EVO 3D shipping

Got a few excited e-mails in the overnight stating that preordered Sprint EVO 3Ds were shipping and will be arriving today. Can't beat that, can you?

As for the rest of the U.S., the dual-core, 3D-capable, Android 2.3.3, Sense 3.0 smartphone will be available on Thursday Friday for $199 on contract.

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Pre-ordered EVO 3Ds arriving today


Great to hear. Looks like HTC is getting ahead of the game and addressing issues. Have you happened to check if it unlocks the bootloader?

Have not checked the bootloader yet, just got the phone activated. It is now Android 2.3.3 not 2.3.2 like advertised

They're using same strategy some other noteable online stores use. Not giving an exact delivery date but doing overnight shipping. The surprise factor dramatically boosts customer satisfaction.

Mine is out for delivery. My favorite UPS guy, Ron (as long as he is back from vacation), will leave it if I am not here but I am going to wait as long as I can. I usually go to workout by noon.

I just ordered mine right now, I should see it by tomorrow when I get home from work! Still a day early from the rest of the US!! I reserved one from a Sprint store. I can use the gift card as payment :)

I thought being a premiere customer I would recieve that email but I never did. Thank god I followed my instincts and preordered mines on may 8th at bestbuy since they were the first to except preorders. I am #7 on the list and have a 8:45 appointment and will be there when they open at 8am Friday.

i ordered mine yesterday at 8am and its out for delivery in Brooklyn so i cant wait to get it today im so excited so for all those that are waiting for it on Friday it pays to be with sprint for 13yrs ;)

It's good that you're a long time customer of Sprint but anyone could have ordered this phone early starting yesterday. The link was in the post that went up yesterday.

Just activated and about to apply updates!!!

edit: Update is System Upgrade 1.13.651.7 (26.59) megs and looks to be going to internal storage but Ill confirm once it reboots

Okay, so this is my first time posting. I should be receiving my Evo 3D today. I am finally making the switch over to Android. I am making the switch from my Palm Pre :(. We had some good times together huh? Makes me sad, but I guess that's what happens when you don't show me the love you once did. Hello Android community!

I switched over from the Pre to the EVO 4G last year when it was released. I will tell you this, you will more than likely be frustrated at first due to the simplicity of the Pre versus the perceived "complexity" of the EVO. No one has come close to making a phone as simple and intuitive as the Pre. I initially was going to return my EVO - but stick with it, once you figure the differences out, you will be VERY happy you made the switch! I am, and am sitting here waiting for the delivery of my 3D!

LOL! I DID switch from my aging Palm Pre Minus to EVO 4G last summer, hated it and returned it after a few days because indeed I did perceive it as complex! But now, I'm up for the EVO 3D (or Photon 4G)challenge since HP Palm Pre is in the toilet bowl (aka AT&T).

I pre-ordered from my local best buy, but my full upgrade isn't due until next Friday (July 1st). That wait is going to be excruciating! :-(

I'm in the same boat as you!!! I pre-ordered mine Monday....#14 on the list. Hopefully, they won't call till Friday the 1st.

friend, i have good news for you. sprints internal policy will allow a renewal to move up 2-3 weeks. call them to fix that, and go get your phone.

ordered my evo 3d yesterday at 4:02 pm and got in via ups at 9:29 this morning...very fast shipping from sprint...thx a bunch...enjoying my new toy already! located in new mexico!!

WHEW - logged onto UPS and it said "Adverse weather conditions" then had a note saying the delivery may be delayed......hit refresh - and BAM - "Out for delivery" :-)

It's SOOOO close now! I can feel it in the air. The phone is in the area! Somewhere in my neighborhood, the UPS trucks makes his rounds. Soon, he will arrive at my house and my parts-shedding Pre will be retired.

AARRRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!! I heard the racket from a diesel engine and got all excited only to find out it was the FedEx guy and not UPS. So close. So very close.

You guys make it seem like it's Xmas morning...lol. As for me, I'm on AT&T so I'm waiting on the launch of the LG Optimus 3D. But I do also have my eye on that Evo.

I preordered my EVO 3D, from Target Moblie so I'll be getting my on Friday!! I can't wait, I am also upgradeing from an Pre Minus, and can't wait,

I preordered my EVO 3D, from Target Moblie so I'll be getting my on Friday!! I can't wait, I am also upgradeing from an Pre Minus, and can't wait,

I unfortunately don't qualify for the upgrade on the Evo 3D, so I'm really debating dropping the $480 for it (through Amazon), when I have this perfectly rooted Evo 4G with CM7 running smoothly on it.

I am still unsure if I'm ready to go back to Sense... :/

MY evo is coming today how long do I recharge for before I can activate it??

I'm waiting to see replys thanks guysm

Hello getzel18, I first tried to charge it but noticed no power going in, pulled the battery door from the bottom then noticed the plastic underneath the battery, seems HTC does this now because my Sensation had the same plastic underneath the battery that was already inserted. It is charging right now too. The activation took about 2 minutes with Sprint, I was replacing the "older" EVO 4G. So far so good, good luck to you & I guess enjoy!

everyone is posting how excited they are about getting their 3d and how soon it is coming i just tried to track mine and there is no info on my delivery date i ordered mine from wirefly this sucks have fun guys

That's because the ones getting theres today are the ones who ordered from Sprint yesterday. It's part of Sprints First To Buy program. Wirefly and the rest of the third party sellers aren't shipping the phone until launch day.

Hi guys, I just received my Evo 3D, just charging it right now. Much nicer or should I say less odd packaging. I also have the Sensation so now I really can see which is better. Location is Milwaukee, WI. I have within 30 days to decide if it's a keeper.

I've told myself I'm not upgrading my Evo till Sprint gets 4g in Phoenix but this phone looks so sweet.

Do I really need 4g? Considering I'm on WiFi at home and work?


It is a sweet device! Too bad I can't get the Green Hornet movie to play so I can see what the 3D hype is all about. :-/

i preordered from wirefly for 179 mine wont be in until next week hmmmm i wonder if it was worth it to pay the extra 20 to get it in earlier hmmm i guess ill live with it coming in next week

It's hard to concentrate... UPS usually arrives around 3-3:30 at my house... 3D set to arrive today!!!! So excited!

Do I have to charge it for 24 hours before I can use the evo 3d please someone let me know thanks
The reason why I'm asking this is because I heard that it can destroy ur battery if you don't do a full charge cycle at least once?

to the best of my knowledge, and I am by no means an "expert," the newer batteries don't really have memory issues. If I were you, I would activate it and play with it plugged into some source of power. Whether it's the wall plug you use or just charging it off your computer. That way you know it got a good charge and you can still play!

One of the more annoying aspects of my existence is that for some reason, I apparently live at the Pluto equivalent for my UPS driver. Even when I order next day, he usually shows up at about 6:59 PM with a big empty brown truck, except of course for my precious cargo.

I've been here all day waiting but I have to pick someone up at 6 PM. I can pretty much guarantee that 5 minutes after I leave the house, he will pull up, attempt delivery and leave me a note saying he will try again tomorrow - at, of course, 6:59 pm when I will once again be out picking someone up.

Grrrr. Murphy, wherever you are I despise you!

Going to Sprint on Friday at 8:00 a.m. here in Murrieta,Ca to pick my Evi 3D up. If anyone is concerned with what time Sprint is opening, it will be at 8 on Friday.

I just called Sprint to ask them to move my upgrade date from July 1st to June 24th and they straight up said no! I can't believe that! They said they couldn't moove it because the phone isn't out yet. How come I've heard reports of people getting their upgrade date moved and they can't move mine just ONE WEEK?

Unhappy with the result, I called Sprint back and the woman I got on the phone this time fixed it for me in like 3 min. She reset the upgrade date to today so Friday I can go in and get my Evo3d! Can't wait!

Yo lo orndene hoy por la mañana y me llegara mañana y tampoco no se a que horas. Pero con que lo reciba antes del viernes, eso va estar super chingon!

Yeah, so if someone who has their E3D already has time to stop playing with the carousel like Phil does for one minute and check to see if the bootloader is locked or unlocked, that would be awesome.

anyone else having trouble getting the stupid Green Hornet movie to play? mine keeps saying "error: reached maximum activation limit 0" and i've never even watched the damn thing.

I know a lot of people ordered their EVO 3D through sprint and got them today. If I ordered today are they still doing the next day delivery? Can I expect mine tomorrow? (thursday june 23?)

Scheduled Delivery:
Thursday, 06/23/2011, by 3:00 P.M. (by end of day for residential deliveries)

Last Location:
Louisville, KY, United States, Thursday, 06/23/2011

Yes, thats me EVO 3D!!! It will be mine today ONE day early!!! WOOHOO!!! It will be in my hands when I get home from work today!!!

YAY New Toys!!!

Richmond, VA: Even though I already had a pre-order at Radio Shack for weeks, after reading what you guys were up to, I called Sprint yesterday afternoon and my 3D arrived about 2 hrs ago! Charging now and about to get into it!

New toys, indeed!