Galaxy F

As rumors continue to swirl surrounding the final form of Samsung's purported "super flagship" handset, popularly referred to as the Galaxy S5 Prime, we're seeing yet more evidence of the device's existence. PhoneArena, which snagged a couple of cheeky pictures of a similar looking phone back in May, has published new images showing the back and front of the device, along with a comparison with the current Galaxy S5.

As expected, the new model — purportedly a "Galaxy F," according to a photo of its boot screen — appears to pack a larger display than the regular GS5, along with much slimmer bezels and a curvier design. As before, we're seeing signs of a possible aluminum band around the side of the phone, though it's difficult to say for sure based on images alone. These latest photos show a brushed metal effect back like the LG G3, compared to the dimpled pattern we saw previously, but the overall shape and size of the phone appear consistent with earlier leaks. More interestingly, the comparison with the GS5 suggests this new device won't be significantly larger, despite its expanded display size.

Rumored specs for the "Galaxy F" include a Snapdragon 805 or Samsung Exynos processor with Cat. 6 LTE, 3GB of RAM and a 5.25-inch QHD (2560x1440) AMOLED display. Talk of any firm release date is premature, but it's been suggested this new high-end offering could appear alongside the Galaxy Note 4 this September, giving buyers Note 4-class specs in a smaller chassis.

We'll take all this with a pinch of salt until it's official, of course, but the evidence of a Samsung "super flagship" arriving later this year certainly seems to be mounting.

So would you buy a Galaxy F over the current crop of high-end Androids? Shout out in the comments.

Source: PhoneArena


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Samsung 'Galaxy F' (S5 Prime) pictured with big screen, slim bezels


Same man, I'm considering the exact same devices.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy S5/Galaxy Note 3

Same here! I posted elsewhere saying I was soo HYPED for the oneplus.. but after waiting and reading and hoping for an invite.. it's not happening... now there is another delay... i know it's common and i know it's a new company so i should cut em some slack.. which i am.. i hope all the best to them and i might pick one up when it does come readily available... or when the "OnePlus Two" comes out... but after selling my Note 3 to hopefully getting a OnePlus soon... it's not happening... the G3 came out and i was in love.. removable back, expandable memory.. Gold... that's what i want in my primary device... i;ll probably use the G3 to see what the Note 4 and this F series brings...

Samsung devices lack all imagination. That looks like my Pebble Blue SGS3. I'm actually contemplating jumping ship for a WP Lumia.

Same here. GS4 was my first and last Samsung phone. Hated the button layouts, build quality and all the bloat. Nothing changed since.... MotoG is faster at multitasking!

If I would've bought an S5 thinking that this is the best phone in 2014 (from Samsucks) I'd be a bit furious... The S5 isn't really that cheap, so why don't they put all that they can (and will put into the Note 4) put into the S5? I'm feeling lucky that i still have a year from my contract to choose a new handset. The dust will probably settle a bit and 2k will be the standard. Then I'll choose the best of them(probably not a samsung with all their KNOX bullsh. ) The LG G3 looks fantastic for starters... until then, i'll try to hold out with my S4 GPE edition...

Really? Like HTC didn't do it ever? Sony does it every day and a half, but Samsuck is the debil?

Have some more haterade

Posted via Android Central App

That's true, Sony is even worse, but you expect that from them. And my problem is, that they announce their flagship "phone sized" phone, and a couple of months later say, there is an even better version of the same category. I think it's better if a successor is coming out earlier than expected when there's so much to do to the previous one, like the Sony Z2 to the Z1...) HTC did the same a while back, before the One M7, but now they give their best to their flagships. They then wait about a year, so there is enough advancement in technology for a flagship that is really an upgrade to the predecessor. I don't like Apple but this is a pretty good agenda/schedule imho.

Maybe you haven't heard, HTC has another model in the works just like Samsung is doing right now

Posted via Android Central App

Exactly, and so do LG, G Pro3 will be out in a few months.... These anti-Samsung blinds wearing astroturfers are a bit tiresome.

While it is evleaks, and they deserve some credit for being more right than wrong, it is only one source for that. I have seen another that says the S5 PRIME is false (and that is coming from the CEO of Samsung) and we are still talking about it. I have also seen some reports that the M9 will come out in two models and that is why they are delaying it.

Time will tell.

Everyone equates the Prime with the Galaxy F since the "F" moniker was used awhile back. Look at the title of the article...

"That's true, Sony is even worse, but you expect that from them."

If you're not expecting Samsung to churn out any phone they think might sell enough to make a profit and see what sticks to the wall, then you haven't been paying attention. At all. Like, really at all.

Yes and here is why.

Samsung devices are pretty much the most expensive devices in their category. Yet they are made of cheap materials and plastics, so in theory should be priced at or below the competition.

So to now announce that they are going to release a version of the phone that is made of higher grade materials, AND price it even higher is a scumbag move. At the regular S5 price point I expect better materials and fit/finish.

But you can thank their marketing dollars for making everyone believe they have the best products, so they are obviously smarter than the general public.

I work in wireless, and when the S5 was announced it seemed like a joke. Anyone that has wireless knowledge that I know, knew the M8 was the device to get, but everyone that I know that has no knowledge of wireless wanted to S5.

Posted via Android Central App

The prices are competitive with all the other flagships, and if HTC had a camera worth a damn you would be right. All the flagships seem to have one flaw or another. It comes down to what is important to you.

The z2 is the most rounded but they are hard to come by...

Posted via Android Central App

All the major phones are pretty much priced exactly the same (at least off contract) at about $600 (in the US).

Now, some carriers (like Verizon) will decide to charge $100 up front for some devices, and $200 up front for others, but that has nothing to do with the OEM's (like Samsung). That's a decision the carriers are making, based on how much money they think they can ring out of their customers for a given device and is largely based on hype.

And I am *soooo* sick to death of this "cheap plastic" argument. I *like* Samsung's build materials. Polycarbonate (it's not actually "plastic") is lighter, thinner, cheaper to produce, friendlier to radio signals, and more resilient to wear than aluminum. Apple has brain-washed everyone into thinking that if it's not aluminum, then it's a "cheap" phone. Apple started the whole thing to feed into the elitist mentality that they use to promote the iPhone. You're drinking the cool-aid. Stop it.

If you like aluminum phones better, than thank god we have choice in the market. But quit walking around espousing how "plastic phones are stupid". Because some of us believe that phones made out of the same crap we wrap our leftovers in and drink soda out of is stupid.

OK. I'm done ranting, now. Sorry about that.

Well said, I am so sick too with the notion just because it is made of a plastic like material and not aluminum like the iphone that somehow it is and inferior phone. In all actuality, the S5 runs circles around the iphone 5S, 5C etc. Apple users are tired of that tiny flip phone screen that's why the Iphone 6 will be larger. Now who is copying who's design Apple? Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

Exactly. I'm not a fan of my iphone anymore. I'll be buying the new S5 F, Prime, Alpha, whatever they call it.

Light, thin, large screen, Removable battery, Expandable memory, yep I'm in.

My personal experience has told me that Samsung's products are better than HTC's products; no marketing can change that. If I had to choose between a Galaxy S5 and a One M8, there is no question that I would choose the S5.

But then again, we don't know each other ; )

True. Every 6 months Sony upgrades their flagship's.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

When phones are released late, people are mad. When phones get frequent updates, people are mad. Lol

I'd rather have frequent phone updates so I have many choices. If you're someone who likes to buy the newest devices you'll either need more money or more restraint. Technology moves faster and faster and having the latest and greatest won't last a year or two like it used to.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm not angry, just have an opinion about the direction Samsung is going in. I am mad at them for KNOX though. Liked their products(had an S2 and now an S4) but i also like root apps and funcionality. They don't like these, and take away my warranty, therefore i am going to give my money to another company for my next handset ;)

You void your warranty anyway, but now your mad that they know about it? BTW you void your warranty with every device if you root

Posted via Android Central App

rooting is harmless if you are not an idiot about it. It's just software. And BTW: You could reset their "clever" flash counter before and send their devices back to them for warranty.
Imagine that you want something like: a normal, full backup of an app or even the whole os, and you can and will do it. You root your phone(because Kies is useless) and make a backup with Titanium B, or a recovery. Then for some reason, like design flaw, the charging port, or a button, or a speaker breaks.

You walk into a service center and they say that BECAUSE you had root( e.g. administrator permissions that you have in windows) they won't fix your speaker, or button, or charging port(because obviously, the root access was the culprit). Tell me that is a fair thing! (there is a law btw in the eu, that says, you cannot void somebody's warranty based on software changes)
I know other manufacturers also void your warranty, and that is also not fair. Samsung's case is worse, because when i bought my S4, rooting and restoring worked fine, just like before. Then came the 4.3 update with knox, and voila, my 3 month old s4 was out of the 2 year + 2 months premium warranty. And i think i am not alone with my story.

So if I rob a bank and get away with it, it is legal?

Knox has a purpose. It is for business use. My Note 3 was rooted and it can be done without tripping Knox.

Posted via Android Central App

That is really not the same. I bought a device, i own it, sorry that i want to use it's full potential. I know there is a way to root it without tripping knox, but when i updated and rooted it wasn't a known thing. Hell even Chainfire didn't know about it. Business use is probably great, but it should come as extra and shouldn't affect warranty. You are saying that it would be okay for microsoft to deny administrator access along with their OS-es?

Yep your right it's your device and should be able to do what you want but the moment you decide to fiddle with it mean you lose your right to warranty. Nothing wrong with that.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

Try getting a warranty with your carrier or a third-party. While it does cost extra in most cases, I haven't had any problems returning rooted phones to Best Buy or Sprint (most of the time, they don't bother checking).

Or you could just get the insurance on your phone and go through the warranty with a rep in the store. In most cases, the rep doesn't care if you rooted your phone as long as you set it back to stock before you hand it to them. the company wont care because as someone else stated your service provider will reinstall the factory image before they send it back to the phone manufacturer just to rule out user error. I have done this many times. But if you're gonna play with fire and dont have protection, prepare to get burned.

Sure it is close to the same. It is your device and you can do whatever you want with it. You just have to know that you do have to work within the set Terms of Service if you want the benefits of the warranty. In essence my analogy is correct but I will take it further.

Some of the money in that bank is yours, but the TOS say that you cannot take out more than what you have in your account. IF you rob that bank, you are breaking the TOS and stealing.

Same thing applies to the warranty. You have a set of rules, if you choose to root, you are breaking the TOS. If you return your device while rooted, you are essentially stealing services which you are not entitled to.

That all being said, I sorta agree with you with what you are saying, but going with the warranty argument in this situation is wrong.

You can have root, you can have a warranty but you cannot have both

I have never heard of a single person, with a *legitimate* defect (which is all a warranty will cover), being told by a carrier or OEM that they won't fix/replace the phone because of it having been rooted. These guys are not so stupid as to not be able to tell the difference between a defect and damage caused by rooting/ROM'ing (which is pretty rare in and of itself).

Not every device. Motorola will honor their warranty for the Moto X, even if the bootloader is unlocked or the device is rooted.

Also, most companies have had a way for the past few years to tell if a device had previously been rooted, but very rarely do they enforce the warranty voiding unless it is blatantly obvious that modified software caused the issue. They lose more money and good-faith fighting those than they do simply replacing the device and moving on.

+1 to your last paragraph. I have sent back many a rooted phone. Pretty much the first thing that they do with a returned phone is flash it to the original to eliminate user app errors in the diagnostic process

Posted via Android Central App

+1 Yup. I've had more than one phone replaced over the years after it was rooted. Even told them (Sprint service tech) it was rooted the first time, just to see what he'd say before he wandered off and wiped it. He just told me "that's not going to matter". Sure enough, they replaced my phone no questions asked.

Why can't he just proffer an opinion. Sounded calm and reasonable to me even if you disagree. Everyone is branded a troll or angry if they present a differing view


There's certainly nothing wrong with a differing opinion, but all the "Samsucks" stuff is getting old. It *is* possible to offer a differing opinion without sounding like a teenager.

Again, the rule is: If the product is worth what you pay for it, then you buy it. If you're worried about always having the latest, greatest everything, then you are never going to be happy, and should focus more on what YOU think of yourself than what other people think of you in relation to the tech in your pocket. Welcome to the ever-changing world of technology!

I'm at a loss, what are people like me that want an high end phone but don't want to talk into a tablet supposed to do? The s4 is about my limit on phone size. I mean come on, this is just getting ridiculous!

Posted via Android Central App

I feel your frustration too. If it's any consolation, the Prime looks to be more compact than the regular S5

Posted via Android Central App

It looks about the same size with smaller bezels to accommodate a larger screen. Not the same screen size with smaller bezels to make it the same size as the S4.

And I agree, this year's flagships so far are much too large for me. Sony, HTC, Samsung, and LG have all let me down.

Help me, Motorola, you're my only hope :-(

Motorola is pretty much done. Whatever they come out with by the end of the year it will be 5+ in (i just don't see the possibility of 1080p put on anything below 5) and then you will wait to see what Lenovo has lined up for the next year. As the new owners I don't think they are obligated to continue with Motorola's "no skin" policy, optimization and body sizing ideas.

VZW Moto X

Could end up like the note series, bigger screen but in the same dimensions as a 5'' phone

Posted via Android Central App

Name one modern 5" flagship with the same dimensions (width especially) as any of the Note devices.

Posted via Android Central App

You missed my point. I am talking a 5.25 inch screen in the same chassis as a 5'' from last year. The note, from the 2 to the 3 went up in screen size without increasing the dimensions

Posted via Android Central App


My plan is just to hold on to my Nexus 5 (which is already a little too big) for as long as I can. Then...? Hopefully android silver could provide some size options that have guaranteed support. Of maybe a 4.7" iphone won't suck so bad then? I don't know.

I am with you. Actually I think they are setting themselves up for a bit of a fail if they release this and the Note 4 (especially with a YOUM display) next to each other

Posted via Android Central App

This one is smaller in size than the GS5. It is there because they've apparently realised that the world doesn't really buy their phones on a twelve month cycle. You know, keep the flow of high end options more even. The Note series caters to a slightly different demographics...

How about perfect? Better than screen eating, on screen buttons and barebones software anyday

Posted via Android Central App

I've never seen a comment on here that has been this wrong.

Posted via Android Central App

Can be reduced/hidden/replaced/added with ease, and when you need screen real estate, the app can just request immersive mode and you get all the space all back.

The difference is simple: Hardware button are what they are and there aren't a single thing you can do to them, Software buttons give you infinite control and possibilities.

As I said, they're cool. But, they're not very productive. They work great if your device is a media consumption device. Having a physical button, or three, always present at the same place really makes basic productivity easier.

Eventually, when screen technology and finger rejection solutions are perfected, on-screen buttons will have a huge advantage. Today they really don't. The Nexus 5 or the Moto G has more bezel than a GS4 for instance.

AFAIK the software buttons are always in the same place on a Nexus 5 for most productivity apps. So I don't see where they are "not productive"?

If you don't like the hardware buttons, that's cool. But it doesn't mean that it's the only valid view point. I didn't like the hardware home button when I first got my Note 2 (coming from a series of HTC devices) but now I'm so used to using the hardware home button to wake the device when I pick it up that I think I would miss it if I ever went to a phone with capacitive or on-screen keys.

I prefer on screen buttons but I would also like more control over them like you get on custom roms. Size colour and the ability to force immersive mode when lazy developers don't include it


We have the term RDF for blind Apple fans who believes everything has to be done in the exact way Apple are doing it. What term will we have for the pure Google apologists? :)


Screen-eating buttons: bezel-slimming, aesthetically pleasing buttons.

Barebones software: functional, lag-free software.

Posted via Android Central App

My note 3 has slim bezels and a hardware button... You can have both.

As far as software goes, get back to me when aosp gets 1/5th the functionality of sense/lg/tw/sony

Posted via Android Central App

Some are gimmicks, all are features (or added functions if you will.

Posted via Android Central App

I doubt *anyone* uses *every* feature in a Samsung device, but I bet a lot of people use at least some. I don't think the intention was ever for every feature to be useful for every person, but for every person to be able to find some features that they like. Just because *you* don't see a need for a feature, doesn't mean that it shouldn't exist.

It does, once you root and install Xposed Framework to get all the modules you need to do all the sense/lg/tw functionality. Plus you get to choose what features you get, instead it all being force feed down the throat "Samsung Style".

Plus for people don't want to force feed "features" they get to have a simple, functional, lag-free experience without 10,000 sub menus to dig through for stuff like "camera golf mode".

Blah blah. Xposed requires root, some of us cant be rooted because of certain apps that we need. Xposed also slows phones down and prevents the use of ART.

Xposed's creator have said he will support ART when ART become stable, plus your "Xposed slows phones down" agrument holds no more water than the claim that "Touchwiz slows phone down".

Plus What are those "Apps" that forbids you from rooting your phone?

The part you are really wrong is that people do not want those features. If that were the case the Nexus would be where Samsung is today. Us techies that Root, ROM and customize are the very slimmest of minorities and these phones are not really (none of the phones really) are designed for the tech enthusiast. Yes you have unlocked developer models, but the point is to allow freedom for devs to make apps and extend the functions of sense/tw/AOSP, not to create entirely new software. Not to mention they do not sell all that well....

I never claimed "most people do not want to be force feed features", In fact they do because most people don't think deeply about their phone so they accept Touchwiz like how people in the Middle Ages accepted the Black Plague.

But people that don't like to be force feed with the new Black Plague, there is AOSP. Simple when you need it, but can expand to out-feature even the most feature rich OEM skin if you want to thanks to Root, Custom ROM & Xposed.

You have that option, knock yourself out. I would rather have things on demand instead of going to hunt things down.

Personally, the black plague is AOSP. It is bare bones and featureless, that alone cripples a device more than it helps and can give Android a bad name...

Looks, you don't have to like TW. That's whatever. But why can't you express your opinion without all the "shoved down their throat" kinda speech? First off, it's juvenile. Second, it's wrong.

You can turn on or off whatever features you do or don't want. Samsung doesn't "force" anything down your throat. And, while I personally don't use the "Golf Mode" on my camera, it's not like it's ever been "in the way" just by being another item in a list of camera modes.

You do realize that some of the people you're talking actually *have* these devices and actually know what they're really like to use, right? So we already *know* whether or not all these features are a "problem". You're not going to suddenly convince us that they are.

Indeed like the N5 which has massive bezels. The bezel argument is bogus, always has been

I think LG may be getting as close as possible with reducing the bezel while using on screen buttons with the G3, but there's still plenty of bare space. And this is coming from someone who uses a Nexus 5 and prefers on screen buttons to capacitive or physical.

That makes no sense. If the S5 had software buttons it would have a larger screen and it would make a difference when watching videos or looking at pictures... you know? Where it matters.

I don't even know how to respond to the "better than barebones software" comment. Touchwiz loses to almost anything. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

Posted via Android Central App from my Moto X

TouchWiz aesthetically is better, the functionality is great, but the coding is poor... Hence the size.

Posted via Android Central App

Touchwiz is fugly but like I said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'd have to say it functions poorly a lot of times too. I can't count how many times a customer comes in with a software issue. It's always an S4/S3... Or a Verizon Droid or a lower end Lumia.

Posted via Android Central App from my Moto X

I should have said better than it used to be, I am certainly not going to compare it to sense..

Posted via Android Central App

I'll take the new TW in S5 (or in my case, Tab Pro) any day over barebone Nexus devices. The only thing attractive about Nexus devices are custom roms, at least for me. Just when I was tired of tinkering with my N4, I bought G2 instead of N5 and never look back. The only thing that I probably miss is pie control (damn those guys at PA are

Ofc you never experienced Xposed, there is a world of AOSP tweaking out there that is more flexible and easier to do(you don't have to wipe data to install) than Custom ROM.

It is far better to get the features that you want when you need it than having features you don't know when you will ever use force feed onto your phone.

Aesthetics are bad (opinion not the fact )
Functionality the best
Performance - coding very poor for the price.
People tend to forget that all OEMs contribute in making Android experience Richer and better. Some are conservative and some are pushing the limits. Google can sit back, watch, listen and slowly implement the most popular features (i.e. Samsung's power control in the notification drawer) into stock ROM making sure that performance is not affected. Sadly , seems like they are too slow - Apple might beat them to it in some areas w iOS 8 :)
VZW Moto X

iOS 8 comment:

Gotta love being able to text directly from the notification shade. Yes I know that Android put actions in there first, but actually replying to a text within the shade is nice.

eh. I'm not sold that this will be a better experience than how Textra or Handcent or any of the other SMS apps do it. I understand why Apple likely did it this way, within the limitations of the iOS framework, but I don't know that it's necessarily a "better" way to do it.

At the very least, I think it's cool that iOS is finally getting this kind of feature. The closer the OS's get to feature parity, the more it will push somebody to come up with something new.

I just want the hardware buttons to disappear when I'm in a app and then I can swipe up from the bottom to get them back thats the way I think it should be done

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Download the app on the play store called immersive mode, you don't even need root for it to work.
Posted via Android Central App

who says? Design freedom is one of the perks of Android. That is why Google calls them guidelines and not mandatory design specifications.

No one said squat about off screen buttons until Google changed it.

I'd be shocked it this wasn't a " Korean only " thing .. with all the advertising the GS5 is getting it seems strange to me to suddenly say .. " oh but ya this one is better " 2-3 months down the line.

Nonetheless i wouldn't put it past them entirely

There's no chance at all that this is limited to Korea. If Samsung had a way to open up shop on Mars, they'd do it.

Posted via Android Central App

No, this makes sense in a way. No one was able to release a Snapdragon 805-based flagship in time to meet the annual refresh cycle deadline, so all of the OEMs had to release a new device with almost 0 changes from the previous generation, similar to what Apple does with their iDon'tCare products. So now they are releasing the real next-gen devices.

Posted via Android Central App

Yea, it was written in the contract that 'Samsung Electronics will not release any other phone, better hardware or any electronic communication device in 2014'.

LG launched G Pro 2, G3 in same year. Sony launches 2/3 powerful devices every year. But if somehow Samsung launches a new device, the S5 will stop working.

Retarded comment..

To people who are constantly waiting for the "next best" phone: There will *always* be a "better" phone coming out in "6 months". Especially with the crazy pace at which mobile tech is advancing right now.

Why call it the Galaxy F?

F for "F you, S5 owners"?????????

Somehow, S5 Prime sounds a lot better now. Also, it's a slick-looking phone, and I don't say that for a lot of Samsung devices.

Personally, I could do without TouchWiz and I somehow prefer on-screen buttons (Personal preference, okay? No need to come and bash me over something I like) but I might give this phone a try.)

That was a little different.

The One X+ was basically a One X with faster internals. Otherwise, it looks exactly like a One X.

This is different. It has a slightly different design and obviously better internals.

Is this phone going to push a bunch of fitness apps that no one is going to use?

Posted via Android Central App from my Moto X

No just a sh#tload of TouchWiz apps that nobody wants, and can't remove. After all, why should I have access to the advertised internal memory of the phone??

Posted via Android Central App

Well at least it offers up to 128GB of memory. Honestly though I don't use memory cards, every one I've had proved unreliable at some point and had to be formatted.

Posted via Android Central App from my Moto X

You Moto X community should stay out of this news. Only thing you guys van do is trolling. Seems you people live with a sense of inferiority complex.

First, it is storage not memory I believe you are referring to. Next, just because you do not use, or know how to use, the features does not mean that others do not.

I use a lot of them, and they work well with the exception of 'smart' whatever. Those are wonky

Posted via Android Central App

I'd probably take an iPhone over a Galaxy just because Samsung can't make an attractive device to save it's life. The S3 was the ugliest flagship of all timez.

Posted via Android Central App from my Moto X

Would make sense if they did this to compete with the release of the iPhone 6. That said, so far the phone looks attractive since I use Nova launcher anyway.

Posted via Android Central App

We would have had to wait longer to get the s5 then because the 805 wouldn't be out yet

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

If they do this what's the difference between this and the note 4

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

Looks like a fake to me. Its the same exact shape and size as an LG G2. In fact it looks like a G2 with a fake stick on button covering the LG logo. There is a reason the thing is lit so badly in the pictures.

The back looks like a fake cover covering the LG buttons and camera, which is why the camera looks odd in the shots (too deep into the device).

I can't imagine any carriers actually bringing this on in addition to the regular S5. Most people will never know about this phone and those that do will pay outright for it.

I would imagine the specs on this are basically the specs for the Galaxy S6.

Samsung's advertising budget is massive. If they want people to know about this phone, people will know about this phone.

This should have been the original S5. The S5 bezels are hideous to say the least. I think Samsung will be losing a good cluck of sales S5 to the LG G3. They really need to stop flooding the market with a kzillon options and concentrate a few key models for each range (low, mid, high). And until they either offer the onscreen nav buttons with or without the stupid physical home button they have lost me as a customer.

S2, S3, S4 Owner...

IF you are not buying it then you do not have to worry about it. A lot of people like the home button on the phone.

im curious to see how that bezel compares to the G2 and G3. if they got it equal to or less than LG's current bezels AND retained side buttons i would be very impressed. But i still love my back buttons.

Getting it.
So far sounds like everything I wanted in a powerhouse flagship.
I always hated that the note's specs usually sharts on the S series. This is the bridge device.
Now we play the waiting game...

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

these days, buying a "flagship" Samsung Android smartphone is a gamble.
every new one that you buy will become the 2nd or 3rd best within 5 to 6
months(if you're lucky)

They could be giving the Galaxy F away and I wouldn't bite.
Won't get another Samsung phone after my S4. KNOX pox left a bad taste in my mouth.
It's either the LG G3 or wait until I see what Lenovo/Motorola has to offer.

But Samdung has lost my business forever.

wow Sept is too late. I'm kinda interested in the prime phones. But Samsung sells the phone with exenhos on India. Any way i can get the snapdragon version here in India?

There's VERY few phones that I'd buy OF the current crop of high-end Androids.

I refuse to use my phone outside of the way it's engineered, plugging a Rube-Goldberg dongle to hang from my car windshield or juggle like a high-tech nunchuck with two hands...
I won't buy a phone that doesn't have a swappable battery.

It's important when I travel for work, and might be using my phone hard and heavy while on-site at a client facility, need to be able to use navigation while driving around a foreign city, and leaving a restaurant and having your phone die is no circumstance you want to find yourself in.

Even for every-day use - I installed a custom ROM on my phone, and found that it's raping my battery, so often I need to swap a battery in around 8pm. Should I need to? No. But this isn't a perfect world, and I don't really have the time in my professional life to dedicate an evening to a reinstall or different ROM, so for now I'm grateful that I can pop an extra, charged battery in and get on with my life.

Plus - a pair of extra batteries with an external charger that you can plug a USB cable into for general charging is the perfect travel item, and sells for like $25 on Amazon.

This move towards being more "Apple-like" is disgusting, with sealed-in batteries.
I flat out refuse. It's not loyalty to Samsung - I mean, I love an AMOLED screen - but it's the simple "no other choice" option.

Was thinking of getting HTC prime but I guess I'll be getting Galaxy prime instead. Since HTC was put on hold. Perfect timing. Cause my contract ends in Nov 2014. Hope the metal casing is true.

Too bad I can't end my contract early with Sprint and hop over to Verizon with this phone

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