Purchase a Galaxy Note 4, get 50GB of storage for 2 years from Dropbox

Dropbox is partnering with Samsung to give customers an even bigger incentive to buy the brand new Galaxy Note 4 when it hits stores — 50GB of free storage for 2 years. That's an extension of their existing promotion, but they're also tightening integration, so, starting at the end of September, anyone who buys any Samsung device will get access to all of Dropbox's core apps. Sure, most of you already know how to load them up all on your own, but for mainstream customers, this makes it easier. Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President of Technology Strategy, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics had this to say:

Dropbox's focus on providing users with advanced technology for the needs of their mobile lifestyle is a perfect match for Samsung's philosophy. This is why we are embedding Dropbox on our Galaxy mobile devices so that the valuable data and content of users will always be nearby and easily accessible through their Samsung mobile device.

There are a lot of storage options out there for Android users, including Google's own. If you're planning on picking up a new Galaxy Note 4, or any new Samsung device, does this make Dropbox more attractive to you? Does it make the Galaxy Note 4?

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Get a Galaxy Note 4, get 50GB of storage for 2 years from Dropbox


Will it be different depending on the carrier you have? That was pretty annoying when Verizon and AT&T, I think, pretty much didn't give us that option.

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I bet it will be the same. I had a VZW S3 that I expected to come with the 50GB, but they didn't think I needed it I guess. They also thought they should force me to use their ISIS wallet by blocking Google Wallet. Well, I got Google Wallet on it anyway and I'll be jumping ship to TMo next so I guess the jokes on them. Choosing what your customers get to experience is an Apple thing, and I'm not using Android for that kind of experience.

I got 50GB of DropBox with my Galaxy S3 in the summer of 2012 (which recently expired). Also got 50GB with my Note3 (but it hasn't been applied because I was running CyanogenMod instead of TouchWhiz at the time my old promo expired).

Anyway, 50GB isn't that much storage anymore, thanks to exponential progress. They should bump the free base amount to 50GB, and make the promo 250GB.

These promotions need to be re-evaluated as people continue to upgrade phones. I've received "you have already redeemed a promotion" before and it will get worse....

If it's anything like the other promotions, you won't be able to claim it if you've already used one.

eg. I claimed on my S3 2 years ago but it wouldn't let me claim on my S5 when the 2 years expired.

This is prime example why samsung is starting to lose their momentum, they are the dell of the smartphone industry. They need to become a platform, so far they have no idea how to accomplish it.

I doubt he comes back AC needs to make a notification when someone replies to your response.... I probably won't be back either

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The simple explanation for him being here is because he's the Apple house troll designated to Android Central. And whenever Samsung releases something new, Apple gets desperate and send their little trolls out to... uh... make Apple look bad, I guess.

Easy, samsung is dell/hp and google is microsoft (the platform holder). We all know what happened to the non-platform holder once an industry reaches commodity stage. The main reason why samsung started to lose their momentum the past two quarters. Nothing their announced today will stop the march of the chinese oem's like xaiomi to continue to take market share away from them. That's huge, because we all know, samsung is all about the market share. I have my popcorn ready to see how they spin it once that happens.

Well, you forget the fine print. This is only valid for new customers. So, if you're like me and you activated the 50GB with, say, a Note 3 or a Note 2 even, you're out of luck. Your 50GB period is not extended, it'll still expire in two years beginning from the original date of activation. Bummer.

Right. DropBox has info right on their site that says you can only get the 50GB free for 2 years once. Buying a second Samsung device does not get you a second 2 years of free 50GB. I learned that after buying a Note 10.1 in 2012 and then a Tab Pro 8.4 a couple of months ago.

Just started on the Android wave and have a Galaxy 5 and was surprised with the 50 GB from Dropbox. I am thinking so long Crackberry....