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While we all have our own opinions of the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen, and why exactly Samsung thinks a "stylus" needs to come back, this challenege is one that can easily make you put your thoughts aside. Samsung has announced their new contest, which starts today, that makes it rather enticing for developers to put some time and effort into making a S Pen integrated application. Developers will have until April 2, 2012 to submit their applications, and judgement will take place the following week by the public.

“The Galaxy Note enables new and creative ways to interact with your phone through the advanced S Pen technology,” said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. “We are excited to see how developers use the S Pen SDK to come up with new ways to integrate the S Pen into applications."

​The first place winner will take home $100,000 in cash, second place $50,000 and plenty of other prizes as well to be won. Samsung has placed all the information in one easy to manage location, and you can find complete details about the contest here. So, will you be entering? Be sure to let us know, and keep us informed of the progress in the forums!

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Samsung announces Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge - $205,000 in prize packages to be won


The Sprint Gnex says hello! Lol... Sprint isn't releasing anything until their LTE network is off the ground. So patience is a must.

While I agree that currently being on Sprint is a lesson in patience, there are plenty of examples of carriers announcing phones way, way in advance with no inkling of a real release date. C'mon Dan Hesse, give us something!

I too am learning to be patient, but I'm actually unsure of what I want from Sprint that's new. I want LTE, but that's really all I'm sure of. I was thinking the GNex, but my E4GT is better IMO, sooooo. Let's go Sprint! Give us something worth our money!