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Almost identical entry-level Galaxy S3-alikes

Update: Samsung UK tells us that the Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame will be arriving on British shores starting in March.

Samsung has started the morning off by announcing two new low-end devices in its home territory of South Korea. The Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame are both powered by a 1GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM. Both have a 1300mAh battery and 4GB of storage, expandable via microSD. And both look like someone took a Galaxy S3 and put it through a shrink ray.

The main difference between the two handsets is screen size - the Galaxy Fame has a 3.5-inch screen, whereas the Young packs a 3.27-inch panel. Both are HVGA (320x480) resolution though, so you're not dealing with all that many pixels in either case. Other differences include camera set-ups - the Young has a 3-megapixel rear shooter, whereas the Fame has been upgraded slightly to 5MP. And the Fame comes with the option of NFC, something lacking in its smaller -- and likely cheaper -- sibling. Both phones will apparently come in single and dual-SIM versions, in a wide range of color options.

On the software side, you're looking at TouchWiz'd Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on both devices.

There's been no announcement on pricing or availability yet -- we can probably expect individual carriers and Samsung branches to provide more info as the day progresses. In the meantime, full spec sheets can be found over at the source link.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow

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Terence_27 says:

Same ugly S3 design as always.

skyboxer says:

Wow that IS low spec. Wonder how well JB runs on them?

AliffXL says:

What about......

Galaxy Old...
Galaxy Jewel...
Galaxy Pure...
Galaxy Fun...
Galaxy Simple...
Galaxy Cosmos...
Galaxy Galaxy...
Galaxy Cheap...
Galaxy Kids...

Galaxy i could go on and on and on and on and on...

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V J says:

If there's one thing I hate about my S3 it's this. I don't wanna be paying $750 for a 4G S3 only to have a thousand other cheap ass $150 Samsungs look the same.

the way that I look at it is this:

the S3 is the hot woman with 100% REAL NATURAL big boobs that you married...

all the other low-spec Samsung phones that look like the S3 are women with fake boobs
(nice to look at, but you know they are fake)

which one do you prefer?


by the way, can Samsung stop releasing "new" phones every other week? What are
they trying to do? Flood the market with Android phones of every size, shape,
and color?

judasmachine says:

The answer to your ssecond question is yes. That is exactly what they are doing. They will remain number one out of sheer volume if nothing else.

judasmachine says:

If the Fame came out on VM, I'd buy one for my mom who is eeking by on a tiny HTC Wildfire. It sucks so bad that one of these would be a godsend.

tim242 says:

Galaxy Young? apparently are running out of Galaxy names. Don't you see how ridiculous this is? Stop the madness.


Jedn2 says:

In two week they will be releasing a new Galaxy named GALAXY BABY :-(

Jack33 says:

I read somewhere that Samsung is trying to brand name its product, like iphone is unique as well as the name blackberry. The Samsung name is too generic, so I think they are trying to market "Galaxy" as a brand name, just like Callaway is for golf clubs.

Donmeister85 says:

More like Galaxy Dumb and Galaxy Dumber. I thought they had a bunch of these mini Galaxy phones out already?

toddjy says:

Looks like one of those phones has a front facing camera, and the other does not. That's a relatively big difference, not mentioned in the article. I may not use the front facing camera much, but I'm not buying a phone that doesn't have one.

Gearu says:

I've been critical of Samsung over releasing too many Galaxy phones in weeks gone by, and here we are with more again again again.

In before a Galaxy clamshell phone (actually since my S2 just died, I'd probably get one to fill the gap until the S4 or something good comes out).

TekNiKal says:

Looks like Samsung is using HTC's business model from two years ago. Flood the market with a ton of cheap, sorry @$$ POS phones and tarnish a spectacular reputation, because the components can't handle the software. Just bizarre. Make one phenomenal phone, one great phone and one good phone every year.

So is Galaxy the branding of their phones? And the 'S' indicates its the badass phone of the year, like S2, S3, S4? So avoid all other Galaxy phones because you won't enjoy your Android experience because the phone doesn't have enough horsepower to process the high end apps that are being developed.

I absolutely love my S3, but this is a fail. Its enough to put together a Samsung Galaxy fail compilation and put it on YouTube.

rotoplooker says: