Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has always been an odd device, but starting next month you'll be able to get a new version of the odd device: the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 starts shipping globally this March for $450. If you happen to be living in South Korea, ZDNet Korea is reporting that you can actually grab the Galaxy Camera 2 today for 499,000 won, but the rest of us will have to wait a few weeks. The Galaxy Camera 2 has appeared for pre-order on, priced at $449.99 with a release date of March 10, 2014.

We were able to review the original Galaxy Camera back in December of 2012, so it's been a bit of a wait for a successor. The original was an odd beast, so it's okay that Samsung's taken their time putting out version 2. The Galaxy Camera 2 was announced shortly before CES 2014, and it carries over the same decent zoom lens and sensor from the original, but with entirely new processors, software, and a much more attractive, dare we say, classic design..

The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 up for preorder now at, B&H Photo, Best Buy and likely a few other places too. Let us know — does the $450 price tag seem fair for the upgraded back-end, or is it too much for a camera in which the camera part hasn't really changed?

Source: ZDNet Korea, Via: SamMobile


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Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 to go on sale in March for $450, pre-orders now open


I have never understood why it seems that every article about a new Samsung device has to include a comment about whether we think the price is too high or not?

Why is so difficult to just inform the public of the asking price, and let the market decide whether it's too high or too low?

What something cost is relative to each individual. I might think paying $300,000 for a house is too expensive, whereas, someone who makes much more than I might see $300,000 as a bargain.

Has anyone noticed that the renders for the GS5 have essentially a similar look to the GC2? Same Samsung department.

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I'm so glad someone else has said this about the relativism associated with the price of goods and services. It is almost always relative to the individual.

I had a chance last year to get a Samsung Galaxy camera 1 at best buy for $50. I can understand using a phone as a camera. But not a camera as a Phone. I could imagine the odd looks I would get as I put the big heavy bulky camera up to my ear and started taking in it.

The price is much more reasonable this time around. I'm a bit more interested.

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I'll be buying one as soon as it's released. Not all of us are fools
enough to be tied down to a two year contract costing thousands of $
just to call or text. I have an LG 840G Tracfone for that.
The SGC2 is an awesome portable computer (1.6 GHz Exynos and 2 GB Ram) that
happens to have a very cool camera attached. Using the various Android
camera apps with a real 21x glass lens and a sensor larger than the one
cell phones use means you can create awesome photos.
The original sold very well and this one will sell even more. It's basically an S4
without paying way too much for data transfer.
All of these releases say Mid-March but retailers like Amazon say March 1st. I think they are referring to the arrival at brick and mortar stores.

S4 without a phone. Everything that Android has to offer without paying thousands to receive data. You can use it to talk though if you want. Just install a VOIP program such as Skype and you're good to go.

I do like the idea of my camera running Android, but I'm beyond pleased with my NEX-5R especially when I have the pancake lens attached for pocketability.