Samsung Galaxy Nexus

We've seen quite a bit of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the past little while but as we get settled in for the full unveiling things are starting to come together -- like the Galaxy Nexus website. When that happens, people tend to get nosy and start poking around and oh what wonders they find. Along with a good look at the front side of the device we can now get a better peek at it's back side. All will be revealed in a few hours.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus shows off its back side as we near the official unveiling


Were you looking for some kind of graphics / art / glowing LED on the back side?

You do know that the LCD side is the one we use and no one cares of the back side has any thing on it, since it is going to be lying down on a table or whatever.

It is boring. It's not contoured, I don't see an LTE marking, the hump is at the bottom (lol) and there definitely are no signs of any Kevlar...

it looks slippery... and edge to edge screen would have been nice... hopefully the camera is great and has image stabilization

you never know, the Nexus One has a plain looking back but actually feels really nice and not slippery, but Samsung is making this one so who knows..

Let me clarify: spec-wise, of course not. But it has the same basic shape of the Charge, minus the curved nature, is the same width, 6mm taller, and 3mm thinner.

All I have to say if that is the same old Samsung plastic cheap phone, I'm out. I'll wait for HTC's ICS phone which isn't too far away according to a little birdie.

True, but history is in the past. I have good info that says we'll see ICS phones from Moto and HTC soon.

Good point, but there is a happy medium. I am the proud owner of a Galaxy S I and I've been very happy with it except for the creaky plastic build. There are a lot of well built solid phones that don't shatter like the iphone.

OMG....the phone is not even out yet and folks are already bitching and complaining about the design...give it at least a second from reveal to do so....LOL

Some people will just always have Samsung devices i guess

Should have been expected. Did you see the veritable shitstorm that happened when people were bummed about the iPhone 4S? I don't think this will be on anywhere near the same level, but I gotta admit... that thing is REALLY ugly.

Dammit. The front looked absolutely gorgeous. Back looks cheap and just... ugh. WHY SAMSUNG, WHY?!

The first Android phone that had me considering switching from my iPhone, ruined a bit. Well... yeah, ruined. I would not buy that. Hideous design.

Is there a reason it looks like this? I'm hoping there's some sort of function-over-form thing here that I must be missing out on.

Well I wouldn't be buying a 4S regardless haha. Not really too excited about that. I've dropped my iPhone4 plenty of times though and don't have so much as a scratch. I think I'd rather go with the Droid RAZR than this thing though.

you should feel that way, everyone forgets , this is a develpers phone, they did the samething last year with the nexus s

Please don't let it be called Galaxy Nexus! Samsung is overusing that word for every. single. phone. (exaggerating but you get my point).

It's almost like they're trying to mimic Apple who put "i" in front of everything as a branding tactic.

Wait no... Samsung, copying Apple? That's preposterous :P
Agreed though, it's a really stupid name. Nexus Prime sounds way more badass, but I'm afraid Galaxy Nexus is what we'll be stuck with.

At no point anywhere did I say this looked like an iPhone. If you can't understand what I just said, I'm not going to bother explaining it.

I totally agree. I also think that naming it Galaxy would make average Joe think its a Samsung phone (I know it IS a Samsung phone, but you know what I mean? Kinda?) instead of a neutral (in my mind anyway) Android phone.

cant they come up with a new name for every phone , its annoying to hear gallaxy Y,W II,III, MY TOUCH , they use that over and over for years its stupid....

That's called branding. Just like Apple... iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5. We all know it's an iPhone.
When you hear Galaxy for a tablet or phone, you know it's made by Samsung.

Every one bitches about moto design but atleast they added a twist to break it up. Samsung hasn't changed same cookie cutter design.they should have used a whole new style like nexus one was. This typical BS not cutting edge

I don't care what it looks like. I just want a pure Google experience. No Verizon bullshit installed. Put a gloss black tpu case on it and call it a day.


I really hope the OS is much better than gingerbread ... if it is good, i will def buy it without contract ....

wow.... This looks like EVERY Samsung phone available now.
I can't believe I'm going to say this but My Nexus S looks so much better. Of course my Nexus One is still the sexiest Android phone ever. Most people that responded to an earlier thread of mine said they basically wanted a Galaxy phone so I guess you got what you wanted.
That being said hopefully this is the Verizon exclusive w/ locked bootloader and everyone else gets a pure Nexus device w/ unlocked Bootloader.

I only bring up locked bootloader because of today's news of the Razr and how its locked down by Verizon's demands.

Not gonna lie, slightly disappointed, after seeing that gorgeous front and metal-looking rims around the phone. But I'll take it over that fugly DROID Razr with those corners...

The moto razr looks much better. They should've put ics in moto razr. Looks like a bigger nexus s a bit. We want cutting edge designs.

Obviously samsung has something the others didn't have because they were picked by Google over other companies right. So the must have done something right.

I guess I don't really know that much about this whole process, being a mostly-Apple guy... but I was under the impression that they were switching off who gets to make the Nexus phones, not competing for it? Like I said though, I could be (and possibly am) entirely wrong.

Rofl commenters here are so immature. Every single thing I post gets downgraded for being an Apple user, even though I genuinely like Android and said I was interested in this phone/am asking legit questions about it.

Only an opinion here. I have no proof of anything but of course Google went with Samsung. Where were they supposed to get the beautiful screen if they chose another company? Samsung has already proven they'll have a shortage or limit the screens to their own phones. Look at the Nexus One. Google was forced to go with Super LCD towards it's mid to end runs because Samsung wouldn't sell any more AMOLED screens.
Very easy, Samsung told Google if you want the best screens we have to make your phone. If you go with someone else you can get another supplier but your screens won't be HD SAMOLED. BTW not only do we make your phone but we're gonna put our mark and branding all over it.
Damn I take this Nexus deal way too seriously...

Could be. Or if it's a money thing, Samsung could easily underbid the competition. They make much of the expensive hardware cutting costs compared to other manufacturers who have to buy most of the hardware from other sources. I realize the supposed soc in this one is from TI, so who knows. Google chose them for a reason, and no doubt it will look like a Samsung phone with their name on the back, just like the N1 had hTc's name on it as well. I only hate carrier branding on a phone and refuse to buy one with it. :-)

Is it wrong that I kinda like it? It actually has a decent design on back, and the curve makes it look good to me.

the back is look like a samsung gallaxy s2 now i beleave that they only put a 5 mp camera in this thing ....that would be dissapointing..

no double flash .....?

i have a feeling the hardwear going to be a dissapointment like apple 4s

I have little to no problem with the form and look of the phone. Coming from two prior HTC devices HTC Inspire 4g and Sprint HTC Evo. I am looking for a phone that just works (battery life). I thought it would be an iphone 5 with at least a 4in screen etc. when that failed to materialize i knew i needed an android device with a great screen, battery life that far exceeds the two prior battery hogs that gave me 5-6 hours of usable life. I am tired of getting on the train down to NYC and needing to turn my phone off for part of the trip fearing the yellow warning and soon to arrive red bars of death part of the way thru the day. If the battery is anywhere near what is reported with the Galaxy S2 which seems at least reasonable and leaves touchwiz out of the mix and gives me pure android ICS. That will be the phone for me. Willing to pay full price early for new phone, a phone that WORKS. Hope this is it. Otherwise I will need to bookmark TiPb for rumors on the next big iphone screen... :-) Love Android and want to stay a fan, but need to get away from the charging cables.

the curves on the back looks like the samsung gs2 on tmobile probably the same soft touch plastic wich is not bad

Why are people complaining about the back of the phone?
People will always find something to complain about, or perhaps are the trolls coming out of the woodworks?

looks like a droid charge to me but refined. i just got rid of the charge because i hated it. i think im going to pass on this and get thew htc vigor.