Android Central Samsung and Google have just announced the latest in the latest entry in the Nexus line of phones at the Samsung Unpacked event in Hong Kong, handing out press kits a bit early. It's the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, powered by stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The Galaxy Nexus is the device we've previously heard called the Nexus Prime, a phone that's appeared in a number of leaks over the past few months.

The star of the show is Ice Cream Sandwich, of course, the new version of Android which includes such tasty features as "brand new People app with Google+ integration", as well as panoramic photo support, and "face unlock" facial recognition capability. But the hardware itself is also highly impressive -- the body of the phone is just 8.94mm thick, and the front is dominated by a massive 4.65-inch HD SuperAMOLED display running at 720p resolution. Inside there's a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, along with 1GB of RAM and 16 or 32GB of internal storage. Camera-wise, you've got a 5-megapixel shooter on the back, along with a front-facing camera for video calls and HSPA+ and LTE connectivity.

Needless to say, we can't wait to get our hands on this one, and we're sure most you can't, either. The Galaxy Nexus is due to arrive in November in the US, Europe and Asia, with a global rollout following later.

Be sure to follow the latest developments over on YouTube, as well as our Phonepocalypse Perpetual Liveblog.


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus announced


Yeah how is this official yet? Unless they had some sort of announcement before the actual keynote...

Apple added facial recognition to iPhoto a year ago. It's kind of a stupid thing to be bragging about.

Too many iPhone similarities. 16 or 32 MB storage, 5 mp camera, no SD card... It has an impressive display and a nice engine under the hood, but I need my phone to have an SD card. And I've heard the megapixel argument before... But I still think that it is a mistake to make it 5 mp when the industry standard is 8. I'm gonna have to wait for the HTC Rezound.

Anyone that knows anything about photography realizes that phone cameras are not limited by their megapixels, but by their lenses and sensors. BTW, I'm sure you mean microSD, and not SD card?
I would be interested in knowing why you need a separate memory card and what industry standard 8MP you are referring to? I've had the memory cards buried behind the batteries of various Droids and never saw a reason to remove them.

you 100% right every phone this days comes with 8 mp this days and more mp IS matters its a dissapointment for sure ....1.2ghz chip thats the other one.....why would i pay full price for this nexus when i can get a better camera in a other phone just because ics so what big deal! i mean i will have to pay full price because i have value plan with tmobile might as well get a different phone since this is going to be expensive i assume....

First off if you're going to argue your point of view on a subject, make sure you do so using proper English. Second, do your research on camera lenses and megapixels, as you clearly have no clue about photography tech whatsoever! Megapixel ratings don't really have much to do with the quality of the picture, especially on your phone. The quality comes from the quality of the camera sensor. U can have a crap 8 megapixel camera and a quality 5 megapixel camera and guess what's going to look better ... That's right, the 5 megapixel quality camera will look better in that scenario. Now, one can ultimately relate megapixels to the resolution of a TV screen. If you are printing out a 4x6 photo, you really don't need anything more then a 5-6 megapixel quality camera. If you're printing out something bigger like poster size, or maybe a little smaller, that's when you can take advantage of the extra megapixels. Such as if you have a 32 inch TV screen it doesn't really need to be more then 720p resolution. Get it?? So, to sum up, a quality 5 megapixel camera on a PHONE is much better then the crappy 8 megapixel "standards" you are referring to ... Such as the one on my thunderbolt. Which really isn't bad if u ask me .. I can live with it. If this 5 megapixel on the nexus is high quality I guarantee u will see a big difference from the standard 8s

True. I have learned my BB with 3.2 megapixels is great for taking photos of a dead person for identification. And it actually takes better photos than my persoal droid X.

Yeah I thought my internet had messed up because I was getting the actual event lol. Cant wait to see what this beauty holds. I just hope the 5mp camera doesnt dissapoint

The people at the event were handing out things that had the press release, specs, etc. on it. That is how they know

Maybe he is a disappointed iFruit user and couldnt stand all the hype and awesomeness of android, so he decided to get us all wound-up and then get disappointed just like they were at the apple event.

Who knows...

lol. Well I at least look forward to seeing what Icecream Sandwich is all about. They haven't released a new OS since Honeycomb in February and they haven't had a new phone OS since Gingerbread in December. This is a year in the making so it should be good.

Did they seriously make two memory versions? Come on Samsung, standard high memory amounts and SD card capabilities made Android better than iOS in those areas.

And the event isnt even starting?

You have got to be kidding. Between my various Droids and my Honeycomb tablet I have found the external SD card to be a mess. There is no standard. Apps are developed to use the phones' and tablets internal memories which are referred to as "sdcard". The removable SD cards have different names depending on the vendor - "sdcard-ext" is just one of many examples. The lack of Android to even have a standard naming convention for external SD cards prevents developers from using them - they are virtually useless. I cannot even get DocstoGo on my DX2 to recognize the same card that I used in my DX. Its a major Android FAIL compared to iOS.

+1 for Sprint ...wait i just realized something! the Prime+ version (1.5Ghz 8MP) is for Sprint, just like the Nexus S 4g :)

The 5 mp camera in my old Samsung Omnia was, hands down, the best phone camera I've ever had. the 8 mp in my dinc is ok, but this is one area where Sammy clearly shines. I'll have to give some thought to the sd card issue, but this is a serious contender.

Ice Cream - I scream... I ain't buying into this fractured BS OS. Honey Comb has not been matured. This is insanity. I'm getting an Iphone just because of this backwards marketing ploy.

I'm not too concerned with the megapixels, as long as it has a good quality lens. I had the Bionic, which had an 8 MP camera, and it took worse pictures than my current Android phone with less MP.
I also have a camera that's only 4 MP with a good quality lens, and it takes better pictures than a newer camera I purchased that's 12 MP.

Glad to see at least one person who knows something about photography instead of just quoting meaningless specs.

Samsung already has an LTE/HSPA+ version of the Galaxy S II in Korea. It is basically identical to this, except it has Touchwiz.

I gotta say Moto brought the a-game today. Better do this right Samsung(I'm talking build quality here)or I will have to go with the Razr. And no I'm not all that interested in Root or Bootloaders.

samsung phones are cheap plastic. the only reason this phone is getting all the attention is for ice cream. the vigor & the razor will have better build quality and better support.

It's a Nexus phone, so you can throw out all the rules that you learned on the forums about what Samsung is "known for." Chief.

I heard this one was made of metal... like the first non-cheap-plastic one. I agree Samsung and LG usually make flimsy plastic crap, which is why I've stuck with HTC for so long. But now it's time to go back.

You'll be stuck with GB for a while with the Razr. Don't expect Moto to come out with ICS right away for a newly released phone.

I can live with that. My experience with the Fascinate was a nightmare and I nearly left the Android OS. My Droid X2 running Gingerbread hums along quite nicely even with the Blur skin on top. I know this a Google phone so it's not the same thing, but Samsung has a pretty horrible, and well deserved rep, for not supporting their phones. Nothing can be said about Moto in that regard.

The Incredible and Nexus One are almost the exact same phones, except for 1 thing: Nexus One runs on stock, Incredible runs on Sense and is all Verizon-afied. Once you take the Sense and Verizon-afication out of the equation, you have the Nexus One, which got updates like MAD. The Incredible? Not so much.

i dont fucken get this tons of people waiting for the event and android central blows it!! what the fuck... now is whats the point watching the event..................geeeez thanks android central

You are Fixxxer.. Everybody knows it. It's funny to see how you fully deny the obvious. Oh the internet.. Where multiple personalities happen!

I know that 5mpegs shouldn't matter that much when it comes to phone cameras and the pictures only matter when the sensors of the camera are good but I'm still occur if I'm downgrading from my tbolts 8mps...

Either way, screw it, it looks so damn awesome!!!! This is the first time I wanted pure vanilla android over HTC Sense UI! Definitely my next phone. Anybody know the actual full retail price though?

There was an article on AC i think 2 days ago with a leaked photonof pricepoints for some verizon new releases. It said $299 with contract but i dont think it had non contract price

A little disappointed by the camera. Yes I know, MP doesn't count as much as the sensor quality but it still contributes. A few comments in here claimed no external microSD card supported... I sure hope that isn't true as that would kill it for me. It's extremely nice having a card you can just swap out and keep backups on and easily transfer all your data to a new phone.

I was also kind of hoping for a 1.5ghz monster, but the 1.2ghz seems pretty standard. Really, to me, the only thing making this phone interesting is the fact it comes with vanilla ICS. The resolution is nice but isn't a "must have" for me (my eyesight can't tell anyway). If the SGS2 came with vanilla ICS, I'd be shooting for that instead especially considering this price point will probably be higher.

Nice ICS looks amazing...maybe I'll be able to port Hive Player to ICS, I hope it supports scrollable widgets like Honeycomb does.

Nice ICS looks amazing...maybe I'll be able to port Hive Player to ICS, I hope it supports scrollable widgets like Honeycomb does.

Woo Hoo! I think I know what my upgrade will be in July of 2012!! Now the problem will be waiting for the darn thing! LOL

Now you're just trolling, man. Everyone knows 4.6 is only because of the virtual home/menu/back keys, and this phone is exactly the same size as a 4.3 incher, except it's got the ergonomic curved screen and it's way thinner.

BACK troll. BACK.

Anyone have a link to their official press release? It may help cut down on the dissension here.

Think of the headaches Samsung could have saved if they had just left out the GPS. Then they wouldn't have to spend so much time and money trying to figure out why it doesn't work. Not trolling, just thinking out loud biased on experience.

I feel bad for you, you must have terrible luck. My Tab 10.1 and my Nexus S have been getting GPS locks just fine ever since I got them.

3 things. First it def needs to be louder than the Nexus S 4G. Second, Sprint better be getting it. 3rd I NEED ONE NOW

Tell me something I don't know. Locked bootloader or not? SD Card or not? Gorilla Glass or not? Removable battery or not? Come on don't tease me with this stupid "announcement", where's the beef?

White suit = mistake. Glad to see tech companies with tech nerds who still have trouble dressing themselves with taste. See, kids, this is what happens when you take style advice from Miami Vice.

I like the dictionary function, small mod, but like. I'm thinking this will be my next phone. Love the save the webpage for reading later. Coupon win. Boarding pass win. Payment confirmation win.

Ah, but he didn't need to spend all his money for the time machine needed to import his style adviser from the 1980s. And yes, I know who he is. At least WebOS was dressed better.

Great phone and very cool OS. That said, I'm waiting for the Vigor to be announced and then make an informative decision between that the GN and RAZR. Running custom ROMs is always a possibility so it's wait and see for me as of now.

I really don't do Samsung but the 4 main reasons I am getting this phone are ICS, quickest updates, Google Wallet, and 720ppi SAMOLED+ screen.

Nothing else need be said...