Pushbullet and EvolveSMS now allow users to view and respond to SMS from their desktops

Pushbullet and EvolveSMS are teaming up to allow users to view and reply to text messages on their Android phone from their PCs. The software are both in beta right now so it's not quite fully baked yet, but the promise behind this partnership is similar to what Motorola had delivered on the Moto X with the Motorola Connect suite. Rather than having to reach for your phone to see and then peck on a tiny keyboard to respond to messages, you can now see and reply using your PC.

You'll need to follow the instructions in the Google+ announcement if you want to take part in the beta. This requires a few steps. Essentially, you'll want to join the Google+ beta community for both EvolveSMS and for Pushbullet, then apply to be a beta tester for both apps through the Google Play store, and lastly download both apps. You'll also need the PushBullet Chrome extension, which allows notifications on your phone to show up on your PC desktop.

Is this something that you would want built into your next phone? Do you find this setup useful? Let us know how everything works out for you.

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tonymhoffman says:

I think evolve should work on making a product that isn't bug ridden.. I've tried it 6 times and EVERY time it locks my phone up.

Evidently you ignored the bit about this being in its beta stage.

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benthe1 says:

Just because it's beta doesn't mean it has to be buggy.

Uhhh That's exactly what it means. Stop complaining.

benthe1 says:

I'm dealing with morons. How was I comparing you stupid idiot?

He said stop COMPLAINING, not comparing.

And I'm pretty sure you were complaining... just sayin'...

benthe1 says:

What did I say that had any hint of complaining? I was starting a fact. Why you ask? Because I've tried beta apps and never had any issues with them. It's ironic my auto-correct put comparing instead of complaining because that's actually what I was doing. By the way, why did you edit your comment to not include the definitions of comparing and complaining? Lol

gregs1213 says:

Ummm.. I don't think you understand what beta means..

tonymhoffman says:

I was talking about the messaging app not this new service...

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suavehouse says:

I think tonymhoffman was referring to the EvolveSMS app itself (NOT EvolveSMS+Pushbullet). And I'd have to agree with him. I LOVE the design of the EvolveSMS, I LOVE the features.... it's just that it's buggy for me. I bought it and all the extras and redownload and test it every other month hoping that it won't be buggy, but it always is. I like EvolveSMS (design-wise) more than HelloSMS or GO SMS, but I ride with GO SMS simply because has the features I like just like Evolve, and most importantly it just works.

minnow4 says:

This ^^

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Ethere says:

Agreed here. The only issue I've had with Evolve is MMS, and even today it still doesn't work right. Textra is perfect for me.

Would have to also agree with this. Evolve needs to quite adding features and work on getting their app out of beta.

jonovw says:

I don't notice any bugs. It can sometimes be a little slow to open on my Moto G but no problems apart from that

benurd says:

PushBullet is pretty cool already. It doesn't fully compare to Airdroid, but it's still useful.

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TenshiNo says:

True. But AirDroid requires that you be on the same WiFi network as your device, which means I can't use it at work.

If you haven't tried trakt,sickbeard, or couchpotato, you're not getting the most out of pushbullet.

Need something like this that allows me to send SMS/MMS from my tablet. There are a few 3rd party apps out there but none seem to work well. Only thing I miss about being on VZ is being able to use their SMS/MMS app on my tablet.

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Ry says:

The Verizon Messages+ app is pretty good.

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Yup, I wish T-Mobile had a similar app of their own.

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kctony says:

Yep, wish Verizon farmed out the message + team to work on other clunky Verizon apps namely their data usage app

Its actually harder than it appears. I make it look easy.

vansmack says:

TabletSMS works fairly well for me to do this.

Markish says:

Mighty text has worked wonders for me

Thanks for the tip! Saying "adios" to Pushbullet as we speak.

vr002sh says:

Agreed, Might text works not only on my computer, but also both tablets. Does not matter which one I am in front of, I can respond. And it works every time (at least for me).

rj160202 says:

I like Mighty Text too. But the duplicate notifications on my computer are a little annoying

Dizfunctions says:

Try mighty text

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intrepid359 says:

MightyText is definitely good for pairing your PC and phone. I believe it also allows phone-tablet connections. You can also use TabletSMS, which is flawless. I can text from my tablet using my phone's connection.

David Nurbin says:

MightyText works really well, and allows some of the stuff that push bullet does, like sending web pages, etc. You can hook to it from both PC and tablet...

Ry says:

Good feature. I use Motorola Connect everyday.

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Alright the only product to be used for this is Mighty Text. It works with tablets and it works from chrome and Firefox. The free version is feature filled and even stores MMS in the cloud!

I second the vote for MightyText. I have been an avid user for over a year with no problems.

I too tried Evolve SMS but never got it to work how I wanted.

Andro10 says:

Evolvesms needs to work on sending pic attachments. I select them from the gallery, choose evolvesms to share/send them... and nothing gets sent. Also this connect like feature has been available for awhile using AirDroid.
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ctgova says:

A third vote for mighty text. You can see phone calls coming in as well as monitor phone battery level and charging state.

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DadTo4XYs says:

You can add my vote for MightyText.

bcbbanga4l says:

Idk. I use mighty text to reply on pc for text messages sent to phone.

JoeShmoe says:

I don't use SMS that much, I wish there'd be a way to reply to WhatsApp messages with PushBullet

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ilongbored says:

Or perhaps you wish there was a seamless WhatsApp client for desktop. Seems like Hangouts and iMessage are the only clients that do this by design.

madLyfe says:

wish we could just text through hangouts online and have all of our msgs sync to the web..

benthe1 says:


Shoftiel says:

How is this better that mighty text?

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kstoutdog says:

Add this function to Hangouts..!

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draftpeppin says:

Looks good. I use Mighty Text right now, and it's fine. A little weird when you send a group message though. My ideal fix to the problem of texts not being viewable on a tablet or PC would be for people to just use a full-featured IM like Hangouts/Google Talk. Of course, with a new Whatsapp-type solution being launched almost daily, it won't take off if you have to have every possible app your friends might have. There would need to be interoperability (just like how a Yahoo email user can still write to a Gmail user without signing up for a Gmail account!) My second ideal solution would be for Hangouts to simply copy SMS across devices. If Hangouts on my Android sees an SMS come in, it should display it in Hangouts on the web. But, I probably won't get my way with either of those concepts.

Axefire says:

VZW Message+ works great across all my devices. MMS works great. All other SMS apps are very buggy with MMS for me anyways... But of course you need to be a VZW customer to use it... Which I am so...

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Dizfunctions says:

Mighty text is my hands down favorite SMS and MMS extension in chrome

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tr-1 says:

And Google STILL can't implement something like this in Hangouts!

gregs1213 says:

+1 for MightText as well.. I feel like this app doesn't get enough and enough people don't know about it. It's so sweet.

lostasusual says:

Um you can already do this with mightytext...I use pushbullet as well for notifications other than sms (get those too) but mightytext works great (does more than just text).... man everyone beat me to mentioning mightytext....

BestGeeK says:

MySMS anyone?

Ethere says:

+1. MySMS works perfectly as well.

S4Rs says:

Just an FYI to people that moto connect although great and I used it a lot started to destroy my battery when I was doing heavy texting or trying to use the chrome app when my phone was in a low signal strength area. I mean destroy too. It takes a lot to loose a full droid Maxx in 6 hours.

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S4Rs says:

And just to clarify this shouldn't be an issue because I have to believe hangouts will add this functionality now that i message has it.

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ConTejas says:

Evn wit a kybrd many peeps will still typ <3 dis. I don't have a use for it personally. Always have my phone and can type on its keyboard just fine. Killed Chrome access at work, unfortunately, but chrome2phone extension still works great on Firefox (sends it to chrome on my phone of course). Maybe they'll add their extension to Firefox and I'll try it out to see if I'm wrong. Cool story, I know. Nobody at work cares about Chrome to b*tch about it : /

Gmanmonster says:

I have been using MyPhoneExplorer for years now. http://www.fjsoft.at/en/
I had it on my very first smart phone and it has worked flawlessly. Not sure how Pushbullet and Moto Connect could improve upon FJ's near perfect program and app combo

I'm using mighty text to do this

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ajpri says:

I have been loving EvolveSMS. There's an occasional glitch, but nothing that prevents its use. Its been working great! I also use pushbullet. The combo might be interesting...

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djncanada1 says:

Hi, Does MightyText not already do much of this function?