HTC One Max

Solid specs, huge screen and fingerprint scanner all shown on retail page

We've seen quite the grouping of leaks associated to the expected release of the HTC One Max, and the latest leak all but confirms it. The above retail material (related to purchasing the phone) was originally found on Chinese site Weibo and seems to give us further confirmation of the expected specs of the device.

Just as had been previously rumored, we're looking at a device with a 5.9-inch HD (1080 x 1920) display, a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, HTC's "UltraPixel" camera, 3300mAh battery capacity and 16GB of storage. Around the back of the device the associated device renders show off an all-but-confirmed fingerprint reader, which is found underneath the camera on the back.

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Retail materials further confirm HTC One Max details


Well if those are the final specs consider me uninterested now. 16gb internal is too low to store a decent amount of apps and putting apps on memory cards is terrible for performance. A 600 processor this late in the year is unacceptable as well. I wouldn't upgrade my HTC One for that.

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I was actually hoping for an awesomely spec'd One Max, but I guess ... HTC fails me again :( Note 3 here I come! (but I'm still going to wait for the official announcement)

Yeah like if people needed more power to play angry birsd and such. I mean if youd have apps that needed that much power id agree with you but theres none

The SD800 vs SD600 thing is overrated, IMO. An SD800 would be nice, but this will still run really nicely on the SD600. Same with the 2GB RAM vs 3GB RAM (Moto X has 2GB, and it is plenty).

OTOH, the 16GB of storage is a real issue. It's hard to pick a 16GB device when 32GB is quickly becoming a standard (cf, G2, Note 3, Droid Maxx, available option on the Moto X, etc).

Just like you many ppl was waiting sd800 on nexus 7 2013 but they buy it anyway with sd 600

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I agree on the ram. Already running short on 2 gig devices, because even Google's apps are ballooning in size.

But Moto X taught us all that quad cores are not necessary, and even quad cores need to cheat to achieve benchmark ratings. So no on the processor.

STILL, I have to wonder just how believable specs on the image really are?
Why would a site in Beijing be reporting phone screen size in INCHES?

I don't think this phone is aimed at the Note 3, but instead is more of a "mid range" phablet like the Galaxy Mega line. If they can price it below the Note 3, it won't matter that it isn't as powerful as the Note 3. Also, I think by far the biggest short coming is the 16 GB of storage. I am happy with a 600 if the price reflects that. Same with the 2 GB of RAM. I also really want a 6" phone, so I like this better than the Note on that front.

Yes the processer is better in the Note, but the build quality def won't. Samsung products are very cheap. I had the chance to play with the note 3 at work on Thursday and I just don't understand why they design their phones so poorly and don't change. What happened to the rumors that the note 3 would be aluminum that came out right after the gs4 release? Also, if I was in the market for a large phone (which I'm not) I would much rather have sense and a much much better built phone than touch wiz and god awful plastic with fake leather stitching.

in that case i would just buy a beautiful huge cellphone toy , for me is not about which looks better is which is the most powerfull , faster, and of course removable battery , micro sd card slot at the end we all just put a case on it which by the way there is way more cases for samsung phones than for htc

Your statement lacks logic.
"All" do not put cases on phones. And since you think you like swapping your battery, you probably enjoy removing and replacing your case also.

Oh HTC how you have fallen so far. 2012 specs yeah oh

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If someone handed you two phones, one with a 600, the other with an 800, you would only notice if you ran benchmarks.


Well to be fair the S4 is running touchwiz which is notorious for it's lag. I'm using a Butterfly S which is also using a Snapdragon 600 and I have no performance issues, in fact my phone runs a lot smoother than my co-worker's S4.

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The Htc one is noticeably faster than the s4 and they both have a snap 600 touchwiz is super heavy and needs the extra power.

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I think this may have more to do with how Samsung "improved" the phone than adding a few MHz. Both processors are crazy fast.

You're kidding right. We don't even make use of the specs we have now. Have you not seen the Moto x

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Even with the snap 600 this phone will be very fast, it just needs to have an SD card and I'm sold.

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You know HTC. They won't have it in their flagships and haven't had it since the HTC Evo LTE.

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They released the Butterfly S with a card slot but for whatever chose not to release the phone worldwide. Sucks too because it has a bigger screen,battery and higher clocked cpu.

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I really want the Butterfly S, but here in Thailand it actually costs slightly more than the Note 3. Insane pricing by htc.

Yeah the pricing of this device is very unfortunate. It should be a lot cheaper than it is.

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As far as I'm concerned sd card slots need to go the way of the dinosaur. They are much to slow to ever get good use out of them. Also, I would bet my bank account that HTC won't include one just like they did with the One. With that said they better be planning more than 16gb of space or at least a 32gb option.

>As far as I'm concerned sd card slots need to go the way of the dinosaur.

I agree, but only if the devices are 32GB *AVAILABLE* or larger.

I disagree completely. Are they inferior when it comes to app storage? Sure.

But why limit apps + media to on-board? Use on-board storage for apps, and media card for media, which is just fine on a class 6 or better card.

Leaked images all show a microsd slot (labelled in English btw, so prob not E. Asia only line the One)

I am not in the S-Pen "hey, I'm instantly an artist!" crowd, but if you are going to lug around a small tablet, it needs this feature.

The Note 3 is the better device given that option, IMO.

Yeah unfortunately HTC is too late to the party with this one. Compared to the note 3, this has a much slower processor, less ram, less storage, lower pixel density, and it's not even metal like the HTC one was. Really no reason to get this over the N3. HTC should have released this 3 months.

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Pretty sure it's removable metal like the dual SIM version of the One released in China. The edges however are polycarbonate.

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The Back is metal.

The design is the same as One mini.

Polycarbonate edge (replaces metal chamfered edge of the One), with an apparently removable, but metal back.

The front grills remain metal as they are currently on the One.

Other leaks show a 16/32/64 storage option with SD card and removable back cover.

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I'm thinking that this is likely (especially the card, given the very authentic looking images), which gives the carriers choices of what to carry...unless they give an exclusive for the 64GB like they did in the US with the One.

No beats audio branding? If they update the specs a little it will definitely be worth buying. These are just renderings so might as well wait till Tuesday!

Beats president confirms HTC One Max will pack Beats audio.

Luke Wood, president and the chief operating officer at Beats Electronics, says that the company still has 25% investments in HTC along with a commercial deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer. Luke also mentioned that they have a large-format HTC device out in the fall, which is presumably the HTC One Max that features the Beats Audio.

However, Mr. Wood declined to comment whether the Beats relationship with HTC would continue past the One Max or not, but says that they have learned some great things from their cooperation from the Taiwanese manufacturer.

People are freaking out over the specs but a sd 600 is plenty fast for anything a smartphone cab do right now. I think the HUGE problem here is that we haven't had any indication that HTC will use the enormous screen for anything special like the note 3 does. No stylus/pen software enhancements is what's going to kill this device, not the soc. Right now it just seems like an enormous One.

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There are no indications because it is just a screen, not a digitizer. And most of us are probably OK with that.

I know I am.

A supersized One is exactly what I've been waiting for, and it looks like that's exactly what I'm getting.

I kinda think that reign of terror is over. Most major releases this year have been fairly untouched carrier to carrier.

The Paranoia over the 600 is hilarious. This device will have no problems performance wise.

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There are other things that are better in the 800 like battery life and coprocessors like in the Moto X. Android 4.4 is rumored to include touch less voice activation and I wouldn't be surprised if it requires the SD800s background processors.

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Most of us who get this phone will be locked into it for 2 years. The specs may be fine now, but it's the future-proofing that concerns me with the 600.

Has it even occulted to anyone that the 600 could just be a typo (this I'd just marketing material after all) in either the original or the translation or that the US version may be different?

Even if it is 600 that's 6 months old not a year and as has been stated very few people will notice the difference outside the benchmark running spec junkies.

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Nah. Most recent leaks point to the snapdragon 600 @ 1.7ghz. I'd be surprised if it's the the snapdragon 800 @ 2.3ghz.

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Jajjajajajjaj the phone is a beast but with jump from T-Mobile I'll be upgrading in 6months so I'm sure it won't be this one, but I'm writing this from the HTC one and it's a blast great phone

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After playing with some of the new Motorola phones I've learned specs aren't everything. I love my htc one and would be thrilled to use the max.

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The same way you feel when you saw the specs of the Moto X, only to find that it's smoother than butter even though it has a dual-core CPU?

I really wish they would have put the fingerprint scanner where the HTC logo is. It looks ugly on the back. Kind of disappointed that there is no spec increase either. Not that it needed it but Samsung always makes the Note more powerful than the Galaxy so I figured they'd try the same.

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It's not a processor speed or power issue w/ the 800 for me. I was hoping for the integrated LTE antennas, USB 3.0, the upgraded GPU and the faster RAM. Those things would make a difference and I think you would see the benefit from the get-go.

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It's hilarious to see how many people are whining over the Snapdragon 600 chip.

Specs aren't everything. HTC did a great job of optimizing Sense so I guarantee that the phone will be as smooth as it's SD 800 brothers.

16GB of internal storage is a bummer, considering how the One has 32GB of it base. However, HTC might surprise us.

It depends on what they try to charge for this phone. SD600, 16G RAM, no SD; They can't sell this for anything close to Note 3 prices. If they try they are playing people for fools. IMHO

Hm really strange HTC hasn't done anything with their stylus optimized software. They were actually the first one with Jetstream and Flyer back in 2010 I think.

Sense 3.6(HTC Amaze) still lists a stylus drawer in the applications drawer. I'm still wondering how I can use/activate it

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I'm sure it will run great on the SD-600 but it won't support LTE-Advanced like the 800. No we don't have LTE-A yet but if you plan on keeping your next phone for a year or more, it may be here by then. Something I considered when I got my Note 3

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Glad I didnt wait for this one.

Not knocking the specs but if I am gonna grab a bigger phone, I dont just want a bigger phone, I want it to do more...

The Note 3 does more, it is worth every dime I pried out of Best Buy

Running sense 5 on my S4 Pro equipped DNA and even while underclocked it's smooth and fast as hell. S800 vs s600 would be nice but unlike Sammy HTC has been doing a great job optimizing it's ui. Just like moto.

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There is alot of hype about this phone. Htc keeps dragging this crap along. I sure hope that they are messing with consumers by posting some truths and non truths. Because by placing a snapdragon 600 or less in this phone and not allowing a removable battery, as well as only a 2gb of ram. this phone is doomed from the start. Why produce a product that will surely fail. But then again. I have owned the evo and evo 3D. Both great products but the battery life was terrible. Now by introducing a phone that should be a great samsung competitor, htc plans on placing a substandard processor was well as other low end components. Wow I am greatly disappointed. I have been looking at the Pantech Vega Secret Note. Now this phone will be a great competitor to Samsung. Check it out. Thank for reading.

Think a lot of folks here tend to forget that those of us who know or even care about what CPU is in inside that it's only a tiny portion of those likely to consider this device. It's mostly about first impressions and the manufacturer's marketing budget that will determine its success...and consequently..especiallyin the US ..carrier exclusivity. I see so many folks still walking around with 4 year old devices that I highly doubt they will give a duck all about whether it's a s600 or s800.

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I gotta admit, I sometimes miss unlocking my phone with the fingerprint scanner on the original Moto Atrix.

Not so good specs at beats snap 800..same not so good camera...

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Not so good specs at beats snap 800..same not so good camera...

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