Motorola Droid X

Looking to preorder the Motorola Droid X? Best Buy's taking them now -- in stores --  in advance of the July 15 launch on Verizon. The good news is that Best Buy's doing its usual thing where you don't have to deal with any pesky mail-in rebate, so you get the $199 price up front. So they got that going for them, which is nice. [Engadget]


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Preorder the Droid X now at Best Buy


If you've only been on Verizon for a few months you may not have an upgrade if you're a single line. Now if you're on a family line that's been around longer than a few months, you have have an upgrade available.

So the question is, will they short people like they did the iPhone? Because I would rather support the local guy at my Verizon store and just go there when it's released.

Small store = better service (usually)

I have my NE2 avaialable...can I implement that when purchasing at Best Buy or do I have to go to a Verizon store for that??

I might just wind up going to Verizon...

I'm so happy that the Android platform is getting great phones. Evo, Droid X, etc. Should be a great year, with 2.2 on the door steps as well.

Just bear in mind that the DINC still has a "will be shipped by 7/23" badge on Verizon's website... I'm not taking any chances. Just went in and preordered my DX...switching from a Storm1, can't wait...

Do you guys know if we have the option to sign the 1 year contract at Best Buy also? Should be only $70 more right?

What about if we're an existing Verizon customer on a family plan? Thanks

I asked to get a 1 year, and the best buy guy ( at 86th and lex in NYC) said no.

He said a 1 year contract "might" be available for the phone if you call verizon to order and that it would be $350...

I called the verizon store and they said you couldn't pre-order from them, but you could get a 1 year for $70 extra.

Ur verizon account only works at verizon i believe, so i dont think u can upgrade at BB unless u have a BB mobile phone...

Do research im sure BB would take business to get it. If you have a VZW account you can upgrade etc anywhere they offers VZW contract service.

Do they have units on display at Best Buy?

Can you update a business account at Best Buy?

The most Best Buy will probably have is just a plastic mock-up. If you want to actually play with the device you'll have to most likely check an official Verizon store (not one of the affiliates.)

I just got my pre-order in at our local Best Buy. My contract with ATT ends on July 15, so the timing is pretty much perfect. I've been torturing over my choices, especially between the EVO and the Droidx, but I'm pretty satisfied the Droidx is the right phone for me, even sight unseen. Now I have to cool my jets for a few weeks.

The timing is also perfect because my iPhone 3G has been acting pretty funky since the release of the new operating system this week.

I went to my local BB right after reading this story. They said I was able to pre-order it out-of-contract, which is what I'm planning on doing, and the price was $599 but they weren't sure since they had just started pre-selling it. I was the second pre-order so far.

Question though: My plan isn't up till next July, so in 2011, which is why I have to buy it out of contract. I won't be hit with an ETF for buying it out of contract then switching my number to it, will I? This was my original plan until my dumb friend started saying that it won't work and I'd be hit with an ETF. Can someone please shed light on this for me?

Can we also preorder a backpack to carry this beast? Its just shy of a tablet. Way too big for a phone.