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The ink is hardly dry on the new Google Play signage, and newly rebranded Google Play apps are already starting to drop into the Android Market Google Play Store Android apps section. (See, isn't that easier to say?)

Google's Music, Videos and Books apps will update and rebrand themselves to Play Music, Play Movies and Play Books, if you're running Android 2.2 and above, and if you've already got them in your country of residence. (Paid apps are available in these countries, music in the U.S. only, movies in the U.S., UK, Canada and Japan, and books in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia.)

The Android Market will update itself to the Google Play Store at some point.

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Rebranded Google Play apps starting to push out already


I wonder what brought this on. Kind of a weird name when I think about how they're going to use this when advertising. People who don't follow android as close might wonder what it is.

Its like sale day as well in the music store, some albums 25 cents and others for 3.99 and not just greatest hits, some double albums 5.99. even some books are 25 cents.

Its like a google plays closeout sale

I love change, but this one, I don't really understand. Or rather, I understand it, but I think it's really silly. "Play Books"? And the whole market itself being just called "Play"? Uhh... wow.

I'm supposed to tell my boss "yes sir, I downloaded that from Play"?

Google doesn't make too many missteps, but I think this is one, even if it is just aesthetics ... but I think it's a bad idea. (I know, who cares what I think?)


I'm Kevin on this one. Most of the time when Google makes a step I just trust them when I dont see the "why" cuz they know what they are doing but "play" makes it seem so juvenile. When RIM announced their tablet I thought this is great for business men and other professionals but then I hear the name "Playbook" and thought way the name is just subconsciously crippling to a potential great tool.

Maybe this will all "play" out well in the end will just have to wait and see.

"Market" as it was in is debut product is noting in comparison to yesterdays "Market" so to rebrand it for marketing purposes makes sense but "play" IDK.

Saying "Google" before "Play" makes it sound better IMO, but yeah, it's not perfect. That being said, "iTunes Books/Movies/Apps" doesn't make much sense either but we've all been conditioned to get used to it!

I understand the intent. They want a singlarly branded place to get everything, like iOS has with iTunes. It will make it easier to understand for regular people (i.e. not the android 1ee7 and nerds who come to AC).

Also they are pushing that you don't have to have an Android devide to use Play for books, music, and movies; so they want a name that doesn't reference Android.

The name feels a little forced right now, but everyone will get used to it.

This is probably one of the reasons why the SD cards are being removed from device's because everything will be stored online. There will be no need for much internal / external storage. I hope like the current Google Music will be able to download content to the device for offline use.

Maybe. I always assumed it was because the Android API was kind of terrible at handling multiple storage locations. Nothing like downloading a music app that can't find music on the Internal Storage or some other app that wouldn't look on the SD card.

They should worry less about the name of the program and more about how awful the Google Music app UI is. Having the back button be in the upper left hand corner of the app is incredibly awkward on a mobile device.

Actually, it's a little different. For example, if someone sent you a link to the market from an email and you clicked on it. The back button at the bottom will bring you back to Gmail. The back button at the top will bring you up one level within the market.

I meant within the Google Music (Google Play Music now I suppose) app. In that you don't need to push the button in the top left corner to go one level up (if you navigated in-app to where you are and not from outside)

WOW! Way to take something cool like the Android brand and icons and ruin it! Calling everything Play is reminding me of the Blackberry "Playbook" which was a horrible brand to begin with. I feel like someone just killed my puppy.

Change was necessary though because leaving everything under the Android Market brand makes it seem as if an android device is required to purchase Music, Books and Movies (which it isn't)

I just got a text from VZW about this also

"Free VZW msg: Android Market is becoming Google Play. Android Market on your phone will receive an upgrade in the next few days. To learn more, click (data charges may apply)."

Very nice. Should be a smooth roll out.

you know... i was excited to see music had an update... all they did was gold plate the shit the app is made of.

I'm a little confused about this. They're taking a very descriptive name (Android Market) and rebranding it into something vague? Isn't that backwards? Wouldn't it have made more sense to just drop the Android out of the name if they wanted to break the link with Android?

Still can't upload my ebooks to Google Books/Play Books whatever you want to call it. Wake me up when they do then I'll give a s***. I shouldn't have to repurchase ebooks to use with Google. I'm able to upload my music just fine with Play Music, but not Books.

I hate the name Google Play. Sounds childish and limited to games. Also,that gold Google play music icon Sucks Balls!!!!! Please Google keep everything sexy and sheek!!!

This is so stupid. I'm not going to Play my books, no matter what they say.

Also, Google Music was fine, it wasn't Android Market Music, so why did they have to change it to Google Play Music? It sounds like a neanderthal trying to form a sentence.

Google play music? Ya, gud stuff!!!