Motorola Shadow/Mirage

Another Android phone from Motorola? And this one better than the last? Why not? The render you see above reportedly is codenamed either the Mirage or Shadow and has a 4.3-inch (as in the same size as the HTC HD2 and larger than the Motorola Droid), 800x484 touchscreen. Also said to be on board are an HDMI port, 8MP camera, 1080p video -- and it's all crammed inot a body that's just 9mm thick.

Of course, specs like that mean nothing until we actually see a device, but that's more than enough to whet our appetites for a while.

[Mobile01 via BGR]


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Rumored Moto Shadow/Mirage sports 4.3-inch touchscreen, 1080p playback


Those specs would be great to have in a phone, and I'm always happy about larger screens. However, they will have to let the rest of the specs "leak" out with a pretty firm release date before the Nexus One goes on sale. If not, I'll already have the Nexus One and won't likely be buying another phone for at least two years or more.

It would be smart to wait until after CES before making that Nexus One purchase. If this new Moto is real, they'll likely announce during the show. Plus, good to see what else gets announced. A few more days isn't going to hurt and you might be glad after we see what's coming.

Good idea :) Thank you for the advice. I'll wait unless Google announces something crazy like, "The N1 will be a VoIP phone that lets you make unlimited calls over 3G and Wi-Fi. The 500 extra minutes that come with T-Mobile's plans will only be needed when there is no 3G or Wi-Fi network available." In that case, I will surely buy the N1 lol.

How much bigger do we need to go?
Why stop at 4.3, How about 5.0 or 8 or 9.
I have the Droid and do not want anything bigger.
If they can squeeze a bigger screen in without the phone being bigger
then I would go for something like that. It just seems like we will all be carrying around small netbooks. I still would rather have something that can fit in my pocket.

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Wow. 1080p HD video? How do they do that?

The Snapdragon processor has onboard 720p video decoding. However, this had to be disabled on the HTC-HD2, because its antiquated Windows Mobile OS cannot recognise HD video. The HD2 was then relegated to doing much lower-res video, handled by the CPU, which is very inefficient.

You'll notice that the Android-based Snapdragon phones that have been announced so far all have 720p video enabled and working well. It's just the Windows Mobile ones that are disabled.

But how does this latest Android phone do 1080p video? It must be powered by a new processor with a built-in 1080p capable GPU.

I have a Nexus One and I love it. Only thing missing is a keyboard and I have to be honest... Its hard getting use to this 3.7" screen. Id love a 4.3. More room to type on a virtual keyboard and better for video. I think 4.3 would be big for some people, but I personally would love it. Especially a high res screen.