You got questions? We'll give you answers. So our time with the Treo Pro is nearing its end but before we finish up our full review of the Treo Pro, we're here to ask you if you G1 users out there if you have any questions on the Treo Pro? Any concerns about the hardware? Think Windows Mobile isn't for you?  How about the keyboard? Ask away in the comments!

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Round Robin: Questions on the Palm Treo Pro?


I went from WinMo/Palm Treo to a Blackberry 8820. The BB is exponentially better, IMO. For some reason I just can't imagine the Pro being that great of a device. I'll take a G1 or a BB over it any day.

I've had my Treo Pro for several months now. The cracking has not been an issue for me. I think some people were using way too much force to get the back cover off. It's really easy and doesn't require much force to open. See the hints on a thread at Treo Central for opening and you shouldn't ever have a problem with cracks. imo. Would love to win a G1, it seems to be an awesome platform and simpler to use than windows mobile....

Is it as big as it looks in the pics? help, a size and weight comparison to the Bold would be great, not asking for specs or anything just a personal opinion. :)

Is the stylus held in magnetically like on the Fuze? It seems like regular use would make it too loose to stay in the bottom-facing housing.

I have lots of experience with Treos. Never had a problem with the stylus coming loose. Did get scratched screens (a protector is a must) and sticky keys, though.

My question for Casey is how snappy WinMo seems on the Treo Pro? Is there the lag common to the Fuze and some other WinMo devices? How does it compare to the G1 when switching apps?

Can't wait for the sprint version to be released, do you think palm will release a refresh on the color scheme? I like the look now, but I think it would look great in other color shades...

Love the look of the the phone. I can see what he meant comparing it to the G1 look. I still enjoy the G1's look to the Pal Treo Pro. Guess it's all about preference right?

How perfect would this type of form factor be for the android os? (rhetorical question ;) )

how is the typing experience with the keyboard? do you have to use extra force into pressing the keys? and the keys look a little small, do they really seem that way?

1a. In your video i never actually see you use the directional pad, is winmo actually useable with the d-pad or is it there for looks? 1b. Also how responsive/easy to use is it? It looks kind of thin and awkward to use. 2. One of the main things i love about my G1 is that although it has the bells and whistles, when its time to perform its main function, place a phone call, it does its job flawlessly. The call button is easily accessable but not entirely necessary if you choose to put the dialer on ur home menu. On the Treo the call button looks awkwardly far from the right side of the device and looks quite hard to reach during one handed operation. Do you find this to be true? 2b. Is actually finding your desired contact and placing the call achievable with one hand?

@Dr Tyrell Its a toss-up which of us has used Treo's longer... did you start with a 300 (or 270) like I did? =P Most of mine had no problem with a loose stylus, but my current 700wx always seems to have the stylus sticking a couple centimeters out of the housing. The friction-hold does successfully keep it from falling out completely, but I also don't use the stylus much... so the wear-and-tear isn't too bad. My ex has a 700p that lost its stylus long ago because she used it all the time. After about a year, it started falling out of its own accord and eventually was lost

@Cory WinMo handles the 5-way directional button just fine. The Treo Pro is not the first WinMo Treo (700, 700wx, 750w, 800w) and I'm personally much more comfortable with a 5-way than with a trackball. I guess it comes down to what you're used to. As for the call button being far... haven't you ever used a cordless-landline phone? The call/end buttons are nearly identical to a typical phone layout. Its funny to me that you think a G1 is less awkward as a phone... The Treo has all of its functions right there when you need them; no need to slide out a keyboard. I can make phone calls, launch applications, and even type out SMS messages while driving (i.e., one-handed and not really looking at the screen) with a Treo -- haha, I shouldn't... but I can. =)

Hm... about the ports on the bottom that jut out, I think that's a classic Palm design. All my Palms have that.

@Cory wow... I'm actually surprised. But then again, I've been using Treos since 2002... so I might just be used to it. shrug

My question is about performance, as in does it seem on par with the Fuze you guys also tested in the Round Robin...just talking about the OS itself, not TouchFlo 3D or any other add on UI.

how is the os is it better and faster than any other perous win mobile non touch smartphone and how the battery life

In answer to Kalil's question about battery life, the Treo Pro has excellnt battery life. Probably the best thing about it. I am a moderate (not high) user of my mobile phone. I can go 2 days or so without chargng and then the phone charges up really fast. In about 1.5 hours, I almost get a full charge. Handy for those days when you head out the door and realize that you didn't charge your phone overnight. Sure would love to win a G1 phone though! I'm more impressed every time I read about it. Happy Holidays everyone.

What is the deal with the cracking on the cases? I'm thinking about one of these Treo Pros when it comes to Sprint, but the cracks have me worried. Do you think the Sprint version will fix that issue?

Wondering if the Treo Pro combined with a Redfly companion and M$ OneNote is a great solution for taking meeting notes.

@Devonair, I'll defer to your experience with Treos. I have used only Palm OS Treos and Palm PDAs before that. The only stylus I ever lost was one I dropped but they are cheap to replace. The inside grippers can get dislodged especially if the body is opened but if they are not damaged it's just a matter of carefully putting them back in place.

I too like the Treo form factor except for the thickness of the old Treos--nearly an inch! New ones are about half that thickness, though.

I'm also comfortable with the Treo's 5-way button although not every app supported it. The G1 is the first smartphone I've had with a trackball and I like it. I wonder how Android would feel with the Treo's resistive touch screen? It will be interesting to see if the next-gen Palm hardware still uses resistive touch.

@DrTyrell Android with a Treo-like resistive screen... good question. My gut instinct is that it wouldn't be as satisfying. But then again, I'm also not sure how a capacitive screen would feel in this form factor -- i.e., with such a small screen. Since current capacitive screens, or "finger-touch" screens, utilize large touch-zones (since fingers are inherently larger than styluses/stylii? haha) it might just feel too cramped to go capacitive. ...but it does seem a shame to use a stylus on an Android device. I'll admit... I look forward to not needing a stylus someday. =)

@ Devonair - My question regarding 1 handed use only applied to calls. Admittedly this hardware is impossible to use 1 handed for anything else. I've already almost gotten into a few accidents trying to respond to texts while driving. I have even tried holding the phone sideways and typing with the A at the bottom and L at the top, but that was just awkward and near impossible. I haven't had too much time to search the apps market but I would love too see an app similar to vlingo, a voice recognition software I had on my blackberry that wrote texts for me while I dictated while I drove.

One-handed is what Treos are all about although, of course, doing it while driving is asking for trouble. I even find myself trying to do many things on the G1 one-handed because that's how I'm wired.

In answer to Charlotte's post: typing on the Treo Pro isn't bad at all. I am able to type one or two handed. The keyboard is a little bit cramped, but the touch of the keys is nice. Not as slippery as te Treo 650 and not as squishy as the Centro. The touch is just right for me and makes typing easy. How is the typing on the G1. I'd love to know how typing is on that!