Droid update udpate

For those of you who were wondering (that was one or two of you, right?) here's the situation regarding the details of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid: First Moto said on its Facebook page that the update is coming "this week." Then we got a look at what exactly the update would entail, but that page has since been taken down.

Now we get word in the Moto support forums explaining why. It's not going to do much to pacify all of you (and us) waiting for the update, but it is something. [Motorola via Gear Log]


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Regarding those Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update details ...


They removed all their updates confirming the release from twitter also. Sounds like they're going back to add the launcher and live wallpapers after everyone freaked out in all the forums

That's what I was thinking also!! I could wait. I just ported the 3D gallery AGAIN, that could tide me over till the official 2.1 launch. I got home++ anyway so I got the 5 screens, I'm content.. for now anyway..

The bigger question is why these features were removed from the 2.1 update to begin with then...

Silly me... I thought that purchasing a "Google Experience" phone meant that I'd stand a chance of getting a phone with an OS that was somewhat un-f'd around with by idiot phone manufacturers (Motorola) and greedy wireless service providers (Verizon).

Google Experience phone updates should be treated like iPhone updates. They should come directly from the manufacturer, without Motorola's or Verizon's involvement.

Not me

I can wait a few weeks for updates. I'm patient and otherwise content with my phone. I'd like to have MT browsing but I don't need it.

ooh, that means that droid 2.1 will possibly come with the launcher, live wallpapers, and 5 home screens after all!!!!

Well apparently there was part of the update ready to go, so why not give us part of the update now and the rest at a later date! Is that not logical? Why makes up wait just to add a couple more updates to the package?

um... wtf! does that mean no update? I want it now! I don't want to wait. i prefer the drawer and I want multitouch and I don't want to wait! i would like 5 screens but i am not willing to wait. Update me now and then update me again!

The bigger problem is their lack of support for Bluetooth calling. I have been told by Motorola support the Droid doesn't support Bluetooth voice commands so I have to initiate the call via my phone which is illegal in pretty much every state and Military installation.

Imagine how upset people will be when the update is both late and down't have the new app drawer or the live wallpapers!

Apparently people don't know how to read. The Motorola forums don't say anything about the update being delayed. They're all talking about the info that was released early.

Apparently, people are also very impatient and a lot of whiners. Who knows, maybe this means that we WILL see the new app drawer and live wallpapers. Why don't you all stop complaining and just wait until the update. Be glad Motorola is even keeping us somewhat informed, and be glad we're not still stuck back on 1.5 or 1.6. Gheesh.

Well first Flash then the update kinda feels like the blackberry storm world but still till they release something dont really know what to think. I think the part that will make me mad is I just took my phone back to the nandroid backup I made before over clocking it and removed root access.

This is a shining example of a company with a broken PR machine. By playing the "we can't comment at this time" game, they are only creating an air of impatience. They just need to be straight up about it because the only people who are getting annoyed by this back and forth nonsense are the hardcore phone geeks...these geeks are the same people who are going to talk uncle Bob and aunt Marcy into buying your phone Motorola, so let us know the deal. It's not like honesty is going to lead to backlash.

Ding Ding Ding the bell just rang and the light went on inside my head. How much you wanna bet the Droid update will be missing the music player features mentioned on the update log? Why? Because the N1 hasn't gotten it yet and this makes Google's own phone look bad. I bet Google protested and now they have to spend a week removing this feature...thus, throwing the schedule off.

I can't believe you people complain/bitch so f*cking much. Your gonna jump ship to the N1 just because Moto did a slip up? I can't believe you people can be so damn finicky. Like Google doesn't f*ck up...

Everyone messes up but when they do you expect them to make things right and we've yet to hear from Moto on this. This isn't charity we're waiting for from them, we paid good money for our handsets and, considering the price, we also expect a certain level of professionalism instead of just "oops, we goofed". That being said, I don't plan to leave Moto and I love my droid (best smartphone I've ever used IMHO), but I can certainly understand why people are so upset over this. Let the people vent, that's what the internet is for.

you got exactly what you paid for...you didn't pay extra for 2.1, it's a free upgrade. If they never put out an upgrade, you'd have exactly what you paid for. Self righteous much?

Unless you don't know much about the android OS you may not expect anything else beside what you get out of the box. All other androids get updates and when Moto says they're going to do it, at the very least give some straight answers as to when and what's involved. If you're happy with the phone as is, are you running 2.0 or 2.0.1?

wow...its crackberry all over again..

Raise your hand if your phone doesn't completely rock running 2.0. Yeah, thats what I thought. You guys have let the promise of shiny new stuff blind you to the fact that the phone is great as it sits.

Maybe they pulled it back to add more features? There's a thought. But this whole "I'm never buying a motorola phone again" bs is flat out stupid.

graymulligan, while I definitely agree that stock 2.0.1 has enough to keep Droid owners satisfied (especially if you decide to root), this still further adds onto the whole device/software fragmentation arguments.

People don't want their relatively new and expensive Android phone to be left out on the dust or receiving gimped versions of updates. What's gonna happen when the new version of the OS comes out? Are Droid owners going to have to wait months before we get it and is it going to be dumbed down? Honestly, I feel like the direct to consumer phones will always get the best support and updates.

What I find funny is all the people crying and saying "Only Google from here on out!" as if Google makes phones. Hello people! HTC made the Nexus One, not Google. The partnership with the Nexus One is no different than the rest of the manufactures that have created phones under the supervision of Google. Again... GOOGLE DOES NOT MAKE HARDWARE.

You are wrong. Google is partnered with HTC for the PRODUCTION and DISTRIBUTION of the Nexus One. They are also directly responsible for the distribution of firmware/software updates to the Android operating system on this phone as a result. Other models, such as the Moto Droid are responsible for making the latest Google code compatible with their hardware configuration on their own. Motorola and the Verizon network are nothing more than the benefactor of an open operating system provided by Google. Judging by the way you said what you said with such conviction without realizing it's completely false, you need to understand the difference right now because you seem like the type to spread rumors.

If he is wrong and what you say is true, then why was Motorola at the press conference during the presentation of the Nexus One? Unless they have a partnership like HTC than they had no reason to be there. Afterall, neither Samsung nor Sony Ericsson were part of the panel.

Come on guys! I agree with the earlier comment. The Droid is a great phone period. Just be patient. All good things will come in time. The Droid is still by far, my favorite phone that I have ever purchased from Verizon and I've been a Verizon customer for over ten years. That being said, bring on the 2.1 and then we'll still want more from Android a month later. That's the beauty of today's technology. We will never be satisfied.

It's Mon Feb 15 and no update. So much for your brillliant interpretation. You were wrong. Moto did announce the prvious week then took their announcement down bc they weren't going to making that deadline. So much for talking out of your ass and shilling for moto.

Why is everyone interpreting this as the update not coming this week? It is clearly stated that it is re: the update notes and that page was taking down.

For all you know 2.1 could be dropping tomorrow with live wallpapers, etc.

Matt has in no way indicated that the update isn't coming this week. The details just weren't meant to be posted.

Go to their Facebook Wall and you will still find the post indicating that the update is coming this week; they would have removed that by now if they were really backpedaling on the update completely.

@Riles It's Mon Feb 15 and no update. So much for your brillliant interpretation. You were wrong. Moto announced the prvious week then took their announcement down bc they weren't going to making that deadline. So much for talking out of your ass and shilling for moto.

This is why I will stick with the N1 over any other phone, or at least when I upgrade it will be the next Google phone , I have no doubt ANY upgrade and or improvement is ALWAYS going to hit Googles OWN PHONE before any other . There is NO WAY they will push out an update to other phones before there own . The N1 is just awesome !!!!

just rooted my Droid, overclocked, and added 2.1.... HOLY sh!%!! but if it's too good to be true, it probably is. i'm a bit nervous about hurting the phone. i'd rather have a FULL 2.1 update, then root and the only change the CPU speed.

Farkin' spoiled-ass geeks. Geez Louise, you guys put up a bigger fuss than the Haitians who were denied a food delivery by the UN when they felt the crowd was getting a tad unruly.

Get a damn grip. Some notes were accidentally released ahead of schedule. Your mother wasn't dragged in for questioning by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Perspective people, 2.1 has only been out for one freakin' month, and your Droid isn't even three-and-a-half months old!

@SharonW- If you're a mindless drone who believes whatever you're told, that's your business. You'd be the Iranian Guard's dream: never questioning or challenging anything. VZW, Moto and Google set these expectation, not customers. Moto offered and announced the 2.1 update; customers you call spoiled didn't demand it. Moto leaked release date rumors about Jan 22 and last week, then missed them and refused the common courtesy of acknowledging customers' questions, much less being responsive. Moto has no one but itself to blame and deserves no sympathy with answers like "soon."

The truth is moto does suck. I hate the krave and it sucked balls. But, with the running of android and the fact that I doubt google let moto halfass the droid, is why I bought it. Also I'm. Writing this ON my droid..but the truth is I would love this update but if they push it back I don't care. I can wait. And everyone else here will too. Vent away but everyone knows you not giving up your nice new droid just because the update is late

I don't get it... what's up lately with all the false postings and news from Motorola and Google?! Seems like it's getting bad.

Does anyone have any idea when I can dump my droid and buy a Nexus for verizon. My relationship with Moto feels like dateing a chick in highschool. One week your going to get some and then she changes her mind. At least with the Nexus I know I will get some.

Not soon enough man.. not soon enough. I chose the Droid because I had an early out on my Sprint contract last month and wasn't satisfied with their 3G coverage in my area. I now have till the 21st of this month to decide whether I want to stick with the Droid, and then I'll have to stick with it for 2 years (one if I pay for an upgrade).

Personally, I wish I would've had the option of the N1 on Verizon. I would estimate that they probably won't release it till June/July, and that's if they don't make some sort of delay on the release.

Well according to an email that phonescoop.com got, the update is now "expected to come out soon". So awesome.

What some of you who are complaining about whiners are not getting, is that some people, including myself, made the decision to go android and droid in particular with the understanding that we would be getting updates on our phone as they are released. One of the reasons I particularly chose droid over a HTC because i knew having Sense UI would delay my updates. I though having stock android would mean consistent updates.

If we get delayed or half-ass android updates, i think it is well within our right to voice our dismay and/or switch from Motorola. If you are happy with 2.0 forever...great. Good for you.

"the understanding that we would be getting updates on our phone as they are released"

That's exactly what's happening. Unfortunately, Moto is playing games by saying one thing and then backing out on it. "Technically", the N1 update is not that same as the Droid update so therefore the latest update for the Droid has not been released.

Who cares when it is released, its already been crippled by the lost of features. At this point it would be nice, but its more like 2.0.2 instead of 2.1