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Rovio Account now available on Android


Why not just use Google Play Games?? Always gotta make shit difficult. Oh well.. I was done playing Angry Birds a long time ago..

That's exactly what I was wondering. Google established the need and the interest, and then Rovio doesn't want to use it?

Maybe Google's terms are communist or something...

One reason may be the ability to sync across platforms. If you have an android phone but an iPad I don't think Google's sync services will help you cross that gulf. Also, they may have (unfortunately) new games debuting on iOS before Android in the future that they want to allow for...

Bingo! Remember that Rovio are Fruit Huggers "first" and will caterto the iOS fan base. Goog's services are working pretty good so far.

Now if only they could also automatically restore downloadede apps on my devices after I wiped them like WebOS could, that make everything tolerable. As it stands each time I wipe my phone, I have less and less apps installed cause it's too much of a PITA.