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Happy holidays, everyone! Got some time off and looking to unwind or get away from the Christmas chaos? There a bunch of solid Android games that have steep price cuts, and we've rounded some of them up for you here. Go on, treat yourself to a few - you deserve it. Of course, if you spot anything else that's on sale, don't be shy about dropping a comment!


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Round-up: Android games on holiday sale


I`m not seeing anything I want. I looked at a few gameplays on YouTube. I guess I have what I need on my new Note 2 at the moment. I wonder if I am waiting for games to soon reach the next level of mobile potential...

Need for Speed Most Wanted looks like a decent game, but with a 600mb download extra after the main installation, and a required 2gb (yes, 2 gigabytes) free space required, it's not worth it - at least not to me.

Anyone else having trouble downloading Asphalt 7? Mine keeps trying to download an additional file and fails everytime, won't refund either even though it shows the button still

Had to pull trigger on NFS and GTA3 - I think I'm going to grab a PS3 controller soon so these ports will make more sense. Wish Bard's Tale was on the list.
(note: Nova 3 link goes to Spiderman)

Just bought NFS but won't be able to update it / play it until after work. Bummer, I missed the Nova 3 sale, it's back to $7 now :/ . Gonna wait for that one to go on sale again.