HTC Desire 2 (allegedly)

The HTC Desire 2 rumors certainly seem to be gathering pace. Last week we reported that the phone had appeared in Vodafone Germany's inventory system, and now we have a leaked photo which purports to show the device itself.

Leaker "Rastaman-FB" claims the Desire 2 runs HTC Sense on top of Android 2.3.1 and features a superAMOLED display, front-facing camera and capacitive buttons.

The image has since been pulled from the original post, but as you can see above it bears a striking resemblance to the leaked photo of the "HTC Saga" which we reported last week, not to mention the unnamed HTC prototype snapped on a Taipei subway a week before.

According to the leaker, the phone displays the codename "Passion 2" on its softwate information page. "Passion" was the codename for the Nexus One, which was also built by HTC, and was the phone that the original HTC Desire was based upon.

With the pace Desire 2 leaks starting to quicken, it's seeming more and more likely that we could be due an official announcement at next week's Mobile World Congress. [AndroidForums]

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naednet#AC says:

if i, in the US, import this phone from Europe, and google releases an official update to Android 3.0 in europe... would i also still get the update (via OTA or through my computer) even when i'm in the US without having to root it??

05 TypeS DC5 says:

looks like someone else leaked it and rastaman fb is taking credit. Would explain why the previous writing was blurred.

mp0890 says:

wtf is that on the bottom

joshua.worth says:

Photo was edited on the bottom right corner of the phone

keithveliz says:

The mobile looks nice from the first photos...
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