The Galaxy Alpha is an interesting turn for Samsung, even if the company fails to admit it in its latest blog post. The company not only looks back at its history in metallic mobile devices, but also into some characteristics of the upcoming Galaxy Alpha, namely its metal frame, curved corners and the overall finish. Have you ever wondered why Samsung opted for curved corners? Read on to find out.

Samsung explains that there's also functional reason for said corners, as well as improving aesthetics. The company notes the corners are the weakest part of a smartphone, simply because they're the most probable point of impact. Implementing curvature in the corners of the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung aims to improve the shock resistance for daily use. A thin coating has also been placed around the common area where people hold their phones, forming an enhanced grip.

Galaxy Alpha Curves

Simply put, you should drop the Alpha less than other devices. The device will be available in Charcoal Black, Dazzling White, Frosted Gold, Sleek Silver and Scuba Blue. Overall, we're looking at new and improved hardware from Samsung, which can only be a good thing. Check out the video and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Samsung explains the Galaxy Alpha design and why the corners are curved


The typical trolls and comical haters who don't have the available cash will always hate.

Meanwhile SAMSUNG will do their thing all is well in SAMSUNG land while the remainder of the platform hover below 5% market share.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

But...but Richard

I thought with T-Mo I didn't have to have any money down and that they would save me so much money that I wouldn't have to worry about it.

Next thing your gonna tell is that it takes 16 minutes to save money on my car insurance...

Haters and trolls don't spend real dollars they search for the typical bargain basement price break group discount stock android products

We already know what you buy at the end of the day you get what you pay for poor battery life, crappy camera, and putrid storage options from the Nexus line products.

Enjoy your product it's a poor seller.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I've never met anyone that actually fits the description of basement troll. I want to meet you. Please. It's on my Bucket list.

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How so sir? I may lay on the sarcasm a bit thick, but I also tend to stay within the range of a useful opinion. You just have to read into it a bit. Although right now I'm having a bit of fun a Yarell's expense.

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Sax, welcome to the club. Don't worry we have cookies and the coffee isn't half bad.

No one wants to hear posts that are contrary to what they believe/think. Doesnt matter how neutral you try to be nor does it matter how innocuous your comment is.

Thanks, I didn't comment much in the past, but now that I have time to do so I express my opinion a bit more. Although coffee is bad enough to be an Apple product.

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Well FU then bring your own coffee :-)

I have always commented here and have seen many people come and go over the last several years. Under an old username I was a bit of a jerk (doesnt mean that I was not right about the comments they were just not all that refined) but got over it.

Trick is to know who is real (you, jack, Joe, Merc) and who is BS (Richard, scottJ, Jimbo) and actually discuss the issue at hand.

I lucked out and got a job that is directly related to this industry so I get to spend half the day on here, as a part of my job.

And that job luckily give you a chance to hands on with many of these devices. Of which I am infinitely jealous. I do like a lot of the regulars. Although without a notification system we're all just no lifeing the refresh button XD

Momma he said I'm real ^_^
"Imma real boy"

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Yeah I hope the notifications from the app are number 1 on the list of things that Phil/Jerry/Alex will add in the next update.

The regulars around here keep me coming around. It is a good group of people at its core and one of the things that sets AC apart from the others. I pretty much gave up the forums (got me in trouble) but the same sense of community can be found there...

Once you get past the rage baiters it is quite a nice place. I prefer it much more than places such as.... CNET. That is the shadowed land.

Posted via Android Central App

hell, CNET is just one sate in the shadowland. You have BGR, The Verge, Andoid Police/droiddoes/ phandroid and a whole host of other places.

It is gonna be a huge loss when evleaks retires....

I stick to here (and the sister sites) Engadget, and TechCrunch. Very nice places IMO, and the Shadowlands grow everyday. Must be the click bait

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Outside of here I do not go to many other hardware sites (I have to go to some of the other android/iphone/wp/bb sites but do my best to stick to Mobile Nations). My actual job is more software related so I go to a slew of those but do not post. is the exception (news aggregate like reddit), If I am not here, or working on an issue, I am there.

Fark? You should sometime. It is my "morning paper". I get half my news stories from there. Everything from the serious to the asinine. Be warned, the politics tab is nothing but a trollfest that makes richard look intelligent.

Yes, yes it is. Stack exchange on one tab, fark on one, AC on one and whatever project I am working on on another.

And they pay us for this crap!

Yes, much like texting with my ex-wife, there is a lot lost in translation due to the keyboard not showing emotion behind the words. I believe this is why we started using "/S" to indicate sarcasm. I know Im guilty of the same, goes right over the heads of people you were hoping to amuse.

1. Richard, you basically said almost exactly what you said in your earlier comment, with a bit extra crap thrown in, thus proving how unoriginal and unimaginative you are. You've been saying literally the same stuff about *all* Nexus products since you ditched the Galaxy Nexus 2 years ago. You've been using the same insults for many more years than that.
2. Just because a product is a "poor seller", doesn't mean it's a bad product. By that ludicrous logic, the Bugatti Veyron is "crappy" (to use your words) because it's not everywhere. Alternatively, the Ford Focus *is* everywhere, but that doesn't make it "the best" at anything.
3. The Note 3 is only about $100-200 more than any other phone for an outright buy. That's really not a whole lot. Besides, most carriers still do subsidies, so you can get a Note 3 for the same if not marginally more than any other phone. Good try though. Also, just because a product costs more doesn't always make it better. Or are you going to tell me the $6800 smartphone that Tag Heuer released a few years ago had the best specs?
What a joke.

I would have most likely bought, and really enjoyed this phone... 2 years ago.

Posted via the Android Central App

Can't wait for in hand reviews of this thing. Even tho the note 4 is gonna eclipse it pretty much.

Posted from my caseless GS5, because I believe in myself

Better chooice than the S5, but too much copied design of the iphone. For that price should be all phones aluminum even aircraft aluminium.

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

But then you run into problems with the antenna, it would be too heavy/slippery, and it would be harder to keep the removable back. This is a good compromise.

this phone is for neutral user which looks at quality materials and brand and its not any smartphone fan

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

The fans will have whats every other have (flagship) and it will be allways better becouse best specs if not then plastic will be better becouse slippery bla bla...antena omg

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

Your spelling and grammar hurt my head. Generally I can read through it pretty easily and don't really mind, but both of your posts were beyond butchered lol.

And neutral users don't want to get cell signal? Or they want a weaker one just to have a pretty back? If someone wants a piece of jewelry, don't buy a phone.

I have my old iPhone 4s sitting next to me. Aside from the shape it does not look like that phone. Why do you all keep saying that? If you just mean the shape than that's all if not most phones but otherwise......jeez.

Posted via Android Central App from Samsung Note 3 or Surface Pro 3

Did you read the comment I replied too? And did I say anything about the design?

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5

Because when I think of a phone with good signal, I immediately think of a phone that could lose signal if I held it a certain way

Looks nothing like an iPhone! Are you blind?? do you see an Apple logo? No. do you see thick bezels? No. does apple own the rights to the rectangle with a screen? No. Does apple have the full UI customization as Samsung and android? Also NO. So with all that said, I want to hear no more claims that Samsung is copying anyone, much less apple. You isheep need to get over yourselves.

They doing what peoples like and they have its too many (blind) fans which refuse to acknowledge what is better, if most would recognize would begin to lose customers

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

I got your point. believe me. HTC gets no love or market share for the reason you mentioned, so don't miss my understanding of your point. The is a reason Samsung out sells HTC by staggering numbers.

Posted via the Android Central App

Better is subjective. How would you define better?

I think that plastic is better than metal. You want to take form over function, I would rather it go the other way.

Your perception doesnt mean its a reality...

I prefer plastic, maybe that's my predisposition to all the beautiful Lumia phones. Manipulated? I don't see how.

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YouTube only, and not much product related stuff. I do admit to being subscribed to LinusTechTips

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Thats exactly it.

Here I thought I had a set of criteria that I wanted in a phone, found a phone that met that criteria and made a wise purchase. It was the Illuminati all along forcing me to buy something I didn't want or need, no matter how much it fits my needs.

Where are the limits ? U know who have permision to control google faceb twiter CIA( US government) go watch/read wikileaks

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

Faceb google yahoo are allowing the CIA to acces userdata via a specially designed interface. Facebook is the most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented "Julian Assange"

HTC Desire S»HTC Desire HD»HTC One S»HTC M8 (Naked)

After your edit:

If the CIA is that interested in my porn choices, go for it. If there are things to keep private there is only one way, ever, to do it. And that is to never let it see the light of day either on paper or though word of mouth. Spying has been around since man created communities.

lol...I know right..time flies

MY only saving grace is that I was 13 when Institutionalized came out so I sorta grew up with them. ..... wonder if they still play anymore and if they allow walkers in the mosh pit.

It is going to be forever that the comparisons are going to be made. When it is a 2 horse race (Samsung and Apple) each side is going to pull crap out to rib the other. Right or wrong, it is all about the competition.

Golden sun...silver moon....yellow clovers! They're always after me lucky iphones!!

Hope the Note 4 has the same frame design.

Samsung should sue apple if they decide to copy and make a bigger iPhone. The new iPhone 6 shouldn't sell at all because I remember iPhone users saying android phones are to big

Come on, they only said that because it was/is the Apple talking points. It also helps them sleep at night but I digress....

Good point. The is inherently a contradiction there, mostly on the consumer side.

In other news, a report has found that Americans support the phone maker and OS of their liking more than political, social, religious and moral ideology. In essence, America is gravitating towards having no backbone or worthy conscience thought; hurry and die before the plague of complete stupidity to the point of no return hits.

Posted via the Android Central App

"hurry and die before the plague of complete stupidity to the point of no return hits"... I think the ship has perhaps already sailed... I sometimes feel surrounded by a circle of stupid ;)

Eh, lots of Apple fans have been saying that they want larger options for years. After the 5S came out, I remember seeing a ton of "if the next iPhone isn't bigger, I'm getting a Galaxy" type comments over at iMore. And 4.7" (assuming that that's the smaller of the new sizes) hopefully isn't such a size jump that it will seriously piss off the people who prefer smaller screens.

I remember non removal battiers sucked because iphone did it, expanbable memory is the way to go because iphone had none, flash was the best because iphone didnt have it goes both ways

Posted via the Android Central App

For those of you that seem to like posting negative crap on these blogs.... how is life treating you... have you ever posted anything with out trolling. My goodness, you trolls should all have your photo pop up randomly in Google; when one does a search for the key word hater. It's almost like you trolls are in a rat race; as if whom ever hates the most wins a trophy or something. Get a freakin' life and do something better than hate all the time.

I think 'rounded corners' should be explained a bit more than it has been. You guys aren't talking about the 4 corners of the rectangle shape of the phone being rounded, but the front and back edges of the cross section. The picture explains it a bit better, but still confusing. And yes, the fact that Apple got a patent for a design like that is absolutely insane.

Samsung could have just said "people don't like when their phone stabs them in the hand". Or maybe they do, because some iphones I've held are pretty uncomfortable.

Despite disliking Samsung's recent back cover materials, I think the Alpha looks great with its metal frame. Hopefully there's a 4.7-inch Alpha with better specs on the way.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

I personally think it is an awesome looking phone and aside from being a generic patented rectangle, it does not look like an iPhone. Wish the Note 4 had some curves like that. If it was a bit more high end on specs Samsung probably would have knocked it out of the park with this one. For the people who must have metal anyway.

Posted via Android Central App

For everyone commenting it looks like an iPhone:

When Apple announces their 5.5 inch iPhone next week, will you all please comment that it looks like a Galaxy Note.

Sorry mate, accidentally hit the report button instead of the up vote button. Lol I'm such a n00b here eh. Hope Android Central people see this comment and remove the report. Dammit! I just wanted to know what the triangle meant... Sorry

Seeing this makes me even more excited to see what the Note 4 will look like.

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 3

Of course after making an exact copy of iPhone in a very stupid way you guys have a lot to explain. And it won't even justify a thing.

You guys should be ashamed of standing for Samung on that. Samsung is not worth your enthusiasm for it.

I'm rather tired of this iPhone comparison. Please, tell me what you see that makes it an iPhone. This is not the Samsung phone you're looking for that resembles the iPhone. They did a near carbon copy of the 3gs in the past. Down to the 30pin charger. But this is different. Rectangular and screen doesn't make this an iPhone.

Posted via Android Central App

Perfect. My Note 3 has only one issue IMO. The plastic edge is too brittle. I've dropped it upwards of 15 times in the past year on concrete carpet wood tile. The phone has held up great except for that plastic ring. The faux chome is gone in places and one corner (driveway drop) is pretty crushed.

Otherwise, I would keep the polycarbonate design. Sammy looks to have taken care of the only problem. This is really a beautiful design IMO. Shades (little ones) on the Palm V from the glory days, with those corners.

My screen has a protector and has never broken. But, I know it's possible. Give the Note 4 a plastic or durable glass screen, this edge, and S5 waterproofing, and were all set.

YOU ARE ALL IDIOTS! This picture, which shows both phones without branding right next to each other proves that Samsung has NOT blatantly copied the iphone.

OF COURSE THEY HAVE!!!! these people saying "oh so you cant round corners on a phone now without being accused of copying apple"

Surely you don't believe that all thats changed is that they rounded the corners? I mean you can see the metalic frame right? you can see that its not about rounded corners. its about the overall image, the materials used, the build of the device.

Its a rectangle though, how different can you make a rectangle with a screen? well beds are rectangle and most of them dont look the same hell even most TV's DONT look the same. yes they have the same basic principles but they put their own design ontop of those basics.

What samsung have done here is a BLATANT copy of what apple did. If you cant see that you're either ignorant or dumb. You dont have to be a 'fanboy' of either to notice.

I wanted to post a picture but I dont know how xD!
Anyways, people always have problems with Samsung, if they show a plastic body smartphone people say it is "another plastic device with a outdated design", if the phone is exactly the same but with a metal-body everybody complaints "its an i-Phone copy" :/

This is a nice step forward for them and the plastic coverings that are present on their current phone lines. The Moto X is similarly a nice phone, but also not a fan of the cheap plastic look/feel.

I would want to drop it. Maybe then I'd get a better replacement. All the hype over this phone was a huge letdown

Posted via...The One

wow.. people should really go to chat rooms if they wanne chat and "troll" each other.
I love this phone, I dont give a rats a$$ that some people think or say it looks like the iphone.. I am a samsung fan and cannot wait to see this beauty and the note4 ... then then there is the S6 next year... wow.. what to get.. decisions decisions... just love it

This phone is gonna be one hell of a fail for Samsung. they should've released this phone with an UHD display and given it "revolutionary" features and no gimmicks and named it the Galaxy S6 and released it in 2015. But no, Samsung has to release it with a 720p display with medium-end specs and call it a day. Sigh, when will Samsung learn from their mistakes. (Face-palm)