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For our friends up north: Rogers will have the exclusive on the Motorola RAZR. Said to be available in time for the holidays, no pricing was announced. But figure it'll go a bit cheaper than the $299 two-year U.S. offering, thanks to the Canadian standard three-year contract, right? Otherwise, same slim, fast phone as was just announced.

Source: Redboard

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Rogers has Canadian exclusive on the Motorola RAZR


It has been my understanding that Rogers uses the same bands as AT&T, so baring the use of some oddball sim, you should be able to use it there.

(I say this with nothing but history to go on)...

But that is the Verizon version. The GSM only version will strip that out. The Droid portion of the name will also disappear on the GSM version.

No specs posted on the Rogers version yet. I expect this will appear on AT&T as well after a month or three.

And who has the exclusive in the USA... Cingular? LOL, the title of this post is so 2004! Hint: You meant *DROID* RAZR. :)

No, he didn't mean DROID Razr.

Droid is a trade name of Verizon. I thought this was common knowledge these days.

The Rogers version will not bear the Droid name.

Yup, I just realized that. But wouldn't that be the Milestone RAZR or something like that? Is Motorola lame enough to just reuse the plain RAZR name?

I don't consider it lame at all to recycle a concept that shot Motorola to the top of the feature phone world in one year flat and held them there for 4 years. Over the RAZR's four-year run, Motorola sold more than 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world (and is still today, nobody else came close).

Its usually the Carriers that hang stupid names on phones, so it will probably end up being what ever Rodgers and AT&T want.

Yes, the 3 year contract. The bane of Canadians who love fancy phones. I was looking at some slightly older devices for a penny from Rogers, but maybe...just maybe... I'll hold off. Not for the Razr specifically, but if this is a sign of things to come, it might be worth my wait....