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Update: Three has announced that it'll carry the Galaxy Nexus in the UK.

Samsung and Google have just announced the initial launch plans for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus on-stage at the Samsung Unpacked event in Hong Kong. The phone will launch in November in the US, Europe and Asia, including Japan, where it'll be available on NTT DoCoMo. No word on network availability for the US or EU just yet -- often carriers like to make these announcements themselves.

We'll keep you posted as more details of network availability emerges.


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching in US, Europe and Asia this November


yes it will launch on verizon in november.

off topic but did anyone notice how buggy that face recognition was in the video? im not sure if that feature is really needed as if there was an emergency wouldn't you want someone to be able to use your phone? i assume this feature will be able to be turned off?

Unless they are doing something new, face recognition is just an insecure gimmick. Facial recognition can easily be tricked by using a photo the person. As far as emergencies, most phones have an emergency calling feature

Not to make excuses but I would assume that with the initial faulty face detection when he had the other guy do it, it would probably be needed to reset before trying to unlock it again. Just my assumption though. The "Make-Up" liine was pretty good though. the next guy on stage should have just said jokingly "Hey, that is what you get for trying to unlock my phone" to try and save the glitchy fail.

Exactly, what if you lose your phone in a bar and are looking for it, if it is constant monitoring and not reset every time someone could just pan around the bar quickly and unlock your phone

I hope so, but I'll be totally amazed if it does. A google phone, with updates directly from google, on the verizon network. What an f'ing dream. If this is all true, this is 100% my next phone.

And, anyone else out there hoping it doesn't have LTE? While I'd like the extra speed, I'm sure it would absolutely kill the battery life.

Well with the new app management controls, you will be able to block your app hogs from using your bandwidth in background which in turn will save your battery life. Just the ability to see what apps are using your data is amazing and then to zoom in on time frames and manage what can use data is out of this world!

That's not a good excuse at all.

Anyway, I went to a Sprint store and while they didn't have the GSII, they had cases for it. That phone is ridiculously big.

I'm liking the 4S so far, but I'm disappointed that Google and Samsung didn't announce anything more impressive today.

BTW, remember that this screen is PenTile. It is basically just a larger version of the Galaxy S I display. It is not Super AMOLED Plus.

Display: 4.65-inch 1280x720 HD Super AMOLED

So then I should ignore this section of the Official specs page?

do you have a source for that? I'd be surprised if Sprint DIDNT get this phone. They already offer the Nexus S, and are partnered with Google for Google Voice and Google Wallet integration. They seem to be pro Android if anything, so how do you know Sprint won't be getting this phone?

They very well could receive this phone, but it'd either be 3G only or shitty WiMax, wait for Sprint's LTE and the Google phones will come flowing in. :D

I bought the 4S BECAUSE I knew Sprint wouldn't be getting it. I get shit 4G anyway so I figure I'd go a year with the iPhone so by the time the next greatest one is out I can resell that shit for insanely high amounts and pick up the next greatest LTE Android phone. :>

I am wondering how "Hardwired" the physical button problem will be to overcome. They had to have thought about it before making it, if they planned on ICS coming to older devices.

The big question is how far back do they HAVE to port back? Should my DX be eligible, or the Hero? What about the D3 or Nexus S?


I've been pro nexus prime but finding out there's no sd card slot in kinda sold on the razr now... Hoping some roots and ports ics to it soon

This is some bs, not announcing carrier support. Why should I care about this phone if you can't even tell me if it'll be available to me?

o my I so want this phone on T-mobile at some point, ICS looks promising, and another question off topic if this update comes to phones like sgs2 whats going to happen to capacitive buttons? will they stop working? or will it just add extra buttons on the screen?

I am on Tmo as well. I am thinking ICS will know what type device it is running on and not show it's own button controls when it knows the phone already has them.

I'm kind of annoyed that there was no carrier support mentioned. I understand they like to announce things themselves but grr...

Dang, I would of loved a confirmation on US carriers. LTE should be enough evidence to say it's coming to Verizon. I need to return bionic Asap.

Well.. I am not coming up with $649.00 for that.. Nice Size Screen but a lot of the "Ice Cream Sandwhich Magic" can be done with Apps already on the market.. My Rooted Rom'ed Kerneled 1300 mhz Droid Charge on Verizon's Unlimited 4G LTE Network Running Go Launcher EX is just fine by me.. When we get to Quad-Core and 2000 mhz with 1.5 gigs of Ram on a HD SUPERAMOLED *PLUS* Screen.. Then I will consider getting a New Mate.. ( Read Galaxy SIII...) Say the Fall of 2012.. Just One Man's Opinon...

I think most people agree the phone is nice but it's not like i need to start standing at the street corner so i can start saving money for it.

if that's the case i'll be waiting for the for real for real iPhone 5. My next Android has to be pure google. Don't want Sense, MotoBlur, or Touchwiz.

I'd say the previous poster was right saying Nov. Verizon, followed shortly after by AT&T/T-Mobile. Works great for me, gives it a month to work out any "real world" bugs.

Now on to my rant...
It pissed me off to no end that there was NOT ONE news affiliate (other then tech blogs) covering the two major mobile announcements yesterday (RAZR & Nexus/ICS), not one word.
Yet release a dated, year old Apple product and its a feckin media frenzy! I mean really, its a good thing iPhone user's have the wool pulled over their eyes-it matches their coats perfectly..

Also, who sees facial recognition being on the next gen iPhone being touted and new, ground breaking innovation?

Here's the classic formula:

-Android releases new feature
-1 year later, Apple releases new iPhone that doesn't include it
-Apple presenter downplays feature calling it un-necessary and/or buggy
-2 years later
-Apple releases iPhone 6 with a locked down half as useful version of said feature
-Touts this as “We did it correctly by waiting til it was a proven feature and cutting out the ‘bad’ parts for you. Not like these hacks that came out with it two years ago and have already improved it and released tons of other new features since then, which we will be downplaying and telling you are buggy and useless this year, so we can sell a lesser version to you next year on iPhone 7.” “Also, we forgot to put in 4G again, but here's a bar chart showing you how our phone is ‘Just as fast’.”

Marketing genius...