If you wanted to see product shots of the HTC Hero, we got 'em. It looks like the HTC Hero will only be coming in 2 colors: white and bronze/brown. They both seem to have a classy trim to them which will certainly heighten the luxury feel. Also, you can see that they have dedicated hardware buttons for make call, end call, home, menu, back, and a search button. We're beginning to really like this phone...

What color do you guys prefer?

hit the jump to see more press shots of the HTC Hero!

There are 7 comments

Andrea says:

Darn cool interface! Awesome!

Keeji says:

Wow. The Bronze/brown color actually looks kind of cool on this device (way better than the G1 anyways). I would love to go Android, but meh. I'm close to going out and getting the 32GB iPhone 3GS because of the storage, speed, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Aaron Ratner says:

PLEASE don't go iPhone. Expandable media cards make the 32GB attraction non-existent. 3.5mm jack. Big deal. While a bit sucky, I have been using the HTC adapter for years. Not all that big a deal. With iPhone, I'm not sure what's worse; Apple, AT&T or the iPhone itself. Come on. Don't descend into the dark side.

Keeji says:

Haha. I get your drift, but are there any 32GB microsd cards actually coming out to the US? I haven't been able to find ANY online or offline... I don't mind Apple, but I just don't want to be tide down to iTunes (Banshee would be nice).

eioous says:

Its time for my upgrade and i'm tired of waiting. Should I just get the G1 or hold out for the My Touch 3G or wait even longer for the G1 Touch. I mean this G1 Touch looks AWESOME.

fans says:

please make more colour,red,green,orange,yellow...dont be so boring always black and white

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