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We took a look at a new launcher to the Market, Rocket Launcher, and while it was quite a unique launcher there was definitely a long way to come. The developers took to our feedback, they read the comments, and they jumped right into making big improvements on the launcher. They are back in action now with correct time and date, ability to add widgets, a new home screen look, and much more. So, whether you were a fan of it originally or not, this is definitely something you will want to check out and see how it works for you. Download links after the break.

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HedonismBot says:

I wrote a theme-able hardware-accelerated launcher in OpenGL ES 2.0 maybe 9 months ago, and called it Rocket Launcher just because I liked the name. Never finished that project, but at least someone has claimed the title.

15israellai says:

Great of them to listen to feedback.

KidCuda says:

Looks good, but when it first made news I tried it and it froze my Droid 3. Plus the interface was confusing... but don't let that stop anyone else from trying though!

I tried it when it first came out. Liked it a lot but was buggy.. its starting to turn out

sensory says:

Nothing against the developers but the interface is very poorly designed. When choosing a launcher for my phone I like to look at how clean it can look.. and the UI elements used in this launcher are anything but clean.

It's definitely unique but only as a concept.

sjamie says:

It definitely looks refreshingly interesting...

Icipher says:

Like the addition of Widgets, but the Widgets themselves are sloppy.

Operating on a Stock Droid Charge

joshjones612 says:

Thank you guys for all the feedback and support for any questions please email me at always willing to listen to comments and feedback negative or otherwise.


Crazy J

asd216 says:

This might be unique but, that's not always a good thing