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Happy holidays, everyone! Got some time off and looking to unwind or get away from the Christmas chaos? There a bunch of solid Android games that have steep price cuts, and we've rounded some of them up for you here. Go on, treat yourself to a few - you deserve it. Of course, if you spot anything else that's on sale, don't be shy about dropping a comment!

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gdbusby says:

What a great way to spend some gift cards and enjoy some new Android devices! Thanks!

Outrager says:

FIFA 12 isn't on sale and your link just points to PvZ.

Jay Aee says:

Headsup~ Fifa 12 is $6.99 not $.99 and your link points to PvZ

OffSpot2 says:

I`m not seeing anything I want. I looked at a few gameplays on YouTube. I guess I have what I need on my new Note 2 at the moment. I wonder if I am waiting for games to soon reach the next level of mobile potential...

SoreAintya says:

World of Google is free today @ Amazon.

dharr18 says:

The three Trainz games are on sale also. $1.04 each.

Simon Sage says:

Woops, thanks for the FIFA correction.

valapsp says:

Got the nfs yesterday and can't put my nexus 7 down.

Va1ha11a says:

Yup, my transformer prime hasn't touched the ground since i downloaded it.

BioDave says:

NOVA 3 is on for $0.99 also!

mwara244 says:

went back to regular price after midnight

mputtr says:

Just tried out Chaos Rings and the game is awesome! worth it at 3.99!

ZigmunD says:

Want to buy Contre Jour but both my devices HTC One X and Nexus 7 are incompatible. That sucks. :(

Suntan says:


I just installed Centre Jour on my N7 last night.


thanks for all the info.. gonna buy a few apps now

Need for Speed Most Wanted looks like a decent game, but with a 600mb download extra after the main installation, and a required 2gb (yes, 2 gigabytes) free space required, it's not worth it - at least not to me.

faceofbass says:

Anyone else having trouble downloading Asphalt 7? Mine keeps trying to download an additional file and fails everytime, won't refund either even though it shows the button still

icu says:

Had to pull trigger on NFS and GTA3 - I think I'm going to grab a PS3 controller soon so these ports will make more sense. Wish Bard's Tale was on the list.
(note: Nova 3 link goes to Spiderman)

Glerp says:

Just bought NFS but won't be able to update it / play it until after work. Bummer, I missed the Nova 3 sale, it's back to $7 now :/ . Gonna wait for that one to go on sale again.

Yahma says:

I know a lot of people here might be interested in this one... DosBox Turbo is on sale for $1.49 [70% off]. Considered by most to be the best DOS emulator for Android... so fire up some Warcraft II and MOO2.

It's been on sale for 2 days now, so the sale might end anytime.

Maltian says:

Looking for good apps? Check this one my best pick.

And hf with painting ;P