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Google's Nexus 7, one of the most popular tablets around, is available on 1saleaday for today only. These units are factory-refurbished versions of the 8GB model, which is no longer available directly from Google. They come with a 90-day warranty, as well as the AC adapter and micro-USB cable. At this price, you can grab yourself a Nexus 7 and the dock for less than the price of the cheapest model in the Play Store.

If Google sticks to a yearly refresh cycle for their tablets, we can expect a new version of the Nexus 7 tablet to be announced in less than two months. But if a deal is more important than having the latest and greatest, and you don't mind having 8GB of storage, then jump on this deal before it's gone.

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Nexus 7 8GB on sale for $139.99 at 1saleaday


I just bought one. Thanks for the tip AC! It was tempting to wait and see the next generation before buying, but I could sell this Nexus 7 for $140 easy on Craigslist and recoup the money.

I don't need it, but I was planning to buy my 11 year old nephew the $159 ($172 with tax) Kindle Fire for his birthday in April, but with this deal I went ahead and got the Nexus 7 instead.

Thanks AC!

8 GB is not enough on a tablet with no micro SD slot, regardless of price. Enjoy putting 2 HD movies on it and having no more space. A tablet needs either 32 gigs of built in storage OR an SD slot.

If it's not for you, why even comment? That argument is getting old. Not all of us need 10000 pictures at our disposal. Chances are, the people buying this have reliable Internet access and are using it as a portal for media. Take your agenda elsewhere.

With cloud services and a solid internet connection at home an 8GB Nexus 7 is totally do-able. I went for the 32GB myself but for $140 why not?

In my experience and from what I've heard and read, they may arguably be better than new because they've been tested more thoroughly to make sure that the refurbish was effective. So you all the benefits of buying new - warranty, etc - but with a lower price. If I hadn't already bought mine I would jump on this one. Great deal.

The thing that makes me wary of any refurb battery-powered good is that the battery is almost certainly worn to some extent, unless it was a DOA and returned AND refurbished promptly (preventing the battery from self-discharging and losing life). The Nexus 7 has a battery that is actually really easy to replace, but it still will run you $40 for a new one in the event that you get one that dies right after the 90 day warranty.

Ditto... decided to go with tablets vs a portable DVD player for a very long road trip with the kids. Lately Mom and the Kids have been fighting over the 16gb one that we already have, so an additional tablet is a good thing.

Also... USB thumb storage does not matter. for those rare times when I might want movies available, the thumb drives do the job great, and are easier to load data on to (I keep the main library on a laptop, and can change up the movies on the thumb drives when we are at the hotel).

I just bought one. I have been thinking about getting a tablet and couldn't pass up the price. 8GB isn't a lot of storage, but I have a 50GB box account that will help.

This is a meh. You can pick up a 16gig new in box version for around $180 shipped at most online retailers, if the $40 is worth getting a refurb with half the storage then go for it (the tablet itself is very nice, light, and versatile) but I would urge those on the fence to just go ahead and get the bigger one, you will likely not regret it.

Google is clearly getting ready to release a new Nexus midsize (probably with a 1080p screen) so the prices for this model are bound to only get better.

I agree. This is not a good deal imo with a new one on the horizon. If it were $99, it would be a steal. Of course, it's different if you're buying for kids.

Whether it's a 'good deal' or not is a personal choice. I know of two people who bought this but would not have bought it at a higher price, regardless of storage. Not everyone is made of money and for some people $40 goes a long way.

I'm all for saving $40 but this is essentially a luxury item; I would humbly submit that unless you have a use for it immediately, you are better off waiting and saving a little more $ for the bigger version, you will get more use out of it in the long run. Unless you are absolutely sure you will have no use for the extra 8 gigs of storage, it becomes a matter of pay-now, or pay-later.


1. the price is not that great for an 8GB Refurbished.
2. 8GB is not enough. 16GB is minimum needed given the stock apps and Google Apps and Updates you'll be forced to install.
3. pay a little more and get a 16GB. penny wise and pound foolish.

Maybe I should get another one just to make it a gift, but after reading their reseller rating I think I'll skip.

For the people who consider between the Kindle Fire (HD) and this, I am biased, but the Amazon closed garden experience is no match for this, imo its actually a worse closed garden experience than iOS (and I do not own an Apple device). You get unprecedented level of freedom with a Nexus. Not only it have more raw performance, you'll get better value in the long run knowing Google will continue to update the software down the years, ie. it will get Android 5. And for those who thing Kindle Fire is more integrated and easy to use, most Amazon services are available as apps, and the interface is very restrictive, sooner or later you will find there are certain things you can't do or apps that are available on Google PlayStore not available on Amazon AppStore. However, the Nexus 7 lacks HDMI out, this is the crippling point of this tablet.

Since its only 8GB, this is great for video streaming, you easily can set up video streaming over UPnP in your house and get access to all your videos. I have an ASUS RT-N16 router that just need to plug usb harddrive to the back and enable UPnP in the setting menu. Or you can download XBMC on your computer and enable UPnP.

i dont know if this is really that good a deal. i know google doesnt sell the 8gb anymore but if the 32gb is $250, the 16gb is $200, what would they sell the 8gb for if they sold all 3 versions at the same time? plus it is refurbished. i think it should be $99.

At that price, get it and throw it on the coffee table. I grabbed an 8GB version for $90.00 3 months ago, and I love the thing.

At that price, get it and throw it on the coffee table. I grabbed an 8GB version for $90.00 3 months ago, and I love the thing.

Probably gonna pick one up. This is a pretty good deal in my eyes. I use my DNA for phone stuff, my tf300 for school stuff and would use this for Internet surfing. If I wanna watch movies I'll turn on my TV!

E-reading is where the Nexus shines, for the same price (or less) vs a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet you can get something that works with BOTH stores, plus Google books and just about anything else you can throw at it.