Galaxy S4

It's quad-core, not octa-core, but that's not something worth worrying about

Following recent speculation across the blogosphere, Samsung has this morning confirmed to us that UK consumers will get the quad-core Snapdragon 600-powered Galaxy S4, rather than the octa-core Exynos 5 variant. That's contrary to the original press release sent out to UK media last week, which suggested the opposite.

Here's the updated statement from Samsung --

“Samsung Galaxy S 4 is equipped with a 1.9GHz Quad-core AP or a 1.6GHz Octa-core AP. The selection of AP varies by markets.

In the UK the Galaxy S 4 will be available as a 4G device with a 1.9GHz Quad Core Processor".

And as we know from speaking with Qualcomm last week, that quad-core CPU is the company's latest Snapdragon 600.

Though the move from an eight-core CPU to a four-core CPU sounds like a significant change, we know from our time with devices like the HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro that the Snapdragon 600 is one of the fastest mobile chips around.

What's more, the Exynos 5 Octa CPU fitted in other Galaxy S4s uses ARM's big.LITTLE processing technique, meaning all eight cores are not equal. Samsung's implementation, it's believed, uses two quad-core CPUs that it can dynamically switch between -- one high-power Cortex A15 chip and another low-power A7 -- rather than using all eight concurrently (via Wired).

So that's that. The UK -- and likely some other territories -- will be be getting a Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S4 this time around, and by all accounts it shouldn't make much difference to the overall user experience.

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Reader comments

Samsung confirms UK Galaxy S4 will use quad-core Snapdragon 600 CPU


No reason Why anyone in a LTE Area should Pick an S4 over an HTC one now if you are a Spec Junkie b/c both have same CPU but One as a superior Build and Premium feel.
The new Software Gimmicks should not even be a factor b/c we all know they get replicated for other devices in the guise of community mods or play store apps.

I maybe wrong on this, but it's my understanding that the custom software is not replicated in ROMs. HTC is going with "image sense" chips, which don't seem to make it to custom ROMs.

In just about every phone you're going to miss out on proprietary camera features if you run a custom ROM. The only exception is Sony, which provides AOSP-compatible camera binaries for ROM-makers.

I understand we will not get propriety versions in roms but it does not stop anyone making a app that replicates certain functions, just look on all about symbian even old underpowered Symbian just got a app that does Zoe like pictures, maybe not so elegant but it replicates the burst function with short video

I like the build of the HTC One, but sense sucks and so does the permanent social media wall frozen to the screen with no way to remove it. If this phone came with stock android I'd buy it for full price on verizon

Two reasons why:

Locked vs unlocked bootloader
Really slow os updates vs just slow updates

Bonus: Samsung doesn't forget about the flagship phones after six months, doesn't the sgs2 have jellybean?

I figured you would be dismissive of the battery size/replaceable argument and I am almost to the point where the sd card argument is moot. But you can have those as freebies

@Brainimpact ~ Not entirely true..... Besides others the S4 has a removable battery meaning if there's a battery issue you don't have to send the phone back and be without your device for weeks on end or as many have reported the nightmare of HTC Customer Support.
That and the S4 has additional storage with it's Micro sd card meaning all your non-essential files (movies, songs, photo's, etc.) don't end up taking any of that precious internal storage space. Lets face it, with new apps these days having additional data downloads of over 1GB+ the user needs as much internal storage as possible.

Personally how a phone looks does not cut it with me. I would rather it have features above anything.... That and I always use a case so:-
A. What is the point buying a good looking phone if you are only going to camouflage it in a case.
B. the S4 may look cheap but so what, it'll be in a classy case that ultimately will have more protection.
C. The HTC may look nice at the beginning but drop and slide it a few times and it soon looses it shiny nice looks. Plastic does not dent, pit or show marks anything like Aluminium.
D. Corning gorilla glass 3 will be in the S4.

Agreed about the storage. I have an EVO 4G and I downloaded I think it was Dead Trigger? Last year, and there was space taken up in the internal memory and then more space taken up on the SD card because the game was that big. I'd rather have lots of internal storage and/or an option to add more storage.

I wouldn't go a far as to say "no reason" :-)

I agree the HTC has by far the better build quality, and is generally a nicer device astetically, but the S4 has removable battery and sdcard support. Thats a big issue for some users

I can think of several reasons someone would pick up a Galaxy S 4 over an HTC One. Anyone up north who uses gloves during winter will especially appreciate being able to use their phone without taking their gloves off.

A lot of those "software gimmicks" are hardware related. And the ones that could be imported or replicated that I care about have not. There is no smart stay or smart rotation I have seen on any HTC device.

What about the removable battery and SD Card expansion?

Yes the HTC One is a great phone but there are reasons to go with the SGS4.

The one reason I would choose Samsung over HTC is their notification light. The HTC notification light has always been worthless (except on the Nexus one maybe which can hardly be called an HTC since it was all google's vision). It is one color (maybe two if you use a custom rom) and it times out after 5 minutes even if you haven't checked your notification. In other words it is worthless and you need to turn the phone's screen on to know if you have anything.

With my GS3 the notification light can be any color I want (without rooting or a custom rom), can blink at any rate I choose including the ability to remain a constant color and it will stay on indefinitely until I check my notifications. In other words, I can glance at my phone for a split second and know whether I need to turn the screen on or not to check something.

All the other stuff is fluff as far as I am concerned. I need a phone that works properly.

Finally, just look at Sense. I know Sense is a personal preference kind of thing but it just looks so busy in the screen shots I have seen. Touchwiz may not be everyone's favorite but it has far more customization than Sense.

To me, *ALL* notification lights are stupid and useless. The only notification I care about are repeating audible and/or vibe notifications. Thankfully there are apps that can do that, since Android hasn't advanced enough to do something my 20 year old pager and 10 year old Palm phone can/could do...

personally a 5" Screen , SuperAMOLED , 13 Megapixel , and the fact that the one will have onscreen button , will make me choose the S4 over the One

you are so ignorant ,i will choose samsung over HTC for many reasons ,its thinner ,it has sd card slot ,it has removable and better battery ,samsung is more reliable than HTC phones have been and sense UI is bloody awful and i prefer amoled over lcd plus the CPU is clocked higher. funny how retards chooses a phone on what its made of rather than how reliable the brands products have been in the past

That's what I was trying to say :)

There is a variant of big.LITTLE (big.LITTLE MP) that enables all eight to work concurrently, but as far as anyone can tell that's not what Samsung is using in Exynos 5 Octa.

Maybe Samsungs own home market of South Korea? Regardless mobile processors are so fast these days, I don't think this should really be an issue.

It isn't an issue. On a 4 core phone, all 4 cores will be idle 99% of the time. 3 of those will be idle 99.9% of the time, 2 will probably be idle 99.99% of the time... you get the idea. 8 cores might as well be 24 or 96... really doesn't matter on a phone.

There's a very specific reason for the 4+4 trick, though. That's to juggle both heat and power consumption. It's more power efficient to routinely switch back and forth between the two sets of four based on things like temperature etc. Most likely the quad core variants will see lower battery life than their 2x4 core alternative.

The Snapdragon 600 will be a beast of a phone processor and things will be just fine for Samsung's GS4 and all of the people who get this version. Same thing for anyone who gets an HTC One or LG Optimus G Pro. Even more the same if you go for one of the super nice phones running an S4Pro (LG, Sony, Nexus, etc). Hell I'll be just fine with mine until the Snapdragon 800 powered N5 comes out.

It sounds to me everyone is better off getting the Snapdragon version anyway as it seems most major markets are getting this version of the device because of LTE.

This sucks! I've waited for this phone for 5 months and the Exynos processor was one of the things I was really looking forward too. It's so much more powerful (not because it's 8 cores, because its Cortex-A15 and Krait architecture is crap). I'll be looking for alternatives now, unfortunately this was the only good phone and all the others have this piece of junk inside them too.

I guarantee that almost nobody would ever know the difference between the two in the real world.

Dude how can you call the Krait architecture crap? From what I've read it is one of the best real world use SoC's and im speaking from experience having the 'already old' 1.5Ghz dual core S4 this thing is still so fast, I cant think of a reason as to why I need 2 more of these cores and running at 1.9Ghz.