At the Code Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA tonight, head of Microsoft's Skype and Lync Gurdeep Singh Pall showed off a peek at what he and his team have been working on — real-time speech translation for Skype calls.

The demo showed Pall's English being translated — both the speech and in captions — to German, as his German colleague's voice was translated to English. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that the feature would be available (in beta) later this year. The company plans to have the feature on "as many devices and apps as possible."

Source: Tech Crunch


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Real-time speech translation coming to Skype later this year


Ah Michael, if only you paid more attention to where you post... wrong thread for the G3 competition :)

It would be Great if when it's released from Beta, that it has 100 or More Languages that work Flawlessly with Everyone's different Language Dialects.

Cool technology. Unfortunately it also means that they understand what you are saying and can store that for later use (ads, NSA, etc). Makes you wonder if Google is doing the same thing to Hangouts, serving ads to Hangout voice content as they do for Gmail text content.