I work from home) its down right dark in my house and a little dark = night time on cameraphones.

Low light shots are improved mainly with lower fstops and larger sensors. So your concerns are valid. fstops are the size of the aperture (amount of light let in.) f2.6 isn't "bad" but is significantly worse than f2.0.

I am officially calling "BS" on this whole, "Alex, our resident Brit" falsehood! You trying to tell us that you are in England and these pics & videos are of England?! Here's why that is an unadulterated, bald-faced lie:

Number 1: Blue skies... in England... in October? Fake!
Number 2: None of the pictures capture a single image of a quaffle, let alone a bludger or golden snitch.
Number 3: No one in the video says "Cheerio, mate!" That's all you guys ever say to each other!
Number 4: Absolutely no images of the Queen: What, is Queen Elizabeth up in some castle somewhere?! You mean to tell us that she wouldn't be outside on a lovely October day?! No way, dude, I mean, mate!

Get out of Central Park, fly over to London and get us some real pics & videos to examine!

2.0 to 2.6 for an f stop is about a half stop. Hardly a huge difference. Also, while f2 is better for low light (marginally) it also has less depth of field. 6 of one half dozen of the other.

It'd be like iso 100 vs iso 200. It'd be about iso 150. Hardly a significant difference.