Samsung Galaxy Avant on T-Mobile: just $216, no contract

If you're looking for a relatively affordable Samsung Android phone on T-Mobile, the new Samsung Galaxy Avant just might fit the bill. The phone, which is set to retail for $216 and can be had for as little as $9/month over 24 months, has a 4.5-inch 960x540 display (245ppi), an unspecified quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz, LTE, and cameras of unspecified quality, all running Android 4.4 KitKat.

That said, these specs at this price inevitably mean that this isn't exactly a slim smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Avant on T-Mobile weights in a 4.83oz and measures 0.39-inches thick. Compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5, with much more tech inside plus a larger screen weighing 5.1oz and being 20% thinner. Then again, the Galaxy S5 is also $390 more expensive, so there's that.

All things considered, this is the Samsung Galaxy Core LTE, but for with an amped up processor. If we had to guess, the Galaxy Avant is carrying over the Galaxy Core LTE's 5-megapixel camera.

A low price, reasonable specs, and (more or less) the latest version of Android, all of Samsung's S Thing enhancements, and T-Mobile — who might give the Samsung Galaxy Avant a look?

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Samsung Galaxy Avant brings Samsung style on the cheap to T-Mobile


Anyone else thing it's no coincidence that there's a resurgence of qHD phones now that the new bug thing is QHD phone?

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Not really. As higher end phones evolve to higher-res screens, lower end phones evolve as well. WVGA is the new QVGA, qHD is the new WVGA, 720p is the new qHD and 1080p is the new 720p.

I don't think so. 840x480 has been the standard for low-end 4"-4.3" phones for years now, and manufacturers are just taking it up a notch. Also, you may write it QHD, but everyone says "Quad HD," and no one is going to mistake a $200 phone for a $600 phone.

In the end, it kind of doesn't matter if people are confused. qHD resolutions look great on screens 4.5" and below. Sure, 720p is nice, but most people wouldn't notice much difference between the Moto G screen and the Moto E screen.

This is exactly what is wrong with samsung, you buy a £500 phone or a £100 phone from them and it looks the same. I'm sure if you just spent the much on a device you want it not to look like a device they sell for much cheaper. Samsung really need to have a difference in design between the flagships and the low end.

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Not really, the whole point for them is to keep the 'family resemblance' so to speak. I don't know how many people buy Samsung devices for how they look; they buy them for what they do. This hits a price point, looks like a Samsung, has all the "S things" as the article puts it.

Samsung does this since its easier/cheaper to use the same design every year over and over and over again. And people like lemmings continue to buy them year after year even though there really isn't a big difference between models. Except for the size.

But I think personally that when someone buys a high end device they would like it to look and stand out.. Example many people buy the iPhone because it's the iPhone , the same was with the galaxy phones at the beginning but now who knows what galaxy you have, it could be anything which all look the same. Maybe it's just me but I do think subconsciously it makes a difference to the average consumer when they go on looks and brands unlike us who go primarily for specs.
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I agree, but they've built this brand look, and they all do look like Samsung devices. I always thought it odd that LG copied the look. Might be time for a refresh though....

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On Tmobile people will purchase this device for sure. Great job by Tmobile and Samsung.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Oh it's Richard! Haven't seen you for a while! I'm glad to see that Samsung and TMobile renewed your contracts!
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For the exact reasons stated. Good quality, lower price. I recently purchased one thinking I might be disappointed that I couldn't afford the next model up but I couldn't be happier with my purchase. And I'm sure glad I don't have an outrageous phone bill to show for it.

I am definitely interested in purchasing a galaxy Avant as a backup device. Decent specs and a awesome price.

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