Fresh off our report that the T-Mobile G1 should be receiving the Cupcake Update to Android by the end of January, more reported facts are coming out in regards to the G1, Cupcake, and Android. Here's a list of them which include some already known pieces of information:

  • There WILL be a G1 update shortly as it was INTENDED to be by mid-January so the next target is now by the end of January.
  • T-Mobile will not just provide Cupcake elements to the G2 and leave the G1 behind.
  • The next update will be called RC31 and include Cupcake elements.
  • The mass of calls lately for Cupcake is registering and causing T-Mobile to double their efforts in getting the update out.
  • NO ONE has received RC31 as of today.
  • When the update is released it will be done in stages “Over The Air” but it will be by region not when you purchased the G1.
  • The memo I was privy to is NOT distributed to Support personnel.
  • T-Mobile Specialists & Support are LAST to know when an update happens and are notified AFTER it is released as was the case with RC29 & RC30.
  • T-Mobile does have a battery improvement program in motion
  • T-Mobile’s plan for battery improvement will be one of OR a combination of efficiencies in an OTA update and an extended life battery replacement.



Reader comments

Reported Facts About the Cupcake Update to Android


I don't believe a word of what I read about "cupcake".. Seriously, the only fact we all know about cupcake is that its called "cupcake" other then that, who the hell knows?! Release date?? Ummmm, 5th (wait) 11th (wait uh nooo) 18th.. maybe end of January, maybe! Google is saying nothing! T-Moblie is saying nothing! We are the ones doing all talking. And obviously we are all retarded, because its ALL been wrong! I would like the ones responsible (Google mainly) to put some info out throw us a freaking bone here.

This is the last week of January. Is there any information about the update plan or it will be done in next month?

I was just thinking: all the cupcake stuff is scattered everywhere and I'd like to see just a simple roundup. Nice article, Casey!

Do you have any information as to the UK side of these things? Will we be getting all these fun new toys?

None of the information available about this "Cupcake" update has been confirmed by Google or T-Mobile. I personally think there is no "Cupcake" update. The original article from the Google code page never said anything about an update, all it said was the code from this "special" branch was going to be merged with the original code. Sounds to me that this means newer releases of Android will contain these features.

Someone took what they read in this article this article, applied wishful thinking, ran with it and it has erupted into one of the biggest rumors on the web. Until I hear something official from Google or T-Mobile, I am disregarding any "Cupcake" news as extensions of the original rumor. Most of the information people are getting is from the T-Mobile Forums, which is an official T-Mobile site but contains no "official" statements from T-Mobile. Most of the information is from other T-Mobile G1 users and the T-Mobile reps that are Moderators are not privy to special information they are the same support techs you can reach from calling 611.