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Google's posted the official event video. Enjoy.


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Relive the Ice Cream Sandwich/Galaxy Nexus event all over again


Why in the world would I want to watch it again? That was the most boring tech reveal event I've ever seen! Even the iPhone 4s event was more interesting than that, and that's saying something, because the 4s event sucked.

Hmm... I think I might be getting a bit jaded...

Video quality sucks. Also, these guys just aren't that great at announcing and demoing phones. There is a lot in ICS to get excited about, they just did a poor job showing it. And that suit... terrible.

Someone at Google needs to sit in a room and watch every product announcement Steve Jobs did since his return to Apple. Study it and not so much copy it but learn. That dude had showmanship

Yeah, when i look at the way Steve presented i can see PASSION, LOVE, DEDICATION! Look at the [original] iPhone4 movie. BAM! they way they talk about it is incredible, just wow! makes you wanna run and buy it and LOVE the iphone. The apple folk INSPIRE their crown. There, that's it.

Jon Rubinstein of Palm showed something similar to Steve, but he is an Apple guy too, so no surprise there.

Everyone else is just BORING. Yawn.

Yeah that was pretty bad the first time around. Love ICS, love the new phone, but that presentation. SMH. They need work in that department.

well, it's really hard to be entertaining and not everyone can do what steve jobs did.
but i didnt care. it was cool seeing ICS...

It appears most of you are big whiny babies.... who cares that these guys aren't all motivational speakers. The phone is awesome, and ICS is awesome, the end.

this phone was amazing, all the features were working for me, ICS is going to work better for dual core processors, also will have true multitasking and the new revamped and new features brings the hype I was expecting before the Event, which Google Delivered in their promise.Great Job Google Hands down best product.

I don't usually have the patience to watch videos, but this kept my attention. The features of Android 4.0 were impressive and I am looking forward to upgrading from my Thunderbolt.

I absolutely loved the presentation. Android 4.0 is out of the park. Can't wait to get it. I can't believe the negative comments. 4.0 is definitely the next level and worth trading up for when it becomes available. I did watch it again and loved it. Thanks for posting it.

I've been wondering where Leisure Suit Larry had been hiding lately.. Who knew he was running things for ICS over at Google.

Neat it has a dock. No one's mentioned that (that I've seen) and that was always a big grip of the NS, lol.

Wow is it me or are did they exactly copy folders from ios? Which is a good thing for Android...Interesting that some of the features like the quick relies to phone calls are already in the Galaxy S2. The icons look very nice similar to the ones in Meego on the N9.