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comScore published the survey results of their study of the American mobile landscape in the three months leading up to August, and found that Samsung is still the king of the heap with 25.7% share, while Android was also on top of all smartphone operating systems with 52.6%. By comparison, LG has 18.2%, Apple 17.1%, Motorola 11.2%, and HTC 6.3%. iOS has 34.3% of smartphone platform share, followed by 8.3% BlackBerry, 3.6% Windows Phone/Windows Mobile, and 0.7% Symbian. The survey spanned a respectable sample size of 30,000 consumers, so these numbers should give at least a reasonable ballpark of the current state of affairs.

So, yay, Android on top, as ever. Even LG is beating out Apple's market share, but I'd be curious to see if iOS makes up a bit of ground following the iPhone 5 launch. Also, it would be interesting to see how these numbers stack up against major international markets, such as Europe and China.  

Do you guys find the manufacturer and platform split shown by comScore here lines up with what you see around you? Among your friends, what's the most popular mobile platform? 

Source: comScore

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xeroslash says:

What I see that's interesting is the females around me all have an iPhone while the males all have an Android based device (a couple GS3's I might add) save for one guy who also has an iPhone 5 which was provided by his employer.

Mtn_Scott says:

Sounds like my life.

Cobravision says:

I think there's a typo in the headline. iOS has 34.3% of OS share. Android is at 52.6%

LG as the #2 US smartphone manufacturer ahead of Apple blows my mind.

icebike says:

Was about to post the same thing.

It should be obligatory for AC Editors to watch their story till a least 10 posts arrive since they don't like to proofread prior to posting.

--edit: Fixed, almost an hour later.

_X_ says:

Those number included feature phones, which is why Samsung and LG lead the pack.

I don't know if the OP knew this or just forgot to mention that in the post.


joshua.worth says:

Headline looks like it has iOS's 34.3 rather than Android's 52%

aNYthing24 says:

Poorly written article. comScore isn't just a survey about smartphones but just mobile phones in general. That's why LG has a higher share than Apple; they sell a lot of dumbphones.

bworley50 says:

I agree, poorly written. Even the headline is incorrect. I wish there was a smartphone only breakdown. Surely Android as a whole would be leading Apple, but I would like to see each OEM's share of the smartphone market only.

bworley50 says:

Fixed the headline. Would still like to see OEM smartphone market share from ComScore.

n0obpr0 says:

I'm stationed in a small base in Utah and all I see are people with iPhones, men and women conbined. I rarely see somebody rocking an android phone aside from 3 people I know of, including my wife.

frettfreak says:

the important part of the article and headline is that android is still king. lol

and i dont know how much ground apple will make up with the iphone 5 launch. the only way for them to make up new ground is for a NEW activation, not people upgrading their older iphones. I am sure they will see some, but they are losing some too cause lets face it, the iphone 5 was not a huge WOW device that everyone was hoping for. I think a lot of people will be looking at other options.

bstringy says:

The headline was fixed, but the content was not. This statement is obviously false, "LG has 18.2%, Apple 17.1%, Motorola 11.2%, and HTC 6.3%. iOS has 34.3% of smartphone platform share"

Comscore posted results of the latest survey in two charts; one for 'all mobile phones' comparing manufacturers and another for smartphones comparing OSes. Somehow these were tossed together to produce confusion. ZDNet did the same thing.

stanlm2 says:

Surprised HTC is so low, big fan of their design & materials here, although fighting to get full root (s-off) the past couple rounds, they may lose even me

randyw says:

HTC is going broke and has even been asking for Government assistance. There sales are way,way down.

dante501 says:

I work for the after sales support for apple in Berlin germany. And i get pretty much from all calls just calls about the iphone 5 but mostly people wanna exchange it for 2 3 4 times already because for some reasom the iphone 5 is very bad quality i think from all iphones apple ever made the 5 must be the one with the most issues. Loose screens, bad speakers, dead pixel, random shut offs, and most are scratched. The iphone 5 is in 3 4 weeks delay because of all those bad units. I dont use an iphone but i can tell you people are dissapointed and not used to apple producting such a low quality. It even suprises me. But i am one af the few not owning one apple product working for apple and using there biggest enemy the s3 and note and note 2 lol so it might be the biggest slap in apples face so far. I am just suprised people even exchange it 3 4 5 times. I would give up after 2 bad units to be honest.

return_0 says:


milesmcever says:

Bet it get used as a way to try to say they sold more than they did since they didn't meet their goal number of devices sold in the first week.

WindRunner says:

Although I didn't see many S3s in the wild over the summer (July/August), the number I have seen over the past month has increased drastically. I usually see at least 2-3 random people per week with them, in addition to the couple of people who work with/around me that have them as well. Definitely supports the continued growth of the 4.0 uptake reported earlier, and to a lesser degree the maintenance of Samsung. Scores from Sept/Oct should definitely be the most interesting, now that both major "flagship" upgrades have been released.

In my realm, it seems to be mostly an even split between iPhone and Android. A couple of guys have Blackberrys. One guy has both a htc (unlocked, I think, as he appears to use it like a mini tablet) and a Samsung feature phone from boost mobile. I haven't seen anyone with a Windows phone yet, but that might change after the upcoming holiday season, when Microsoft should be more aggressive in pushing Windows 8 for PC's, tablets and smartphones. (Personally, I might upgrade my new ASUS laptop with Win8, but I'll probably wait until SP1 goes on sale first.)

ptv83 says:

so wait what? 17 ercent of the market share is apple but over 30% is iOS?

last i checked those numbers should match exactly.

this has cut/paste , re-write a few sections, dont proof erad and submit "journalism" written all over it.

somebody DOES need to quit their day job!