Samsung Galaxy S5

Welp, here we go, folks. The Samsung Galaxy S5 arrives this week. Galaxy S5 reviews are dropping — don't worry, we're working on ours, all in due time — and phones will find their way into thousands of hot little hands by the weekend.

So now's a perfect time revisit the best of our Galaxy S5 coverage thus far. To wit:

Get it? Got it? Good. This is just the beginning. Strap in, folks.


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Relive our initial Samsung Galaxy S5 review!


What's hilarious is that Korean newspaper used Phil's awesome photo in their story. Not sure if they gave Android Central credit though?!

Yep, same one! You must have taken multiple shots from the moment and Korean media used one of them without any credit definitely. The watermark of AC seems to be cut from the photo on Korean paper. :(

As a Korean who can read Korean directly, I don't think Samsung is to blame this time around. Korean media's click-baiting especially with Samsung product is far beyond the level for readers to swallow. I'm actually sick and tired of the articles start like "Some anonymous insider familiar with the matter.... blah blah blah." They are so used to write article based on rumors as if it's their exclusive report. What's funny is that, because the camera modules were produced by Samsung in-house, the source from the supply chain in this case is not related directly. What was told by that insider is none other than outdated rumor itself. Even after Samsung requested the correction over the low yield rate quoting anonymous source and the consequential speculation of very low stock for launch, the media kept saying what their source told them was true. The media is trying to transform this issue to Samsung's pressure to control media. Maybe Samsung is doing that, but not with this incident. I'm not sure this can be developed to "freedom-of-speech" issue, but personally, I hope yellow-tech-journalism of Korean media should be gone for good with this lawsuit. You can't just quote someone who believes some information he/she heard is the very truth and write like "this is the fact because our source is credible."

I love Sammy phones (had GS3, have GS4 and getting the GS5 in May), but damn you guys are OBSESSED... you shove Samsung down everyone's throat..

They just finished posting about the M8 in which everyone got upset and said the same thing. Go read the past week's articles and then come back and delete your nonsense so mods can have a break.

M8 definitely. Do it and you won't look back. Smoothest phone I have every used next to my N5. The S5 might be as well but the looks alone do it no justice for me.

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As a GS4 owner, GS5 really isn't worth the upgrade. Wait till GS6

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Stock out of the box the S5 is way better than the S4. The S4 was a laggy, stuttering, bloated piece of junk(don't really care how much sites like this tried to downplay it). The S5, or at least the two that I have tried, is not.

I think HTC has the best Android phones and GUI. The M8 is simply the best Android phone. Only reason people love Samsung is because of the Anti Apple crap.

I'm also anti iPhone (not necessarily apple) but at least I have a good SENSE of mind.

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I've owned two HTC phones and I am not fond of them. Awful battery life on my last two. Their user interface is good but for the most part they lack the plethora of features that Samsung has. Even if they are gimmicks they are lagging behind. I will go to another manufacturer next time and unless there is a S5 v2 or the Prime as was rumored before.

I'm open to both iPhone and android and will wait until the fall to see what else comes out

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can't be bothered to read the review. all i know it is another samesuck iphone ripoff.
go apple or go home!

when will people realise that iOS is what android wishes it was. only that android is an out-dated, laggy mess filled with malware and spyware on cheap plastic crappy phones.
Google and all android OEMs try desperately to keep up with the puck.
Apple doesn;'t skate to wear the puck is, but where it will be.
that is why apple innovates and google has no chance of keeping up.
i;m actually embarrased on your behalf for you if you are an android owner.
hopefully soon, you will get a job/allowance that will allow you to afford an iphone, and the prestige that comes with it.

This dude serious?!!!! ^^^ Hey everybody!!! Whatch out for this guy bahahahaha

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You forgot the /s switch

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Seems like you're stuck in the year 2011, you might want to join us here in 2014 before giving another assessment of Android vs. iOS.

I like iOS (always have) just not a big fan of Apple hardware, it has always felt more style over substance to me.

My friends are probably sick of hearing me say that my dream phone would be Nokia manufactured and run iOS.

Sadly Nokia is soon getting out of the phone business and Apple probably will never license iOS, so my dream will never come true.

So that leaves me paying lots of money for Apple hardware which I do not like but running an OS that I do like, or paying lots of money for hardware that I do like but running an OS, that while not bad and has come a long way is not my preference.

A first word problem for sure, but one that none the less perplexes me. I find Samsung hardware to be good, not amazing and I am sure I will feel the same way about the GS5.


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There's nothing negative about the GS5..I love everything about it..played with it at the at&t store. .pre - ordered it from the spot..can't wait for it to arrive in the mail this Friday. .This phone really blew me away in person. .love that screen and the way it feels in person.

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Yeah, the best for a simpleton who loves to be spoon fed and trapped in a restrictive ecosystem. Get out of here with that nonsense!

I don't like the look of the S5. I was thinking of getting it but I wanted it to have a metal body not plastic and what is up with those dimples on the phone? Maybe my mind will change with time but as of right now I think it's ugly!

I love your loyalty; but perphaps the HTC fans should try to convince non Sammy fans to get the M8. Not sure if someone leaning toward the Samsung is going to switch their mind to the M8. The M8 does indeed look nice but I doubt posting it hear will help. Just a thought. The air is about to be sucked out of the room beginning on the 11th.
This will be the first galaxy S device I did not pick up at launch. Happy with my moto x and nexus 5 at the moment.
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The S5 is a very nice phone and would be an attractive choice. The M8 doesn't appeal to me because a removable battery is a must have feature in a $600.00 phone. Since "no contract" is the only way I buy service, the price is prohibitive. One can purchase a new N5 or G2 and a nexus 7 and still have change left over. Yes ... the S5 is nice device with a " killer" display and excellent battery life ...... but I'm not "bending" over!!!

I'm having an issue with my Samsung galaxy s5. Occasionally my mms picture messages come through as a broken image, it's a grey box with a yield sign.