G Pad case.

LG's reveals protective accessories alongside new tablet 


LG officially re-entered the Android tablet game at IFA 2013 today with the launch of the G Pad 8.3, and alongside it the Korean company unveiled a couple of accessories for the device. LG's protective cover for its new tablet comes in two parts — the first is a plastic shell for the device, but there's also a detachable magnetic front cover (think iPad Smart Cover) to keep the screen free of damage. And like Apple's cover its also possible to extend it around the back of the device to use as a stand — though in a slightly different way, as the case has a clip-out area to connect to the front cover.

We've got more photos of LG's cases after the break, including a bonus shot of a lone Thomas the Tank Engine cover found wandering the aisles of the LG booth here in Berlin.


Reader comments

Quick look: LG G Pad 8.3 cases


I'd love to have this new awesome tablet,but I recently got the Optimus G Pro,so how much practical use would I get from it? I'll just have ta thank on it some more

I've been looking too...contacted LG on live chat and they tried to get me to ring a US number!

I've just got the G Pad (and the LG G2) and they are great but lack of accessories is going to be a big downfall

I have the LG Optimus G LTE AT&T phone, a flagship device, and there were never any cases produced that were decent. I suspect the same is gong to be true for the LG G Pad 8.3. I have not purchased it yet specifically because there are not any cases.

LG will come out with the G pad G2 in 8 months, change the design, and there will never be any cases produced for the G Pad 8.3 that are worth using.

The case shown in this thread looks sweet but LG doesn't know how to deliver a complete experience! I bet it is never produced.