Logitech Revue

See that there? That's Jerry's brand-new Logitech Revue, purchased for the low, low price of  $99. (Same price as Apple TV, by the way.) And if you've circled Jerry on Google+, you'd know that he's just a wee bit excited about his new toy.

We'd argue that $99 should have been the price point all along. And now that it's had its price cut by two thirds from what it launched at, is it too good to pass up? Let's hear it, folks. Time for a Logitech Revue?


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Poll: Would you buy a $99 Logitech Revue?


now that they are 99$ they are sold out at all of my local best buys. I ordered it from logitech with free shipping.

Ordered mine direct from Logitech yesterday because all the local stores are out. Expect to see it Wednesday. This offer is to good to pass up!

I did too and I've been checking the order status and still see as "in progress". Hopefully it will ship today and I can get it on Wednesday.

Mine is sitting at home on the counter. Ordered Sunday. Paid the $17.50 for overnight shipping and viola :-) Guess what I am doing tonight??

I agree. I want to make sure android apps will supported. But seeing them fly off the shelves makes me anxious to get one now and not miss this opportunity. What to do...

I bought one the first week it came out and returned it after about 9 days. It was good and fun. It just wasn't $300 worth of good fun. However after all of the improvements made since launch, at $99 I am ready to get back in.

I'd get one now that its $99...but I don't need one. My PS3 is my ultra-entertainment device and I only have so much space on my TV stand.

I'd pick Google TV over AppleTV tho, but GoogleTV vs Roku? That's a tough decision.

My Roku is on the fritz, so I'm thinking about replacing it with the Roku2 XS. If I do decide to upgrade, I'd go for the $99 XS over the cheaper offerings because I want a wired ethernet port. Kind of funny how that's now a premium feature and the cheaper offerings only include wi-fi.

Anyway, now that the Revue is $99 as well, I'm wondering if I should pick it up instead of the Roku2. My requirements are: ethernet port, hdmi out, Netflix and Amazon Instant Video support. Both devices fit my needs. And yet somehow I just can't convince myself to give the Revue a shot. I think the big keyboard peripheral is the biggest turnoff.

Why would the keyboard turn you off? You have great internet access with the Revue and could reply to this message right on your TV lol. You don't have to use it all the time. Once the Revue gets the ability to use the Android market, it will out shine the Roku box even more.

Went to best buy on Friday but the price was still $249, they had about 50 Revues sitting on the shelves. Sunday at about 11am I noticed price drop was official, I rushed to best buy at 12noon, All revue was sold out except that 1 for me :) I got the last one! YAY

Just ordered from Best Buy, and guess what??? Its back ordered. Every one must have ran right out and picked one up over the weekend. I probably could have ordered direct from Logitech, but I had a BB gift card and a reward zone certificate, that was another $35 off. So I have to wait a little but that's OK. We can expect a Honeycomb update or is it Ice Cream sandwich, either way, this should see at least one update, right???? This is a good move for the platform, maybe not for Logitech in particular, but this boosts adoption.

Here's my dillema:

Do I keep the Sony Blu-Ray/Google TV combo I just bought, or return it for the Logitech Revue...Decisions Decisions....

That's what I wound up doing. Using the money I saved by returning the Blu-Ray player to get a 24" Sony Google TV for the bedroom.

Ordered mine from Logitech first thing Sunday morning. They still haven't updated order status from "processing", so I'm a little nervous they'll backorder me - but I guess we'll find out soon...

No. But only because I already bought one at $249...

Edit: But, despite that, I don't think it was a bad deal at $249. We have a Roku for the bedroom and, nice as it is, the GTV with Chrome browser is great on a 65" tv.

Now just waiting for the HC upgrade...

I bought back before Christmas at the $299 price point. Still no regrets. I use it all the time. Great for pumping out music vids going through my Bose system. Great for killing commercials too!!! I just look up stuff while waiting for commercials to be over. I personally love it.

I bought one yesterday @ $99.99. :D I hope to buy one more for my second television. I can't wait for Honeycomb on this thing!

Got mine yesterday. At 99.00, the value proposition is there. I'm using it to "add" hbo go and epix hd (both things I'm already paying for from fios indirectly) and later this season, sunday ticket to go to my home theater using an xbox with media center and cablecard. It really finishes the setup with those additional services.

At 249.00 it didn't bring enough to the table to justify it, but at this price, and not having to change inputs to add those services, it really is a steal.

The keyboard itself is worth the price of admission. Shame they don't sell the dongle for it separately for pc use.

I'm going to probably be the lone dissenting voice here.

We already have an XBox that does Netflix, ESPN and a host of other internet tv things pretty well. I don't see where $99 is going to provide any more value to our already overcrowded television room.

I think we'll pass on this and put $99 toward a tablet instead.

I think I'm in the same boat as you.

Too many things vying for my attention in the few hours of my life I'm willing to spend sitting in from of the TV. I'm not a big movie consumer anyway.

Besides that, while I'm monopolizing the big screen dinking around on GTV, the constant glaring I receive from other family members deprived of watching the game or some vapid comedy show would sap all the enjoyment.

Isn't this what tablets were for, so you could surf while watching TV without imposing your surfing on everyone else?

The big difference is how much and wear and tear you are putting that xbox through for TV watching. Additionally, it's the most expensive way to watch movies that money can buy (in comparison to other consoles, dvd players, set top boxes, etc) from a power consumption perspective. I'm thinking of buying one because the power savings alone will pay for the device over the course of a year.

Seriously - the Xbox is stupid hungry for electricity.

Got mine Sunday - in store pick up at BB! I bet one day sales yesterday beat last QTR!
Going to return the new Roku 2 XS. Not because I don't like it or the Revue is better, but bc I already have an older Roku and only 1 $100 toy purchase at a time.
So far I prefer the UI of Roku AND THE FACT THAT IT SUPPORTS HULU!
BUT, when the Revue gets HC - WOW.

Also very cool to use my DX as a small remote to control the Revue via the Harmony app.

Almost did Roku as I prepare to dump Netflix and try Amazon Prime. Same deal 1 $100 toy at time. Should be fun.

I have both Netflix and Amazon Prime, do be honest the free Amazon streaming, well it sux - IMHO. Not that Netflix' is that much better, but it is a little better. I also like the Netflix UI better.
I do love the Amazon Prime free 2-day shipping though!

Amazon Prime streaming is pretty weak, but I do find that the Amazon Instant Video rentals/purchases are usually a dollar cheaper than the same content on the Zune marketplace. That's not always the case, but I've never seen Zune beat Amazon's price whereas Amazon regularly beats Zune's price.

That's the real reason I have the Roku - if Zune was similarly priced, I would've just used my XBox for everything. Sorry, Microsoft.

Just ordered mine from Logitech. Free second day shipping. Best Buy didn't have it in stock and in store pick up time was three to five days. This should compliment my PS3 nicely.

I love the idea, but I'm already running a MythTV DVR, and I've heard the Revue won't play well with that. I've also heard that Hulu blocks them.

If I were to get one, I'd want basically a replacement for Cable TV, which Google TV doesn't seem to be.

I got mine from Google for free, but I would totally buy one at $99. For that price, I am considering buying one just to root it. It's a fantastic product and $99 is a no brainer, but having a rooted Revue would be the shiznits.

Having a rooted Revue would definitely be nice, but doesn't it involve a hardware hack?

I don't think I'm up for taking a soldering iron to it!

Corporate people just doesn't get it. All they know is greed. They think people are dumb, especially the geeks. $300 for a device like this is not worthy of our money.

Now this proves everything. At $99, people are rushing to get it whether its worthy or not. Does it really take that long and one CEO stepping down to figure this thing out?

you can still screw around with your laptop while you use the googletv?

Other than that, it won't do anything "better" than your laptop. It's just more convenient since you don't have to get up, walk over to your tv to plug in your laptop.

You also don't have to change inputs from whatever other source you have.

So, purely convenience vs. the laptop. No idea whether that's worth 99.00, depends on how cheap vs. lazy you are.

If Logitech really wanted these to fly off the shelves they would open it up so we could root it EASILY.
I have never understood why these companies don't leverage and embrace the hacker community.

Cudos to Samsung for sending Cyanogen a GSII! They get IT.

Ok, question of the ages: do I need one of these? The AC community is obviously the best to ask this question, so whoever wants to chime in , please do. Here's my situation:

I have a PS3, Xbox 360, and HTC Inspire 4G, I don't plan on getting cable at my new apartment. I'm not looking for a replacement to cable, just something to entertain guests, and not all my guests are gamers. Does the Revue fit in here somewhere or would it be a waste of $99? What would I get out of this that I couldn't get out of anything else? Thanks in advance to whoever can help me with this.

I don't think it's going to give you anything you can't get through the ps3/xbox 360 if you don't do any live tv. Amazon VOD would be the only one, but if you have a computer, and don't mind using something like playon, you can watch that on the xbox too.

I posted above, and have a pretty unique use case, but unless you see yourself pulling up lots of web videos for guests or have some specific services not covered by the boxes you have, I think you're safe to hold off until there's a marketplace to add some additional functionality.

Thanks for your input Khidr, I was just looking at the spec sheet on Logitech's website and it looks like I have to wait on it anyway....I need a new TV first....ugh....

what is google tv exactly. does it work in conjunction with your existing cable/satellite provider? is there a monthly subscription?

Yes, it works with your existing cable/satellite provider and your internet connection (Cable/satellite is not required to use it's internet features and apps). There is no monthly fee to use Google TV itself but there is for some of the apps you might want to use (If you want to use the Netflix app, you would need a Netflix subscription.).

Here is the link to the GTV site that explains it well:

Picked mine up yesterday. They were sold out at all Best Buy's in the Bradenton/Sarasota, FL area after I bought the last one :) Price was still listed at $249 on the shelf, but it rang up at $99. When it gets apps, I can't wait to play Angry Birds on my 60" TV :)

I bought about a month after they came out. I still have it, but don't use it very much. I hope honeycomb changes that.

Picked one up yesterday. Loving it so far. Lots of potential there. If 3.1 does come and the Market it will be fantastic. I have my TV from the local phone company and it integrates just fine with my set top box. I was very surprised by that. Wifi could be quicker, but perfectly acceptable.

wifi quicker? hmmm. mine clocks at 25mbps download. upload at roughly 5mbps...
which is about what my internet modem tops out at. It seems to work good for me...
but maybe its the processor speed or something that slows down the "lag". yes, that is true, it could be quicker with changing pages and such. good point.

I read an announcement about it last night and ordered mine from Logitech a few minutes later. Agreed, this is the price it should have been in the first place. Pity the poor uninformed saps who are buying them on eBay for $200.

Picked one up at the new price yesterday. I've only had a few hours to play with is, but I'm pleased with what I got for $99. I already have an internet connected TV, but it's slower and lacking a YouTube app. The Revue is speedy, and has a lot of choices for online video. It also connects seamlessly with my Motorola DVR from Mediacom Cable, and controls my Vizio TV fine. Using my android phone to control the system is a HUGE plus for me, too.

All in all, seems like I'll be enjoying this device. And updates should only make it better.

I'm seriously considering it at that price. It might not be as "revolutionary" as every Apple product (wink, wink) but what it offers is fairly strong for that price point.

already bought one yesterday on their website. that makes my 2nd one I own now. Love that thing and now I have it in 2 rooms. what a great deal.

That's pretty cool. But what would be awesome would be if the revue could work AS a slingbox. i.e. it's already getting the hdmi passthrough just like a slingbox. Let me watch my google tv and connected source from my phone/laptop/second google tv... and I'll buy a bunch more.

There's no hard-drive, is there? I would definitely buy it if there was. But I already have a WDTV LiveTV Hub (or whatever it's called) that has a 1 TB hard-drive and supports Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Blockbuster, etc. It's probably not as slick as the Revue, but I use the hard-drive feature almost exclusively. Even more so now that I've cancelled Netflix streaming. ;-)

I won't be getting one at any price. Looking at the Google TV site, I can see I need HDMI. All I have is standard definition (with old-school, CRT-style) TVs in my house. I'm what you may call a slow adopter when my old devices (DirecTV DVR, old TV, and Wii) are getting the work done already.

Nearly every YouTube or other online video I see online that I may want to watch bigger on my TV is in crappy resolution anyway (max 480p). Browsing on the Wii stinks in crappy resolution and is far inferior to my laptop or even my Android phone. I don't see the need for HD or for web browsing on my TV, even if I did have an HD TV.

Maybe I'm suffering from buyer's remorse but I'm having some doubts on if I should keep mine. Today, I discovered a local Best Buy had some in stock so I cancelled my order with Logitech and picked it up at Best Buy. Going into this, I knew my current Comcast DVR model does not play 'nice' with Revue and I confirmed this to be true which is really a pain but I don't see much benefit from having my main TV connected to the internet. My home PC is 15 feet away in another room so getting to a PC is not a hassle. Also, for Netflix, I can do that through my Xbox.

So I guess I'll play around with it for a while and decide to keep it or return it.

With the new price point I think it is a must buy but I am personally going to wait until the official honeycomb update comes to it before I go out and pick one up. Rest assured though, once the update comes I will be picking this box up.

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