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Same lens and sensor with updated internals, software and design

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We're still a good four days out from the official start of CES 2014, but Samsung has already taken the wraps off its first Android product from the show, the Galaxy Camera 2. Described as a successor to 2012's OG Galaxy Camera, the Galaxy Camera 2 packs the same 16.3-megapixel 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS sensor and f/2.8-5.9 21X optical zoom lens as the original, only with updated internals, a newer version of Android and a bigger battery.  The basic shape of the camera is similar, though it now sports a Galaxy Note 3-like faux-leather effect on the front, and it's a little lighter than before, at 283 grams versus 300.

Like the original, the Galaxy Camera 2 shoots 1080p video at up to 30 frames per second, though there's now a new "multi-motion" mode allowing users to alter the frame rate on the fly for a unique visual effect. On the software side, the device runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and the latest version of Samsung's TouchWiz software. And the new "Tag & Go" feature allows the Galaxy Camera 2 to be easily connected to smartphones through NFC, Samsung says.

Powering Samsung's new camera is an unspecified 1.6GHz quad-core CPU with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, plus a microSD slot supporting up to 64GB cards. There's a new, larger 2000mAh battery and connectivity through Wifi a/b/g/n — no cellular option is specified in today's announcement. And the display is apparently unchanged from the original Galaxy Camera, a 4.8-inch "HD" Super Clear LCD with on-screen keys.

We'll have more thoughts to share when we get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 in Las Vegas, but based on the spec sheet we're looking at a generational upgrade to the device's smartphone components. Though with the camera side of the equation largely unchanged, it's likely the Galaxy Camera 2's image quality will mirror that of its predecessor.

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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 unveiled ahead of CES


I hope it doesnt come with a wife. I already have 1 and that's enough. As for the blue tooth, you may want to see a doctor about that. :b

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The whole point of this is so that you don't have to transfer the pictures to your phone or computer...

I have the original Galaxy Camera and see no reason to upgrade, except for the appearance. I'll wait for something with better photo quality, before upgrading.
This is basically an S4, minus the phone radio, so has all the bells and whistles, including Blue Tooth and GPS. Actually, I always use Dropbox for photo transfer and storage. I edit in camera using Snapseed and also upload directly to Facebook or attach to email. I even control the camera remotely using Remote Shot on my S3 or Tablet. Of course, I use a tripod for remote shots.

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I also have the original Galaxy Camera and was thinking much the same, though many friends and family members have asked me about the camera, so I guess I'd be recommending the newer version.

The other thing you should try is downloading an APK of Google 4.2 camera so you can do photospheres on the Galaxy Camera.

Also, if you wanted better image quality and the same feature set, I think the only other decent option is the Samsung Galaxy NX (interchangeable lens mirrorless camera), which is pretty pricey... and then you lose the portability...

I like and use some Samsung equipment. However they really could do better. So WHY? I no longer believe they CAN'T do better. They just aim low - and miss the point?

Galaxy Camera 2 is a high end camera phone. One might choose this over a GS4 or Note 3. So, why only 8Gig of internal storage? They MAKE memory! Why be so mean with it in this thing? The Camera should blow me away; not disappoint me so much I never even pick one up.

The NX30 reveals the same lack of commitment and ambition. Changing lens mounts is a BIG deal for an established SLR user. This thing will not be cheap - nor will the lenses. So make a camera body to die for! What we see is nice packaging and ergonomics; but it's just OK-ish in specification terms. WHY?

My end of year report for Samsung would be. "Could do better. Clearly more capable than this work suggests, due to a basic lack of commitment." They lack imagination.

It's not a high-end camera phone. It's meant to be primarily a camera, with phone features built-in. Most cameras have little or no internal storage, relying on external storage, so the fact that this has both expandable storage and 8GB internal storage is good.

Also, if you're looking for a Galaxy Camera-like device with better camera specifications, there's the Galaxy NX.

Would this be a decent option for a point and shoot. Our would the NX be a better pick?

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