Review 12: Arrow

Review is our movie, television, and general geekery podcast where we talk about everything from 80s flicks to the latest blockbusters to classic and modern shows. On this week's episode Serenity, Guy, Dan, Rene, and Dave get all up into the CW's Arrow. Based on DC Comics' Green Arrow, we discuss the first 2 seasons of Oliver Queen lost on the island of Purgatory and the city of Starling, the characters, arcs, and themes. Subscribe and listen along!

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Review 12: Arrow


Never really watched this show. Right now I'm into Agents of shield and Castle. Maybe I should give it a shot...
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I've been watching both Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Arrow from the beginning. Arrow starts off a bit slow, but it finds it's footing after a few episodes and gets better and better with each one...much like Agents did.

It started better than Shield IMO, which just started very cheesy... They both got pretty interesting within their first season tho. Dunno about Flash, I was down with the whole "no superpowers" idea, I hope super villains don't start popping up like crazy in Arrow, it'll lose it's flavor.

Arrows last 5 shows were amazing, worth watching the first season, which was very slow and had drama as bad as a soap opera, season 2 made up for it in a big way, Agents of sheild FTW

Love Castle. I'm starting from scratch, in chronological order but I hate the fact that recording it on TNT gets messed up because of the NBA Playoffs going long. I routinely lose half an episode every 3rd or 4th one, but I'm managing. I'm also a Supernatural fan so I see the Arrow promos constantly. Maybe that will be next on my list.

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Castle is awesome! I can only handle like 2 TV series at one time. I'd like to watch arrow though. My bro and sis always say how good it is.

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I love Castle. Procedurals usually aren't my thing, but the characters and dialog are so great. Not to mention the constant dorky in-jokes.

Truth. Really interesting portrayals of not only Arrow characters, but a lot of Batman ones as well. Heck, Felicity is from Firestorm originally!

I was never a huge Green Arrow fan(corny Robin Hood anyone?). Then they had the character on Smallville. When I heard they were doing a series I thought it would be the same character from Smallville and that show would have seriously sucked. I'm so glad they didn't go that direction because Arrow is by far my favorite show on right now(well not right now since they're on their summer break, but you know what I mean)

BTW, when the Flash taps into the speed force, he can take out anybody else in the Justice League. He really is a bad ass.

Check out the Supreme Power graphic novel for a super bad ass flash. It's set in the future and flash is so fast he exists in multiple places and dimensions at the same time, plus runs a huge generator to power metropolis.

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I started watching arrow last friday after having watched the trailer of The Flash. It was so badass and I saw Arrow in it, so I thought I should finally try it cuz i never wanted to watch it in the first place. Im already on season 2 and it is fucking awesome!!

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This app is meant to be called Android Central not Rotten Tomatoes or Flick reviews. Sometimes it makes me wonder whether the people that run it have ran out of things to say so they come up with unrelated posts to make it look as if they have loads of content. Can u stop spamming with irrelevant, non-android content please? Very annoying

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I hear ya. And I pretty much have the same reaction when commenters can't possibly stand a post that's just a little outside the hundreds or usual Android posts we publish ever month.
To say nothing about when they do it rudely.
I, for one, appreciate it when we try new things. Grow, or die.
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Like jlrod89, I don't like reading TV series reviews here. If this was an experiment, that's OK. It's good for you to experiment with new things. However, if TV and movie reviews are going to become a regular site feature, I'll move to another android-centric news site that better fits my tastes. There are so many good ones nowadays.

We came here to get away from this crap at giz and the verge. Your content is pretty much 100% android or google/samsung/lg/htc gadgets centric. That is perfectly fine because that's what we look for in an Android focused tech blog. Apps, hardware etc all make sense.
Reviewing Arrow is that far out of your usual scope that it is confusing to even see and to myself and I bet others a scary indication you'll turn into one of those other sites that we already left for you.
If you want to write movie reviews by all means go ahead on a blog about movies and tv shows. This blog is already great don't clutter it up with other crap just to change for change's sake.
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Don't speak for the rest of us. YOU came here to get away from "this crap". I came here for Android related news and reviews and app AND STUFF LIKE THIS (now that it's becoming a thing on the weekend).

And really, if you don't like the changes being made to this (and other Mobile Nations) sites you can leave and stop commenting here or go make your own site.

Really though, it's so scary to see them discuss an awesome show like Arrow. I honestly don't know how I'll be able to cope with seeing one such article like that and only on weekends. /sarcasm

Definitely speak for yourself, cause you sure as hell don't speak for the rest of us (as is made very clear by the number of comments on here that aren't just bitching like yours and generally enthused by this review).

I didn't claim to speak for you. I also don't want to speak to you.

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Here's an exact quote from your comment. "We came here to get away from this crap at giz and the verge."

WE. Meaning you were speaking for more than yourself, you DO NOT speak for me and a rather large amount of people here it seems.

"Mommy, the mean man pointed out facts and I don't like them. I'm gonna ignore him." That's you. That's how you sound.

Here's a tip: If you don't care for the content, don't click on the links. You know, like an adult would do. Rather than go in and bitch about something you don't want to see and which yet a surprising amount of people do.

I like the idea of a general nerd fandom podcast. It'll be fun to get you guys' opinions about geek stuff that's not strictly mobile device-related.

And even if I didn't like the idea, it'd still be a lot better than the old celebrity device sightings posts. ;)

How is this not Android content? 1) We're human beings with diverse interests empowered and enabled by mobile. 2) Arrow is available on the Google Play store, 3) media is the same as apps. We review apps all the time. We review media as well.

Thinking about an operating system like it's in a vacuum is a very 1999 thing. We've built up the mobile platforms. We're pretty much done with that. 2014 and beyond is about building up everything the platforms let us do, like apps, TV, movies, health, fitness, science, learning and so much more.

Look at the comments above yours. People are having fun. They're enjoying themselves. They're not using technology to be limiting or divisive, they're using it to relate to other humans and improve their lives.

Let's all try and do that. Because being happy is so every much better than being annoyed :)

Hey, he came and defended Android and didn't have to either. And BTW its good to have different devices and flavors out there. He is apt to like whatever the heck he wants to, just like you.

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No, you're just sullying the good name of Android every time you touch those glorious Nexus devices with your filthy, evil iOS fanboi hands!

It is really that we dont want to lose yet another great tech blog down that path of just linking everything.

Wow dude. Take a chill pill. And last time I checked, you have the option to follow this fantastic news site or not. If your so annoyed, please start your own news site and do what you want there. Complaining here isn't going to change anything.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

You take a pill. I like this site the way it is. There is nothing wrong with saying that to the people who make it. The reason I am here now instead of the verge or gizmodo say is because I get the *same news *without all the filler. That is what makes this site stand out and therefore gives it value.

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I agree. I guess I'll go back to Android Authority.

I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Hey Rene, have you seen Fargo(the TV show)? It's a fantastic new series. It's right up there with Breaking Bad and GOT.

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Want to listen but Podkicker tells me bad request when I try to subscribe!? :-/

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Thanks! Works now. I got a ten hour drive ahead, this should keep things moving!

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I've really enjoyed the Review podcasts so far. Keep up the good work. Here's an idea for a show, discuss shows from our childhoods. My favorite shows from being a kid were Knight Rider, The A-Team, and the original versions of He-Man, Transformers, and Thundercats.

Posted from my Nexus 5

We've talked about doing that on both Review and The TV Show. We'll be doing Twin Peaks next month on Review. I'd love to 80s shows as well.

Here's my unsolicited list:
BJ and the Bear
Greatest American Hero (no-brainer)
Voltron (I'll take either one)
Magnum P.I. (because Ferrari + moustache = awesome)
Miami Vice
Buck Rogers
and last but certainly not least... MacGyver

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If you can get over the show not being true to the comics it's a great show. Took me a while but I got over it

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It never really bothers me when shows or movies stray a little from comic source material. Some things that work in book format don't translate well to plot lines designed for 22 hours of TV in a year. And besides, the comics themselves have been changed and reinvented dozens of times already, especially in the case of characters as old as the DC characters that WB/CW have adapted to TV series.

Just started watching because of the last podcast, will have to wait till I catch up too many spoilers in the last episode. Im surprised it is a great show, being that it is a cw show.

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Yeah, after the train wreck Smallville turned into this one came outta left field, there's a few surprises in the story that are worth watching spoiler free.

I am starting this series as I type. From what I've read here, + what fans have told me, I'm expecting it to be good. That being said, CW shows tend to drift after a few good seasons

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I watched the first two or three episodes of Arrow, and stopped watching because I thought they were kind of crappy. All of my comic nerd friends have told me that it gets much, much better pretty quickly, though. I'm going to marathon the first season on Netflix this week, I think.

CW is the best , but I can't guarantee that after watching two seasons of this show you don't feel being stupid ! sometimes I feel that the director of the show is laughing at us !

it's not bad just to kill your time , but in the end you see that nothing new has been happened ! and I'm so curious to know how anyone can't recognize that Arrow is Oliver ! specially Larel ! isn't it obvious ?

I would just like to point out (to those few who are not happy that the site is reviewing a show) that this is all part of Mobile Nations, even though this site may be called Android Central. This is in podcast form, which the last time I checked, can be part of mobile content (and I'd wager that most of us listen to it on a laptop, tablet, or phone, which are all mobile devices). Also, these sites are all a form of entertainment as well as news and forums, so climb off the high horse or ride off into the sunset, or just skip over the weekly Review podcast and read everything else. Please don't be so judgmental and angry, because it's not warranted.

It is not anger but concern that this unique Android focused blog will become just another generalized nothing blog. I don't want the filler I want the gadget rumors and the tech news.

That Arrow is sold on Google Play or people listen to podcasts on their Android phones are not arguments as to why a review of Arrow isn't out of place on a site that calls itself Android Central.

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I watch both Arrow and Shield, great shows. I would love to see more Android App reviews. To me although both are in Google Play the difference is the apps are specifically Android (even if there are versions for other OS out there).

I'd prefer not to have media reviews on this site. I don't really want to filter through reviews of movies, tv shows, podcasts (unrelated to Android Technology), music etc. They could start a sister site for this content. It really doesn't have anything to do with Android whether the show is good or not. To put it in perspective where would the forum moderators do if this was posted in "General News & Discussion" forum or a phone specific forum. I'd guess they would move it to "Entertainment" forum designed to handle off topic posts. Many of the posts in that forum have more to do with Android than a TV show review does.

I'd suggest AC/MN include some questions about it their next user survey. Maybe most readers like it. It probably won't drive me away if it is occasional but there are enough other sites for that info and only a few good Android specific sites.

This podcast was incredible. It was 2 hours, insightful, hilarious, and about a show I really like... from the people that bring me tech gadgetry. Ghost busters said don't cross the streams but tech personalities reviewing nerd shows and movies is brilliant. I can't wait for Stitcher to catch it.

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lol point to you. I can handle a weekly podcast but if they go too far down the gawker/verge route it will be disappointing.

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True, luckily Rene is steering the ship so I don't think that will happen.

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I think that now that the jacket has been passed to Dinah "Laurel" Lance, now would be a good time for her to meet(or maybe a old friend of her father) who is a old boxer/street fighter to take her under his wing. Do you think Wildcat would make a good edition to the show, especially if they cast someone like Michael Ironside to play Wildcat?