Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab S series of Super AMOLED tablets at an event in New Delhi today. Set to go on sale in two weeks' time, the flagship tablets are aimed as an alternative to the iPad Air in India.

Samsung has launched the 3G-enabled models initially in the country, with the LTE variants set to arrive once later this year. The 8.4-inch Galaxy Tab S will retail for Rs. 37,800 (around $630), while the 10.1-inch model will set users back Rs. 44,800 ($745), which is about the same as the cost of a 16 GB iPad Air in the country.

Samsung is incentivizing the Galaxy Tab S series by not only offering a host of services through the Galaxy Gifts promotion, but also by providing 9 GB of free 3G data for three months along with access to BigFlix, a movie rental service, via Indian carrier Reliance.

Interested in finding out how the tablets fare in real-world usage? Check out our review of the Galaxy Tab S.


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Samsung announces Galaxy Tab S series in India, available from July 12


Just cancel it and buy it offline. I did the same even though they were giving away free case.

Posted via NEXUS 5

Same here, they said maybe July 11th. What's the point of preordering and getting it a month later when other people had it for 2 weeks :-\

Posted via Android Central App

Xperia z2 is a much better tablet than this plastic Samsung crap which Samsung will remove support after one day

Posted via Android Central App on Google Nexus 7 2013