1,000,000 members

You've got just one day left to enter the biggest and baddest contest the world has ever seen! We're celebrating one one million member mark, and in case you've been away from the Internet and missed it, here's the prize list:

in addition, Cory has a special prize package for long-time members (six months or more and over 500 posts) consisting of a new Chromebook, , a $100 ShopAndroid.com coupon code, a $50 Google Play gift card, and a Lloyd T-shirt from ShopAndroid.com. 

It's an awesome list of prizes for an awesome community of members, and we want to make sure you have a chance to enter. You do that by clicking the big link below. You don't want to miss out on this one folks!

Enter the One Million Member giveaway!

There are 19 comments

Cr0nus123 says:

i hope i win

Deradorn says:


nwaves says:

I'm in!

tdosthp says:

bring it!!!!

Doan says:

Offering prizes for a minimum number of posts is only encouraging people to spam nonsense.. we get enough of that, as is.

Dracontias says:

I'm new as well. Maybe I will win, that would be pretty awesome.

Ajmcbsat says:

Pick me!

kimierin says:

i like this contest

I want to win just once

otorrisi says:

Great!...happy 1 millón!

johnowoss says:

i want to win

jwburkhard says:

Hope I win so my wife can replace her iPhone.

TheIowaKid says:

Best place for Android news! Let's give some love to Iowa!

Geocom13 says:

Thanks for all the fish.

Dude, I never win anything hopefully this time will be different!

avaio says:

I want in

Lepennenere says:

Mark me down!

pick me!!!!

ranma.5 says:

Hope I made it.