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Another day, another batch of tantalizing Samsung Galaxy S3 details. Today it's a scan from the service manual for the device, along with a purported list of specs, which comes from unofficial Samsung blog SamMobile. If you've been following all the various leaks, the image above will be instantly recognizable from a handful of leaked photos we've seen over the past couple of weeks. Specifically, it's the spitting image of what one of these devices might look like with its plastic dummy shell removed. The phone's profile is also an exact match for the shape teased by Samsung Denmark on Facebook last week. So it's entirely possible this is our first look at the real, actual, final design for Samsung's new flagship phone.

What's particularly interesting is the inclusion of physical buttons -- absent in some leaked images we've seen, but alive and well in others. However, we've heard rumors that Samsung was considering both buttoned and buttonless designs for the Galaxy S3, so it makes sense that prototypes of both sorts might exist. Besides that, it looks like a thin, sleek phone, not a million miles away from the Galaxy Nexus.

As for the spec list, there's nothing too surprising there. A quad-core CPU had been rumored (and has now been confirmed by Samsung), though the 1.5GHz number seems a little off to us. The reported 4.8-inch screen is also interesting, as earlier leaks had indicated a 4.6 to 4.65-inch panel.

Despite the genuine appearance of the image, and ​SamMobile's​ strong track record when it comes to leaking this sort of thing, we're still inclined to take things with a pinch of salt for the time being. With many different pre-release leaks floating around, the actual Galaxy S3 design remains shrouded in mystery, and there's no guarantee this isn't just some intermediary render. In any case, there's not long to wait now -- we'll be live from London in just seven days to bring you full coverage of exactly what Samsung unveils.

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Purported Samsung Galaxy S3 service manual and device render leak online


Thats probaly is legit.

Samsung have already said it would have the new quad core processor.
an 8mp Camera is perfectly fine on a mobile phone.
It makes sense that theyve got the same super amoled screen as the nexus
1gb of ram is all you currently need on a phone, having more wont make your phone faster.
and having the physical buttons makes sense since all the previous galaxy phones have had the buttons, so they wont wanna go too far away from that, they'l just say if you want on screen buttons, getta nexus....
This will be the world wide phone, and thus doesnt need LTE, you americans will have your own version in 6 months time, which will have LTE.

I might end up getting the HTC one s, as i dont like phones bigger than 4.3 inch, though the qhd is a fine resolution i am disapointed that its not a super amoled + screen, since i have a GS2, coming from that screen will be a downgrade as no other screen matches it yet.

And on that day I will relentlessly be pressing the refresh button on my browser to find out what will likely be the specs of my neXt smartphone, for sure, confirmed, no longer rumored to be specs!!!

IF these specs are true,(Big-IF) i have seen this specs before-boring!theirs no surprise, no excitement, no wow factor, no TA-DA! come on Samsung-surprise me before the Olympics!

If it really is just HSPA+ 21 instead of 42, then T-mobile will probably get a version without Samsung's own cpu/gpu, like the S2. WTF.

So a pentile screen? This is pretty much a Galaxy Nexus with a better processor. Will you even be able to tell a difference in everyday use? I think not. The real buttons at least will give you all of your screen real estate which is much better than having a navigation bar take up permanent space and create burn in.

Two versions?

International- physical buttons, samsungs own quad core.

US- ICS on screen buttons, S2 SoC.

Whatever. I'm just tired of the waiting. As long as it looks good, operates fast, has a stunning screen and great camera, I'm ready.

(please come to Verizon as a carrier variant)

As Android fans we should be very used to waiting for a new device seeing as how often there are news ones being released, yet here we are.

I'm going to have a stroke with all this anticipitation.

The outline is kind of sexy in inself. I just wish May 3rd would hurry up, I'm tired of the speculation and rumors.

What's wrong with you samsung??? Design the perfect phone and put a totaly old-fashioned physical button on it? There is not a single advantage of physical over capacitative button, only downsides.

I am hoping for software buttons, I am bored of physical ones. I am also hoping for a more square shape, the original S2 is great looking with it's square shape. This just looks like the Samsung Herecules...boring!

I hope this is not true. I don't 4.8 without software buttons is gigantic. Samsung should know you should not may phone any larger then you need to. Adding physical buttons on any ICS device over 4.5" is adding unnecessary size to the overall device.

Totally agree. I can't wait until this phone is actually unveiled so I can make this decision, otherwise I'm just grabbing a $400 gnex.

So what's the resolution we'll most likely to see on this one? So far I'm sold on everything. Especially I love the screen size - don't have to get a tablet to play with it in the bed anymore. :P