Sense on the Droid Incredible

So I'm going through all of your questions about the Verizon Droid Incredible, and a good number of you are asking about being able to disable Sense on the phone. Quick show of hands: Who prefers what? (And have you even used the new Sense yet?)


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Quick poll: Sense or no Sense?


I used sense briefly once on my friends Droid Eris. i didnt really get a feel for it. But something about the Sense UI in the incredible from all the videos ive watched have me intrigued. I just feel like my MotoDroid is missing something.

I think thats where the Sense UI will fill that missing hole.

Believe me, no sense... The UI is awesome, but at a huge cost, HTC and their "We don't care about you, you stupid user" policy, which is now shown on Hero, Droid Eris (the update is done, but we'll let you wait a few months because it sounds like fun), Magic and Tottoo(Magic: You've got sense, what more do you want? Tattoo: not gona support such a cheap handset). The ideal choice is to get a Vanilla android from another manufacturer, than HTC.

I really got tired of the Sense UI and HTC's UI style on my Window Mobile device. So I strongly prefer the default Android UI on my Nexus One.

I haven't actually used any android phone for an extended period of time. A few of my friends have the Droid and I have played with it on occasion but I haven't actually used it like I would in my day to day life.
I personally have an iPhone just because it was one of the best smart phones at the time and I love it, but I hate the service. I wanted to switch back to Verizon and this seemed like a good replacement.

I am very skeptical about this since I do know that manufactures do forget about updating software and could leave this in the dust, if there were a way to just install vanilla android on this I would be far more easily sold. I love the look on the incredible sense UI but if I have to wait forever for an update, a possible security issue update or anything that may break the phone for whatever reason and not be able to get a quick fix I would be seriously pissed.

Also with the speed that Android phones are coming out I have the feeling in the back of my head that even though this looks amazing that they are rushing this phone out before the huge wave of phones hit this summer. Maybe something is lurking right around the corner that will be amazing?

the widgets are pretty cool, but Sense just isnt my thing! i like the stock android better! much easier to work with!

Well, to be honest this question is the only thing that is holding me against giving my soul to the htc evo...the fact that an update comes out and we will be stock with the 2.1 for a while , and the hero users know ehat im talking about is the only thing that gives me the ??? no doubt the sense is beautiful and very complete but as i said we (future evo's owners) may be left behind with our beast in terms of OS.

I can say that i felt the same way as you about getting an EVO. I own a hero and had been waiting for months for the update. I have now rooted my hero and installed the 2.1 on my phone. I can say that it is much better and am now considering buying the EVO and rooting it as soon as humanly possible. It is really like night and day.

It would be awesome if the EVO was on Verizon and they had 4G already. I travel a lot and I haven't tried sprint after I left Verizon for the AT&T I am scared to go anywhere else. I do have to say if I am in the heart of the city most of the time my AT&T works, but I text ALOT! I mean ALOT and many times people will ask why I sent them triplicate message, or they will be delayed for hours until it looks like I am texting at 2am when I sent it at 8pm, or I'll get a crazy amount of duplicates from someone, or the texts will never go through, and also if I get picture messages from certain people on Verizon the picture comes out looking lime green on the iphone and I have no idea why.

I can't have an awesome phone that doesnt work I was outside the city limits a few weeks ago attending a concert and the AC in the work server room had gone out and I couldnt get in touch with any one so I had to use someones Verizon dumb phone. After that incident I can't keep ATT and feel secure that I can use my phone when I need it.

Man I want 4G service so I can just use my phone as the internet all the time, that would be sweet!

I don't know the answer, because I haven't been able to disable Sense on my Incredible. I followed some online instructions for other HTC Android phones (clear defaults in HTC Sense Application settings & Force Stop), but when I go to Home it doesn't ask how to launch it, but just restarts Sense automatically. DO you disable Sense on the Incredible?

Everybody needs to relax.

First of all, Google has explicity stated that with Froyo and Gingerbread, they will only be upgrading the core OS while parsing off the applications unto the market, so if Google produces a better stock browser, you'll be able to download it from the market without having to wait for HTC to provide 2.2 or 2.5 with Sense.

Secondly, it has been hinted by insiders that HTC is providing with its upcoming phones the ability to upgrade completely to a new OS via Google and thus overwrite the Sense UI if you so choose. HTC is actively working on this upgrade challenge; they are well aware of it and will make the process quicker/simpler moving forwards.

First of all, Google has explicitly stated... blah blah, whatever. There always will be apps, that need the new version of the core system. Otherwise, there would be no need to make new versions of the core.

Secondly: Let's see, if the hint is right.
HTC is working? Are you serious? HTC has made the update for HTC Hero. It's done! It has already leaked for Sprint Hero and it's fully operational! Now they're actively working on the issue how to delay the update as far as possible. Magic and Tattoo have been cut off completely... They're working on how to make more people angry.

So HTC has finished the SPRINT update for the Hero and you naturally assume SPRINT has nothing to do with the delays in rolling out the update?

I agree, jumping the Sense UI to 2.x was horrible and will remain god awful for at least another year. Same with Motoblur and the other manufacturer specific UI's. But you can only blame them up until their custom code works with Android.

Think about it, if the carriers themselves weren't somehow responsible for the delay, whether it is AT&T only wanting Yahoo Search or some other BS, don't you think Google would already have a Nexus One compatible with every US carrier? I mean if they can really push out OS updates as everyone says they can, where's the CDMA Nexus?

EDIT: And if default Android UI's are so much easier for the manufacturer to roll out then a custom UI, why did 2.1 on the Droid take so long?

as already mentioned ( I've said it elsewhere too), HTC has pretty much been perfecting an abomination since the need to make an ugly chick (WM) prettier. Buggy since the first itteration of sense. HTC seems to put blowing out new hardware on a much higher priority than updates, as mentioned already. I'll reiterate - the Sprint Hero STILL has Android 1.5. They've always been like this and no one is to blame except HTC. Is Sense pretty? Sure. Do I trust HTC to support my device a month or two after it's released? HELL NO.

There are some good things about Sense. It's idiotic that a mobile phone os doesn't have a button on the home screen(s) dedicated to making a phone call. The leap feature is nice too, as well as the ability to select text in the browser. However waiting 6 to 8 months for an OS upgrade is insane. It would be best if the android base added some of these features that really should have been there from the beginning.

"It's idiotic that a mobile phone os doesn't have a button on the home screen(s) dedicated to making a phone call."

Hate to tell you this, but at the bottom of every homescreen, the Phone button is right in the middle of the bar.

I vote for no sense simply because Android version updates take longer with it and I use a home replacement anyway.

I wish the Incredible had stock android...i'd be all over it sooner but for the simlle fact that Sense is on it...It makes me hesitant on buying it. I'm waiting for the nexus one...i think.

I LOVE Sense UI. On my Hero, I've got a very nice, fast stable build of 2.1 running on it and I have tried stock, Open Home, Helix.. a bunch. But I always come back to Sense UI. It's what Android needs.

Only negative is, when a new version of Android comes out, there's a wait to get it on a Sense device. But then again, The Droid took FOREVER to get released, and it's bone-stock! So I guess it just depends.

Personally, I'll just hack it on like I did my Hero. I've had great experiences doing that.

The Droid Incredible will be my first android phone when I get it next week. I have tried out the G1 and the MotoDroid and I really like the Sense version from what I've seen. I don't think it takes away from the original Android UI but expands and adds to it. can't wait!

I do have one question tho.. one thing I like about my phone is the ability to use photos as backgrounds. can you do that with Sense?

Everyone is saying that updates take longer to come out since it's not stock, I have a Samsung Moment and there still hasn't been an official update.

But i just got unofficial 2.1 update for the Moment with the live wallpapers and new app launcher and i love it. So i would prefer that on the Incredible but still have the HTC widgets as an option.

I have the Nexus One and just rooted it to put Sense on it, and so far I really like it. And now that I am rooted I can always go back to stock if I want to, and I don't have to worry about not getting updates hopefully.

Yeah, I like Sense on my Hero better then vanilla 1.6, but its not worth waiting for HTC and Sprint to get their acts together when a new trunk is released. By the time I get Sense for 2.1 everyone else will be rocking Android 3.4

I've never tried Sense and have only tried one Android phone before (which is my own phone) but I really don't like the look of Sense. I prefer the stock look on my Nexus One.

I'm so confused by all this. I currently own a Storm2 and I don't ever have to worry about what skin to use. Nor do I worry about updates (can install leaks easily every time they come out).

I did order an Incredible today to try it out. I have never used an Android device yet. I want the Incredible to be my Storm's replacement but I don't know if it's capable to be one yet, such as:
- Holster mode: something I use all the time on my Blackberry. Is there even a holster mode for Android? A way to detect a magnet in your holster to automatically change your phone profile to vibrate only?
- SocialScope: my global social timeline for Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Is there something similar on Android? SocialScope is simple yet so powerful.

I'm itching to try the Incredible and put it to its paces. I just hope I won't be disappointed.

If you mean visually bloated, any widgets can be removed. If you mean bloated from a performance stand point, I have read that even though it's running the Sense UI, it still feels faster than stock Android on the N1.