Galaxy Nexus car dock

While most of us here in the states are still anxiously awaiting to get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the folks at MobileFun have got their hands on some pretty awesome accessories for it. They took some time to show off the accessories, such as the car dock, HDMI dock, spare battery charger, and the pin dock. Some pretty awesome accessories here that we hope will follow along to the US with the device in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more informaion. Hit the break for some more images and videos!

Source: MobileFun; via Smartdroid


Horizontal Docking Station

Galaxy Nexus Desktop Dock



HDMI Docking Station


Galaxy Nexus HDMI Dock


Spare Battery Charger


Galaxy Nexus Spare Batt Dock



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Samsung Galaxy Nexus car dock, desktop docks finally appear


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I wish my phone had a dock that used pins like that. Along with an Amoled display it would make a perfect alarm clock next to my bed.

I cannot use my current phone for that because the black is more like gray and puts off way too much light.

The car dock is nice too. I love docks that are designed for the actual phone. My current universal is so bulky.

PLEASE SPRINT, pick up this phone in the next couple months.

Plus 1 for pin Docks.

I've used one on my Nexus One since inception and its great. (Over priced, but great.

USB docks are a pain, you have to carefully wiggle the phone in and out or risk damage to the phone's USB port, and you better use a bluetooth or you will miss calls fighting to extract the phone.

I feel like the screen looks similar to when you give your phone to a child with greasy hands that lets the dog slobber all over it. Should have cleaned it, but maybe its just the glare. In any event, looks like a sweet dock!

Yep, nice for bed alarm. My DX is very bright due to the gray display. Needs to be black. My next device what ever it maybe, will be amoled.

HDMI can be done on USB 3.0 with no loss of quality.

Lots of usb to hdmi converters on the market that work with USB 2.0 work acceptably well. With USB 3.0 it works great.

With the power button on the same side as the charging contacts, how can you turn the sceen on and off when the phone is in the car or desktop dock?

Dock use is intended to default to clock mode when not using the phone. The screen goes dark except for a clock.

Tap it, and options appear, including a Home icon which shows your phone desktop. Slide show, and music also available.

Leave it sit, and clock mode returns. There is really no point in turning it off.

did anyone else just notice there actually a freaking headphone jack on this dock?!?! that was one of most nexus one car dock owners gripes(myself included) with the nexus one car dock

i cant wait for this...such a pain to have to dock my phone...then dock my phone

I know, I was always envious of the iPhone of its 1 plug for charging and playing music. But now the GN doesn't even need a plug!

Or spend 9 bucks at Walmart for a cassete to headphone jack converter to play your music from your phone in your car. Works for speakerphone too.

I find it quite strange that the desktop dock is landscape but the phone's orientation isn't. Anyone else think so too?

The dock isn't plugged in though in this video. When the dock is plugged in the clock should automatically start in landscape. Now, if you back out of the clock while it's docked I'm guessing it will still look like it does above. Google for some reason doesn't find it necessary to allow landscape on the home screens. If you use a launcher like ADW you can enable it but I agree, it is weird they don't enable landscape on the home screens.

I can't imagine many people would use their phone while it's docked for anything other than maybe watching a video or their clock so it isn't too big of a deal to me...the OCD in me hates it though..

Even my old Nexus One flops to landscape in the desktop dock or car dock when the phone is rotated, whether the dock is plugged in or not.

I suspect he had screen rotation turned off in the settings.

Second, I often use my bluetooth while the phone is docked. Bluetooth Plus Dock = Hands free keyboarding, while watching news feeds or timelines.

Great stuff. I get more excited when I see these accessories for my new phone. My only problem is what to do with my other 10 phones and their accessories. I am what you call a freaken lunatic when it comes to my Android phones. I always have to have the next greatest or newest device that is out there. Hopefully the new Nexus will keep me happy for a while.
PS I heard there will be quad core phones out the end of December. Great to be nuts about Android.

Why would'nt it fit? It's only a a tad bit thicker, do you not think Samsung thought this out before making it? I absolutely love the car dock and the horizontal docking station but how come it could'nt be HDMI also? So Samsung can make more money huh...

HDMI requires use of the bottom side micro usb connector.. the horizontal / landscape dock isn't tall enough to connect. I think they were going for an easy in - easy out grab-and-go kind of user experience.. hence the use of the side pins and not the USB connection for charging & audio.

When are they going to stop making docks that won't work with even the slimmest of covers? They did the same thing with the SGS2. It won't fit in the car dock with a Casemate Barely There cover - you have to remove it to put the phone in the dock.

Because it's an OEM dock for their phone. How are they going to know what kind of cover you have on it? If you want a nice clean design, you have to design it for a naked phone, or for a specific cover.

2 cords coming out of the car dock? We Motorola users laugh at this crappy Samsung design. And when you hear audio out of this thing, you'll be crying.

I'm disappointed by the car dock. The usual Samsung car docks have a way to put the phone in the car dock without automatically charging it. I've had the Samsung Fascinate and droid charge car docks and they both have a clip that you slide in to charge it and slide out when you don't want to charge the phone. This sucks. I use the car dock all the time.:(

I don't know really just a nice feature. Plus I swear on the charge I will have full battery, and If I plug it in to the car dock only for a few mins it almost seems like it sucks juice out of it. Why would Samsung include it in there other car docks and not this one?

With HDMI dock I would have expected the phone to be in a landscape orientation. I guess I'll have to rotate my TV to use this dock and enormous black bars. I guess flipping the charger on its side may be slightly easier way to use it.