Samsung Galaxy Beam

Normally when we show you new devices, we give you the display first. The business end of the Samsung Galaxy Beam, however, is an a decidedly different location. That's a 15 lumen pico projector tucked into the phone, meaning you can fire video from the device up to 50 feet away or so. We kept things a tad closer, and sure enough, it works just fine.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress There's a dedicated projector button on the right-hand-bezel, just above the power switch, that turns the projector on and off. (It's quicker at turning the projector off than on.) It also cycles through projecting the display either in portrait or landscape mode. The projector may be a novelty, but it does appear to work fairly well, even visible in a well-lit room.

The rest of the phone is pretty solid, too. It's a Gingerbread device (boo), but it will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich (yay). It's not the thinnest phone in the world, but neither does it feel horrible in the hand. We're a little worried about how long the 1850 mAh battery will last while blasting away video.

We've got no idea if a projector phone will sell this time around. But if you've just got to have the ability to shoot video across the room from your phone, you'll soon have a new option in Samsung Galaxy Beam.


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Samsung Galaxy Beam hands-on


Agreed. I would love this on The note or note or tablets. It would be great to be able to draw and view it on a bigger scale. Also when surfing the net, that 10 inch screen is a bit small sometimes. Add a laptop dock and ill by 2 note tabs

I think the idea of having a projector is awesome. And they did a good job of keeping this phone reasonably small. We need to see a video of this thing in action.

Awesome? Seriously?

Give me a believable use case for this? The thing is screaming GIMMICK at the top of its lungs.

I can see it now:
Ok everybody let's darken the room now so I can show off my gimmicky phone, never mind that 50 inch tv on the wall over there, turn that off so it won't wash out the dim phone image. Don't worry you won't have to watch my entire slide show, ive only got enough battery for 15 minutes.

Come on, people, this is useless for everyone except salesmen. There is a reason your average projector takes a 250 watt bulb.

"Give me a believable use case for this?"

A teenager projecting porn on their bedroom ceiling so they have a free hand.

Sorry, but you asked.

Did you read the article?

"it does appear to work fairly well, even visible in a well-lit room"

Sounds useful to me. It's not going to replace a full projector setup just like your current phone isn't going to replace a game console. That doesn't mean it's worthless.

I get so sick of people complaining about "gimmicks" on phones. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Don't bash manufacturers for putting useful and fun features in phones. Most of the best features in today's smart phones were dismissed as "gimmicks" at some point by people like you.

Your posts get more and more ignorant everyday. Whining about the battery when it could easily plug into an outlet if being used for a long period.

Only a salesman would use it? Teens or adults at parties could easily use it to project movies/music videos/images. Parents can use it to project a movie for their kid/s. There's many uses for a phone like this. Trolls could project a movie onto the bridge they live under is another use.

Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps this would be pretty handy for mobile presentations?

Whether you're a dedicated business man/woman or just give the odd presentation every now and then (work, school, college/university, etc...), it'd be a LOT easier to lug this around than a laptop and projector or stuff around connecting your own laptop to the one provided...

Another potential use for this is television.

Australia's largest telecommunications carrier, Telstra, operates the dominate subscription television service "Down Under", Foxtel, and "Mobile Foxtel" is the mobile version of just that...

Getting to the point, imagine being able to project this onto the wall, instead of being forced to watch it on a four inch-ish display?

What about when I go on leave?

Every year, I'll show the mother-in-law all the new photos and videos of the kids... On my smartphone's display.

Imagine being able to project these onto a nearby wall? It'd be a LOT easier and a LOT better experience than viewing the relevant content on my smartphone's display...

What about work?

I get sent away with work from time-to-time and I often have to work 24-hour shifts during which a lot of time is spent watching movies on my smartphone or Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable)... Sure would be nice to be able to view these on a bigger screen, and not have to worry if the nearby television is compatible or not!

Honestly, such a device like this is not for everyone, but it has its (productive!) uses... I'm wary about how long the usage times are going to be on this smartphone, however.

Thank you! As someone who has to travel for work flying around with my laptop and a projector...sign me up! I am already sending in a email to get one of these when it comes out. Hopefully, I can do away with my massive laptop bag.

Oh give me a break. You buy a phone to entertain your Mother In Law??? Now I've heard everything!!

Email the photos to her, put them on Picasa and send her a link. Even your mother in law does not want to watch your slide show. Why buy a phone for once a year visit to a mother in law.

Who wants to carry a charger to work just to watch movies?

Look, this phone will be as forgotten faster than 3D screens. Scoff all you want, but this phone disappears.

Believe it or not, not everyone in this world has a computer and in the REAL world, some people are quite technologically-challenged... Yes she has a smartphone, but aside from messaging (by which I mean TEXT messaging) and telephone calls, she doesn't use most of the enhanced functionality, nor does she know how do.

Besides, I wasn't saying that was the ONLY reason I'd buy this smartphone... I'd use it for most of the reasons I originally listed and I'd bet you a nickel I'm not the only one!

This smartphone is certainly not going to be the next Samsung Galaxy S II or whatever it was that sold a gazillion handsets, but it will most certainly find a place in the world, particularly amongst mobile professionals...

I don't know if I'd call it a fad. I definitely don't see it selling in huge numbers, but it at least does have a distinct purpose that I could see a certain group of people finding genuinely useful.

Till there is a breakthrough in Battery design this will just be a fad. A 1850 mAh battery will not last long in projector mode. It is a cool idea though.

This would be perfect for me. I travel a bit and sometimes I get a hotel room that won't allow me to connect my DInc to the tv, so I end up watching Netflix on this tiny screen. This phone would elimination needing a tv altogether. And if I'm in the hotel, then the phone will always have power. I would just need a kick stand to hold the phone up.

Exactly what I was thinking. This+root+sixaxis wireless controller app+DSIII controller = Me in a dodgy hotel on a business trip with a smile on my face.


This phone is a business tool, in the old days guys and gals like me who did group presentations in offices had to lug around a laptop and projector, with this thing and a power plug it would be nice for small group meetings. yes projectors are sold that almost fit in your pocket thanks to LEDs. But for me though nice I would only want it if the phone was top notch as the projector would be maybe 3rd on my list as I have a tablet I use as well.

What about the software? I imagine that any existing presentation apps are geared towards tablets.

"We're a little worried about how long the 1850 mAh battery will last while blasting away video."

Chances are if you're doing a projector demo, you're in a spot where you can at least get away with plugging it in, if not just expecting to have it plugged in the whole time.

All in all, I'd say this is a niche market phone. Targeted right, like to schools and on-the-go meetings/demos it'll sell.

I can see this being useful for the business or education fields. For example, how would you share a powerpoint or presentation to your colleagues? From a laptop shown via a projector, right? Now, instead of having to own both a PC AND a projector, you'll just need this phone. :)

The projector is very nice and would be useful in many ways. I just don't care for the other hardware specs nor the Android version this phone was being talked about like a year ago. As far as battery size 99% of all smart phone Batteries suck. Just plug it in and project all you want.