PayPal, RunKeeper, Wall Street Journal among partner services

On Galaxy S5 launch day, Samsung promised a wealth of free subscriptions to publications and online services through its Galaxy Gifts program, and today it's revealed the full breakdown of what GS5 buyers will get. The complete list of "gifts" offers subscriptions between three months and two years and covers fitness services like RunKeeper and MapMyFitness, news publications like Bloomberg Businessweek+ and The Wall Street Journal, and cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box.

There are 16 in total, but of particular note are the one year of free RunKeeper premium (significant given the fitness focus of Samsung's new mobile products) a $50 voucher on PayPal merchants (notable as the payment company has partnered to use the GS5's finger scanner for authentication) and 50GB Dropbox storage for two years. Check past the break for the full list.

Source: Samsung

  • RunKeeper: 1 year free premium service
  • MapMyFitness: 6 months free premium service
  • Skimble: 6 months free premium service
  • Lark: 1 year premium service
  • Paypal: $50 voucher on PayPal merchants
  • Wall Street Journal: Free 6 month subscription
  • Bloomberg Businessweek+: Free Subscription: 12 Months
  • LinkedIn: Free LinkedIn Premium account for 3 months
  • Cut the Rope 2: $10 in game credits
  • Flick Dat: Free download of $2 paid app
  • Box: Free 50 GB for 6 months and $60 value
  • Dropbox: 50GB for 2 years, $100 value
  • Bitcasa: 1TB storage for 3 months
  • Blurb: Free $5 Coupon
  • EasilyDo Pro: 6 months free EasilyDo Pro
  • Evernote**: 3-12 month free subscription (dependent on country)

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Samsung details 'Galaxy Gifts' package for Galaxy S5 buyers


That's pretty damn awesome, IMO.

I would love it even more if it included free Google Play credits, but that would be overkill. :P

It sounds like pre-installed bloatware apps, so yes more than likely all carriers will have these installed

As long as the bloat can be "uninstalled", it's cool.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, that's constantly laughing at my wife's T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3 with borked sdcard support on 4.4.2...

Do these offers require a credit card to activate the free term (time period) of service with a customer opt out (cancellation) to avoid charges after the free term has expired? If so,, a lot of people are going to unexpectedly pay a lot of money for these "freebies".

And Samsung already charges a premium for less expensive to manufacture phones compared with other flagships.

Shhhhhh... You aren't supposed to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, or speak of him. Or mention how much money Samsung is going to make by including this bloat load of apps on all their devices (and not decreasing the cost of the devices to the consumers at all, and labeling the bloat, that 99% of people won't use, as "features").

Will 99% not use any of this or will a lot be lured into subscriptions? Sounds like you two needs to get your story straightened a bit....

I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather just have a cheaper phone and now of these "free" gifts.

Posted via my LG Optimus V running CM11!

Ya they forget to mention that each one is a uninstallable bloatware app that'll run in the background popping up every hour reminding you of "your free offer."

Posted via Android Central App

So it's going to cost as much as a note 3... where's the option to not include this as save $200

posted from the AC Slater app

I just hope the price is decent. Example, when the z1s was released on T-Mobile it started at $528. Maybe a price range around that would make this worthwhile, otherwise you're better off getting it subsidized or in my case buy the Note 3 if you like the Note lineup.

Posted via Android Central App

Looks like a bunch of garbage. I hate trials and whatnot for apps. No thanks. Just keep all the bloatware off the phone, your os already takes up half the storage as is.

Posted via Android Central App

The $50 from PayPal is for merchants, not consumers. So unless they explicitly say we get $50 fee on our PayPal account for signing up or signing in then we don't get $50.

Its like cash to you to use at businesses that accept paypal at the register. The negativity and pessimism here is hilarious.

Reread both posts. Don't see the words "optional download".

Did read "With app extras and subscriptions galore, this bundle from the Samsung App store is filled with things you'll probably find useful."

I could not view any details of the source link on my smartphone. Perhaps the only additional bloat is the Samsung App store app.

I prefer to only get apps and their updates and downloads to other devices from Google Play store for continuity and consistency. .

100 percent agree. The first thing I do with every update is disable the Samsung store and Sync apps. I don't need or want several app store and really don't want Samsung's additional sync services. Disabling and removing things is something I've had to do even in the Blackberry days, so I won't/don't whine complain about it. Hell to me Play Movies/Books/Magazines is ALSO bloat that I remove right away...

Kind of reminds me of the uninstallable inbedded AOL activation (free 90 day service) when one first tried to connect to the (dial up) World Wide Web on PC's sold during the mid 1990's.

Hopefully these theoretical freebies can be completely wiped from the already meager internal storage rather than just disabling.

I haven't found a way to disable or remove several Google Play services like Newsstand, for example, although that app is not bad.

Of course these Google Services are also installed on Samsung's "powered by ANDROID" S5's meager internal storage.

I doubt they'll be uninstallable. Im sure these companies are paying to have these apps on the phone.

Posted via Android Central App

Really, one positive post out of 18 on this? Okay, I'll bite...
If nothing else, I'm pretty excited about the $50 Paypal Merchant piece. Living in NYC, I know a lot of coffee shops and stores use it. Definitely a subsidy on my phone if I upgrade to the S5.

Are they afraid that sales will be slow so they need to offer these to entice buyers?

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe, just maybe, something Motorola should take note of? I mean, it's not like the Moto X is taking the market by storm.

Stop being so negative. Sounds more like envy in my ears.


There's more!!
Order now and we'll give you FREE* stuff!

*Free for 3 to 24 months, depending on offer

Are all these companies that have apps preloaded onto the phone? The offers are nice but I'd hate to have all that bloat on my phone when the apps could just be downloaded.

Just a thought, how about we see if it is pre-installed or not

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Thought - what a concept! I got 50GB for 2 years free from Dropbox from my GS3 which wound up being way more useful than I thought it would be. To get another 2 years free would be another reason to push me towards staying in the GS family rather than migrating to another similar device. $50 PayPal Merchant credit is also real money. We can complain about the things that can't be uninstalled once we find out what can't be uninstalled. Making it a hassle to end the free trials, and especially charging people at the end of the trial period without adequate notification would also be reason to complain.

I have the 2 years free on DropBox from a previous Samsung device and when I got the Galaxy Note last year and it had the free 2 years again, guess what it DIDN'T add anymore to my account so I suspect it won't add 2 years again.

I will probably have to close my DropBox account and add a new one.

I would be very surprised if there weren't a way to add the additional 2 years to my existing account but I guess I will have to see.

Posted via Android Central App

It did add for me on the various phones I have had. I just now lost some because of it expiring. Still have about 100gb

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Same here. Got the 50GB of DropBox with my launch-day SGS3, which expires in a couple months, and got another 50GB with my Note3, but it didn't extend my expiration date when I activated DropBox (wtf?!). If it doesn't automatically extend at expiration I'll be pissed if I have to re-register and re-upload my stuff.

You don't lose anything

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Samsung will probably bring out S6 in May, this cycle of 6-8 months is too long, there are millions out there with so much disposable cash that will update a phone every 2 weeks if they could because the latest model has an extra pixel or the case has an extra shine to it. Keep your phones for 2 years folks or buy outside contract as these constant new models are becoming a joke. Rant over, now does anybody know where I can get some tang?

Posted via Android Central App

Phones are roughly on a yearly cycle for a refresh. Note is fall, GALAXY S spring

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

'please buy this phone that failed to make an impact, and is not better than the market-leading Note 3'

What still no duel speakers or buttons like pause and next track and no flash player or hdmi like wtf not much of an upgrade! What a waste of money my phone has all that!

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