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Chalk this up in the nifty column! RemoteDroid, an app in the Android Market, allows the T-Mobile G1 to become a wireless mouse & keyboard combination for your computer. The way it works is that it communicates through WiFi--check out the video to see some pretty cool implementation.

You can use the touchscreen and trackball to scroll around, the keyboard is fully functional--it's really great to see developers have their turn at the T-Mobile G1 and create unique apps for it. Check out the video to see how this app works!



Reader comments

RemoteDroid Allows You to Use G1 as a Wireles Keyboard & Mouse


this is amazing, totally has saved me the hassle of getting bluetooth powerpoint clicker for presentations now, i installed it and it worked perfectly!

It's interesting but I'm trying to figure out what to do with it. I sure would not rely on it for presentations because wi-fi accessibility is not a given.

I got this working on my HTC Hero but there was no keyboard to use. Does this app need a hard keyboard? If so, that is a bit ridiculous as at least half of the Android phones on the market don't have one! Mouse works perfectly, please give me a touchscreen keyboard as well, PLEASE ;-)