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Update: Thanks to @PDTechHD who has sent us this picture of the Samsung Galaxy S3 extended battery in its retail packaging!

If the 2100mAh battery that comes stock with the Samsung Galaxy S3 still isn't quite enough for you, you'll be pleased to hear that Samsung appears set to launch an extended battery pack for the device. The extended battery hits 3000mAh, and has appeared for pre-order at British retailer, MobileFun. 

There are no images, or release date offered at this time, but the price for the battery is currently set at £39.99. Included is a replacement battery door -- in white or blue only it seems at the moment -- and the new battery will still come complete with NFC as with the standard one. 

The new battery will no doubts increase the overall thickness of the device, but many will take that for such a large battery. It isn't overly priced either for an OEM accessory, but for now we'll have to watch and wait to see when they appear. 

Source: MobileFun


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Samsung extended battery for Galaxy S3 up for pre-order, 3000mAh for £40


Any photos of the phone with the larger back installed?

I would be tempted by this, not for the increased capacity, but just to make the phone a little thicker to hold.

The few 3rd party monstro-battery accessories that I've seen leave a lot to be desired as far as the back cover is concerned. If the official back cover from Samsung still had good looking lines, I would possibly be interested in it.


With technology these days we should be able to have an extended battery that is the same size as the oem battery and does not add any thickness to the phone what so ever. If there is such thing out there that actually works Ill buy it but I like many other people would prefer not to increase the size in thickness or weight of our phones. Especially if they have a case that they really like and would not like to part with it........ Just my 2 cents :)

You sir just brainfarted.
If higher capacity was standard size, then higher capacity would be standard.

@jimbo No it wold not. If you have a battery that came with the phone lets say its a 1700mAh and there is an optional 2200mAh "extended battery" either from the manufacturer or from a different maker and the higher mAh is the exact size in dimensions as the original then you have an extended battery. Example my last phone was the HTC Thunderbolt there was an extended battery made by Seidio that was more mAh than the stock battery but it still fit with the original back cover making the phone not growing thicker. This is what I mean on this matter I thought I had explained this so anyone can understand this. Apparently I had not...

OK Brainfart, you got me. I purchased slightly larger mAh swap out batteries for my OG EVO. In reality, extended usage time was negligible. Actually those are a sales/marketing ploy. Based on your experience, would you agree? For a swap out, an imaginary 1/2 hour was my choice also.

I understand battery life can be an issue for those heavy users who can't get to a charger for extended periods of time. For them, there are solutions.

With my subsequent EVO's, swapping was more of an expense and hassle than plugging in a charger. Moreover, I've learned there is more to life than being obsessively buried in smartphone use and as such, batteries last longer.

I got this for my friend on ebay when the S3 launched on verizon awhile ago. It was a no name, but an oem looking extended battery with even more juice than 3000mah and I believe in the $10-$20 range with the battery & case. He loves it...perhaps this is something different/oem so its the first official one maybe?

Yes, this would be the first samsung extended battery. There are plenty of third party extended battery, I have a q-cell, hyperion, and another brand as well. They all work pretty well, but some people(myself included) like OEM accesories and odds are the battery door cover will be nicer/smoother lines.

This is welcome news. As much as I like Cyanogenmod on my Verizon SIII, the power management on the thing is nonexistent. Where I could go over a solid day, sometimes a day and a quarter, on the stock ROM. CM I'm lucky to get 8 hours.

You can get a little more capacity without adding much size, but IMO it doesn't make enough difference to pay money for. Eventually you have to add more material. Even the RAZR maxx is thicker than the standard RAZR, but not by much because the RAZR battery is large in width and height but not very thick. You can only add to the thickness of a battery if you want it to still fit, so the thinner a stock battery is, the better. Hopefully we'll start seeing removable batteries like this, say the size of a half dozen playing cards. Then you can add capacity with minimal impact on thickness.