Amazon Prime

You'll now pay roughly the same as you would for a year's worth of Netflix

Amazon today announced a $20 increase to its Amazon Prime service, which offers up "free" two-day shipping along with the tens of thousands of movies and TV shows you can stream for free, and half-million books available for borrowing. The fee increase means you'll be paying $99 a year for the privilege — all of $5 more than what you'd pay Netflix for its basic streaming service.

But an increase is an increase, for sure. And so we ask you: Are you going to be renewing your Amazon Prime subscription at this higher rate?

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jazman_777 says:

Not me, when it expires later this year I won't renew. I don't really need it, I don't watch any videos they offer, I can wait a couple extra days for something to arrive.

DWR_31 says:

I've never used Prime because I don't buy Kindles.

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Amir47 says:

Well it's for shipping first and everything else second so....

vnangia says:

I wish it were shipping first. I don't watch ANY of the Prime content, and would be happy to give that up in exchange for a shipping-only subscription. In fact, I'd happily stick with it for even the increased price if it wasn't for the fact that here on the east coast Amazon uses a cut-rate delivery service named Lasershit, which has failed to deliver 100 percent of the time and counting. Add to that they quietly started collecting taxes without telling us (even on pre-orders made months before the tax law was in place), their spinning off all the things that really did cost money to ship into subsidiaries (for example, extremely heavy pet food - no longer covered by Prime, even though it's sold by " by Quidsy Retail LLC, an Amazon owned and operated subsidiary" - just pay $49.99 for shipping!), the fact that local companies will price match Amazon no questions asked, and you wonder what you're paying for - the Washington Post? Nah, we're done. Not worth it.

DCSholtis says:

I'll most likely renew

Choorp says:

Of course! Even at $99 a year, Amazon Prime saves me tons of money.

mike340t says:

Not only that but LOTS of time! I work too many hours to waste any more "shopping" .. Past snow storms, broke a shovel, needed another snow shovel, had another storm on the way and all stores was sold out. Amazon was also a lifesaver then. I laughed at all the people telling me they was driving everywhere looking for shovels and salt while I had mine on the way delivered to my door.

Mariusz Ty says:

ditto - I am doing exactly the same think for shopping.

But I don't stream from Amazon - all or most shows are on Netflix and i don't like the way Amazon is presenting them. Manning it is harder to figure out what I've watched and or ware I left off. Or something like every other episode I have to "buy" because on every other is on prime.

So I only have Prime for shipping and the streaming part sucks. I am thinking about canceling.

prlundberg says:

Nope. Then again, we were probably going to cancel anyway. We've had it for two years now and just don't buy enough to make it worthwhile. I too can wait an extra day or two, no big deal. Their free streaming is pretty similar to what Netfix offers, but Netfix is available on almost every device, Prime is not, so that's my determining factor right now.

sunckell says:

I'm in the same boat. Plus it seems, everything that I have bought that was "prime eligible" cost more. The increase in price is about the cost of two day shipping...

TheIowaKid says:


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Evo Longoria says:

This is exactly correct. I was wondering if people would notice that Amazon's free shipping isn't free at all, but rather is a marketing gimmick. The same non-Prime items cost about four dollars less, but then you have to add the shipping costs and they end up costing almost exactly the same price. This is actually insulting. What's more, lately items ordered later in the day, though they specify delivery dates two days away, once ordered then specify a date actually THREE days away, as they aren't counting the day you made the order. This is a real sham, yet I haven't cancelled my account yet, even though it pisses me off. Not sure about the renewal; I do watch some of the streaming video, particularly the tv show Justified, which Netflix doesn't have.

Prime started out a really good value, or at least seemed so, but now it's mostly a ripoff.

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justafew says:

So torn on this. On the one hand, the free shipping is great and saves me some money (will have to do some math to see if it really saves me enough now). On the other hand, I can’t use Prime video on any of my current devices connected to my TV (Tivo, AppleTV, blu-ray player) and not even on my SmartTV. I know you can do it on Roku or Xbox but that’s all I need is yet another device to connect and make things more complicated for my kids. Go here to do this, but go here to do this and here to do this and yet again - here to do Amazon Prime. Makes it much more inconvenient and unused.

dswatson83 says:

I'm with you. Until Amazon Prime works on my devices or maybe chromecast with an app, I just don't use it. The content mostly sucks anyway. I also don't read e-books yet so that is useless to me. I have had it for 3 years for the shipping but I actually use Amazon prime less each year as I have found the prices to be about even with retailers on many items. Plus you can generally find coupons for many of the local places. My subscription is up in November so Amazon has till then to make Prime Video work for me or I'm likely to call it quits. Or better yet, make it $50 and only include Prime Shipping...many of us could care less about the video, storage, ebooks, music, and just want to buy products and ship it fast.

richt says:


I don't ever watch movies with them because none of my TV connected devices support Prime. Prime shipping is nice, but I'm finding more and more of the items available on Prime cost more anyway... Maybe I'll keep it if they offered it for $50 a year with free OVERNIGHT shipping & no streaming movies or books

takpro says:

It depends, I found out while doing a bathroom remodel this year that I could buy things locally cheaper, even including the taxes. And many of the things I want aren't Prime Eligible. Many of those offer free shipping anyway. So, they will have a hard sell to me. That could change if they develop an app for Chromecast to stream video and put Amazon music service on Sonos. Otherwise, no.

DaYungGawd says:

You should've added an option saying: "I am too broke to pay for it". That would've gotten the most hits as there are a lot of broke boiiis here
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Gator352 says:

Yuppers! Worth it in my opinion.

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macawmatt says:

Probably. Wish they would break out the streaming as an add on, never used it. You know since they won't stream to non-kindle devices.

planoman says:

They stream fine to my iPad and iPhone. ;)
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ratsttam says:

Streams just fine to my trusty old Wii.

derkk#AC says:

Wrong..they stream to iPads too LOL I really hope this is fixed soon though!

Xristopher B says:

Streams to my TiVo, GoogleTV, XBox 360 and XBox One also.

What? Streams fine to Roku, GoogleTV.

Can you even watch streaming media on an e-ink (Kindle) device....

bumpandrun says:

Kindle makes some very nice tablets but you are limited to Amazon stuff from what I understand. It's not just e-ink anymore. I understand what macawmatt was getting at, Amazon is very limited in the devices that it will stream to. All TVs and blu-ray players stream Netflix now but only a limited few stream Amazon. I contacted Oppo about this and they said that Amazon is really weird about handing out their code to equipment makers. I believe it really hurts them. I wanted to get Prime last year because I order a lot and they have some new shows that are getting great ratings but none of my players or TV (Sony, Vizio, Phillips, and Oppo) stream Amazon.

mattdistro says:

It could use a few more digital perks, but I've started buying everything I can't get on my commute home via Amazon Prime. I get almost a package a week.

Gives me more time to spend at home, and less time shopping. To me, totally worth it.

It's $8.25 a month. With Netflix too, it's only $16.24 a month. CHEAPER than cable TV which is an absolute rip off. I also use Xbox video now and again.

Plus we order stuff off Amazon all the time, so the 2 day free shipping is great.

the big print giveth, the small print taketh

SpenceJonas says:

+1 million

Finally someone gets it.

prlundberg says:

Only thing preventing me from dumping satellite is ESPN. Everything else I want I can get online or with an antenna. That's probably why ESPN 3 streaming is not available as a standalone service, if it were the cable/satellite companies would start to collaspe.

bumpandrun says:

ESPN and the golf channel. If someone would do a local channels and sports package they would take a LOT of the subscribers from other services. Some of us can't get good antenna reception so we need the locals also.

Analyss14 says:

Yeah, that's how I measure the value as well. I like to pay for things on a yearly basis (I always forget to pay monthly bills) if possible but I like to look at monthly breakdowns to assess value. Amazon prime is still great even if you don't take advantage of their Prime Video which IMHO, becomes redundant with Netflix, since like 90% of the content is the same.

The thing I love the most about Prime is the no hassle returns. I pretty much buy with impunity (even things I would usually be hesitant buying online) because I know Amazon return and customer service is great. I don't know if it's the same policy without Prime but last year when my office threw a retirement party for an admin, we pooled our money together and bought a watch for her from Amazon. The first three we ordered were too big and we returned them all with no problem (and no cost) and because of their $3.99 next day delivery we were still able to order the fourth watch and have it engraved before her party.

If you have a good use case for it then Amazon Prime is great but conversely, as with anything else, no matter how cheap it is if you don't use then it's too expensive.

bespinct says:

I'm keeping it, but would really appreciate streaming to Android devices. IOS has it, why not us!

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jmbburg26 says:

Absolutely. As a student I get it for $39 a year. They told me it will be $49 next year when it renews. Even after that, I order enough off of Amazon to justify the cost for the shipping.

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cowboys2000 says:

Same here. Was free for 6 months. Then 39 a year. Got email today that it will be $49 in December when it renews. I buy enough that the free 2 day shipping makes it worthwhile. Streaming is a bonus for me.

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fixxxer7 says:

yes since I'm still under the Student discount

gravage says:

It's still the best deal around. Even without Prime streaming, it pays for itself through the shipping savings. I order almost everything from Amazon and I hate waiting, not to mention emergency last minute gifts for others.

sublimaze says:

I got the email notice this morning. I don't really feel the extra $20 is worth it. I never watch movies on Prime anyway (I recently canceled Netflix also, because I never use it). I will just ship my orders to a friend that has Prime and give her $50 for the service. It's a win/win for both of us.

AaronTV says:

Better yet, have that friend share the Prime shipping benefits with you and ship them to yourself. The shipping benefit can be shared with up to four or five people (can't remember exactly which).

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That's what I do, share my Prime shipping with my daughter's.
That makes it even less expensive.
Plus where they live most items arrive in one day.

Danix180 says:

I would keep it if they would be offering Amazon Instant Video for Android.

Bad move for them.

Yep, same here. Until they support Android and Chromecast, it'll play second fiddle to Netflix.

DirkBelig says:

I'm going to keep it, but will monitor how much I get shipped. Amazon's continued policy of telling Android users to FOAD remains a mystery. They are telling literally tens of millions of customers that the only digital content they can't have is Video. It's madness.

Since I have Prime, I don't have Netflix, but I bought a Roku 3 last night to replace the combined Chromecast and PS3 tag team I had to use. Yeah, it's three times the price of a Chromecast, but until Amazon stops blackballing Android, that's the way it goes. Jerks.

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planoman says:

Yes keeping it! I have Netflix also.

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ahutchga1972 says:

It's worth it for the shipping, free media, free library book rental (with Kindle).

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ru3 says:

"...all of $5 more than what you'd pay Netflix for its basic streaming service."
But Netflix doesn't charge you for the entire year up front. Prime is obviously worth $99 to a lot of people, and it's outrageously expensive to a lot of people. It just depends on your economic and/or regional perspective. $99 is a much greater percentage of the average income in rural areas than it is in large cities, for example. For me personally, it's nearly 20% of a mortgage payment or half an electric bill. Not worth that much for the 5-10 Amazon orders I place in a typical year.

ryan5609 says:

If you cannot afford the extra 1.66 per month, (I know its a lump sum, but still) you probably were not buying much on Amazon to begin with. Perhaps they should offer a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime, maybe a bit more expensive than the yearly price, but I bet that could help gain alot lot of those "on the fence" people.

I actually have a monthly subscription @ $7.99/mo. They offered it for a month or two as an experiment over a year ago. I wonder if they will continue this model at an increase, or do away with it altogether.

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I'm in the same boat - I haven't received an email yet..

fuzzylumpkin says:

Of course, it's not necessarily just about whether you can afford it. If you feel you don't get enough value from the service to justify the cost, you should cancel. Even if you can afford it.

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prlundberg says:

Exactly, that's where I'm at. I still think Prime is a good value if you use it. But I don't care much about 2 day shipping and I prefer Netflix for streaming, so why pay for it?

daniel2744 says:

I'm still keeping it since I'm a student and I get a discounted rate
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Chris Arnold says:

Ha, I just signed up yesterday for the free trial! I think I will keep it now since I'm getting it for $20 off....

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gonk24 says:

I don't buy enough on Amazon to justify it. I did do the 30 day free trial a while back for the streaming service and wasn't impressed. What annoyed me was that unlike Netflix and Hulu, Amazon does not stream everything for the cost of Prime. Many shows cost an additional fee per episode on top of what you're already paying. I found that quite a bit of what I wanted to watch fell into that category.

jlczl says:

Don't use the streaming so no. Not worth it just for the shipping deal. Now if they made the streaming as easy as Netflix I'd change my answer.

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DAS says:

I'm renewing. I don't care so much about the streaming portion of the service, but the free two day shipping on most items is absolutely a value to me and my household. The hassle free return policy is such a major plus as well.

Since I can find most everything I need on Amazon, I always check Amazon before I buy just about anything anymore.

In the past week I purchased a replacement soap dispenser for my dishwasher, dress shoes to wear to work, a HDMI cable for my tv, and two dimmer switches for my business. With two day shipping on each item, I almost feel strange when I get home and I don't have at least one package waiting. For $99 a year, it's a great deal for my family and business.

ChillFactorz says:

And of you use it for your business its a tax right off. So even better.

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NoNexus says:

Never had it, never will. I just do not order enough stuff and the digital offerings do nothing for me.

Craig Trunzo says:

For me, it's not even the Videos, it's the shipping. So yeah, I'll pay $50 a year (I'm a student) to be impatient and know that when I order something, it will be at my house 2 days later.

calvinnbs says:

If you haven't decided yet, you can click on Manage Prime Membership under Your Prime and click the End Membership button on the left. From there, you can check "Remind me three days before my membership renews" to give you some advanced warning before the increased price is charged.

frifred says:

I buy almost everything through Amazon these days and have never had any shipping delays or problems, and I do watch the movies (although the rental movies are priced a bit hi). So, overall it is still a good deal for me. Truth be told though, I just renewed, so my fee does not go up until February 2015.

Heck yeah!

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kennonk says:

I was a prime customer before they had the video streaming service and I felt it was of value to me back then. Then they added their video service and the price did not go up. So now it is like I am paying $20/year for the video piece which seems like a decent value. But I am also a Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriber who cut the cable/sat many years ago. The only regular network tv I get is over HD aerial. Prior to that I was paying around $125/month for cable. Now with those online services plus a couple amazon video rentals I am at <$35/month with the same or better content than I had with cable. Honestly I have no idea how cable stays in business at this point if for no other reason than people are just used to it and don't know any better. HBO is the only halfway legitimate arguement to keeping cable that I've heard recently. And I am pretty sure within the next 2-3 years their HBO GO will be offered alacart too. At least I hope it will :-)

DirkBelig says:

Sports is what keeps most potential cord cutters from ditching cable. They can't live without their games and ESPN. If ESPN were to offer an Internet version (like many wish HBO GO would do), they'd rake in a bazillion dollars and kill the cable industry.

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I order more and more online that makes Amazon Prime well worth it. I have also started to watch a lot of the Prime Video offerings. Last Christmas my wife was finally to a point that if she couldn't buy it online, and preferably Amazon, she probably wasn't buying it...


Thermalx says:

Yeah, we'll be keeping it. I'm hopelessly addicted to 2 day shipping, plus it's nice to be able just buy stuff and not worry that I'll have to pay as much to ship a small item as the small item itself. Oddly enough we hardly use the streaming, this probably make it a losing deal, but I don't care, like I said, totally addicted to 2 day shipping.

angryGTS says:

I'll keep it. I get a nice school discount so it doesn't matter too much to me.

ryaninc says:

Yeah, totally keeping it. I barely stream anything and mostly have it for the shipping. Still worth it. Though with the price increase, I may try to stream a bit more, so I feel like I'm getting more for the money. ☺

fuzzylumpkin says:

Nah, 80 quid seems like a little much considering a lot of the stuff I order doesn't actually qualify for prime (you can find a lot of stuff on Amazon, but not always from Amazon).

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I would have subscribed to Prime if they offered an Android app. It was a good deal at $79. With the rate increase, I'm no longer interested.

jackwagon06 says:

no app? I use the amazon andriod app for ordering all the time.....if this was in the forums, I would post a pic.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Probably means a streaming app.

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Jaycemiskel says:

He's probably talking about Amazon instant video

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DirkBelig says:

He means an Android app for Instant Video, the only element of Amazon's digital content sales that they absolutely refuse to provide. Ebooks, MP3s, and apps? Sure! Video? FOADIA(Kindle)F!!! It's crazy.

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I got by without it up to now, and a price increase won't lure me in.

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yankeesusa says:

Lately I have just been having best buy price match Amazon and I don't have to wait at all.

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jackwagon06 says:

good idea! Im stealing it......

jlczl says:

This X 1000

Target will also price match a lot of items.....great for stuff BestBuy doesn't carry.
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borgdog says:

It would cost me far more in gas to drive to best buy or target or whoever than the prime membership costs for all the ordering we do... and Best buy is only 12 miles away

terrycanfly says:

the gas thing is BS. the national average for gas prices were higher 2 years ago than they are today when it peaked @ $3.94. they realized the people who would use amazon prime are those who purchase enough to take advantange of it and are trying to cut their losses

Nope. Their streaming service isn't that impressive. So-so content (most good stuff is still an additional charge) and not quite as good user interface as Netflix. I wish they would break out the cost for the free shipping from Prime. Just free 2-day shipping for say $30/yr I'd do.

ValerieAnne says:

Even with the price increase, it's a good deal. Of course, that depends on how much you shop on Amazon though.

Cubfan says:

Luckily, I have until the end of November to decide. There will be lots happening by then, and perhaps the value will increase.

I will probably renew but, since that doesn't come for me until February of next year, I have some time to track my usage and decide if it's really worth it. An Android streaming app would seal the deal for me, though. My phone and tablet go nearly everywhere with me. My Kindle Fire mostly stays at home.

I'm definitely renewing! Free 2-Day Shipping and $4 Overnight? awesome! Besides, for some reason untold it only costs me $49 per year. It might have something to do with length of membership and it's an auto-renewing annual subscription.

eahinrichsen says:

Are you a student, or did you originally sign up with a .edu email address? I think $49 was their discounted educational rate.

Ahh indeed, now that you mention it I first got my Amazon Prime membership when I was in college and signed up then. It was originally $39, but then it increased to $49 per the email I just received this morning.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Hmm, to nitpick. People should stop saying "free shipping" it's not free, it's a service you've paid for. :p bloody awkward language English.

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mldiroff says:

Yes, without hesitation. I felt like $79 was a complete steal for as much as we use Prime Shipping. We do also use some videos, but the shipping alone, especially around the holidays, is worth it for us.

hmmm says:

If they open the prime video app to android I might. Otherwise it isn't worth it.

adam1972 says:

Ugh.... You can't begin to compare them to Netflix. .. seems like all their free to Prime members videos look like they transferred the video off of a bad vhs copy. ... Not to mention they are the mostly those versions of movies that no one ever wanted to see.... knockoffs in some cases. ... I'll have to think about it though. ....

eahinrichsen says:

I don't really care about the streaming video all that much. Prime is worth $100/year for me for the two-day shipping alone. I order a *lot* of stuff from Amazon.

TheDu9du says:

i'll have to find out how much is the student version now... ;)

joeyandru says:

Definitely still worth it. Buy a few things and it pays for itself. Streaming is a huge plus. On my Xbox One, 360, Google TV. Still less than $10 a month.

intrepid359 says:

The fast shipping is so worth it. And my wife loves the access to the Prime videos, so I think it's here to stay.

cwbcpa says:

We will keep it for sure. We don't use the streaming service a lot, but we do use it. We use the Prime shipping a lot though. That's where we appreciate the service. It's worth the extra $20, especially since we have been using it for a number of years with no price increase at all.

Ronzdaname says:

I thought about it. And based on what I spend per year it would make sense to keep it. Hopefully it will not go any higher.

GrillMouster says:

I'll probably drop Prime. I've been a subscriber for years. My primary reason for subscribing was the 2-day shipping. The selection of streaming videos that they offer with Prime is lackluster. The fact that they still don't have a streaming app for Android devices (other than Kindle tablets and Google TV) is a bummer. They'll soon be opening a number of shipping warehouses in my state, which means that they'll start charging sales tax on my purchases. Tax eats into the savings I've been enjoying and is a big reason I'll likely be purchasing less from Amazon in the future, making Prime a waste. Plus, more and more items are no longer eligible for Prime shipping (especially as they started making some items "add on items").

LMychajluk says:

My account doesn't renew until next January, so I'll have a while to see if Amazon offers anything new (like the rumored music service) to sweeten the pot. In the meantime, I always felt bad using the 2-day shipping on small/cheap items, often 'bundling' a bunch together, but now, I don't think I'll care much anymore. If I need that widget for $3.95 and they're willing to ship it 2-day under Prime, have at it...

hotkoko says:

Nah, I'm dropping them.. What's next yr? Another $20? Part of there whole thing was being cheaper than Netflix.. Not anymore Theyre not

hotkoko says:

And also could use amazon instant video app for android.. Which they dont have

breadfan758 says:

Yes, I am keeping it. I also intent to keep complaining about the lack of a non Kindle Android app.

Evilnut says:

They need to separate out their services on prime. I feel like they are charging me for the movie streaming but I can't use it because I won't buy a kindle fire. And if they start some type of music service it will probably be the same deal.

After all the years I have been a prime member, I will probably not renew next month. You can get most things free shipping anyway with a $35 purchase.

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Free super saver shipping is not free two day shipping...

Evilnut says:

But its free. That's my point.

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nashjar says:

You don't have to have a Kindle Fire to stream the videos at Amazon. Yes, it is the only tablet you can stream them to, but you can also stream them to a web browser on your computer, Roku devices, and many smart TVs, BluRay players and game consoles like PS3. If you have a Chromecast device on your television, you can 'cast' the Amazon Prime video from your Chrome web browser tab on your computer to the Chromecast and watch it on your television.

Evilnut says:

I'm talking viewing them on mobile. I know about all those other devices & viewing options. I do most of my movie viewing on mobile. So those other things don't really benefit me.

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Statusnone says:

Student Amazon Prime is still only going to be $49.00 bucks... Best $49 I'll spend over the next 12 months.

I love two day shipping, so $20 isn't a deal breaker for me. It still is surprisingly cheap. Don't know how $20 more could make someone angry...

ProfMike says:

I don't watch the videos - that's not why I have it. Okay, I watched a few classics but that seems to be about all they have and the lack of an offline viewer kind of stinks. It's because if you don't routinely order $25 or more, you get charged shipping for you and members of your family (up to 4, I believe). I can order a $2 paperback and have it shipped for free. And that's not even counting all the Christmas presents shipped to my friends and family for free as well!

froyoman says:

I'm willing to bet that half of the people saying they will cancel or won't renew are just having a knee-jerk reaction to the news and won't really follow through. And I suspect that many of the ones that do will return to Prime during the holiday shopping season.

It would be nice to get a Prime video app for Android, but I don't really use it for anything except SpongeBob for my son anyway.

gyroslice says:

Absolutely. I don't watch a ton of videos from Amazon but the 3.99 one day shipping is well worth it for me and my family.

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danman7 says:

Definitely keeping it. We order a ton of stuff from them and most of it's been "Prime". I know we've saved more than $100 in shipping as a result. We also stream regularly to our Xbox, so it's been a good buy.

Ameri-CAIN says:

It would make it a lot easier to justify if they would put a Prime Video App in the Google Play store and add ChromeCast support to it! All these big American companies looking to shut out perceived competition instead of working together to turn out a better services and products that in turn make more money for them.

ProfMike says:

Dear Android users: Install Dolphin browser and sideload the Adobe Flash for Android .APK file for streaming video. I'm lucky with my Note 2 and Android 4.1.2 that it works in the stock browser with the Flash file (as with my Motorola Electrify before it), but where there's a will, there's a way.

Ikeman90 says:

i never had one because i dont use amazon often enuf to make it worth it. but if i did. and extra 20 dollars a year wont make me leave. 1.66 a month extra thats it. i understand that you get used to 79 but things either get more expensive or they offer less to keep price down.

bumpandrun says:

My sister has prime so I get to use her account for my free shipping (she gets nice gifts from me via Amazon) so I'll just keep on with Netflix and enjoy the free shipping. Also, I have devices from 6 different major companies (counting my phone) and none of them stream prime but they all stream netflix. Major fail for amazon with the limited device streaming.

xxGBHxx says:

We continuously use the shipping so that alone makes it worth it, but I really need to get a Roku that will play the videos because my LG Blu-Ray players do not. I am also hoping they add that BOG BOX idea I heard rumors as that would move me away from Sam's Club and save another $40 per year.

nashjar says:

I started paying for Amazon Prime the year it launched and it only offered 2-day shipping and discounted 1-day shipping. I order enough from Amazon that I more than make that annual fee back in saved shipping costs. Amazon Prime streaming is nice, but it is not why I pay for Amazon Prime. Twenty dollars a year is a reasonable increase for a service I value that hasn't had an increase since its inception.

That said, in the last year Amazon has increasingly suffered from late deliveries. I do understand this can happen when there is inclement weather between the warehouse and my home, or might happen in good weather, but this should be a rarity. At least one shipment each week is delivered later than the 2-day guarantee for Prime nowadays, and I've been experiencing once a week or more delays for months. I've seen the frequency grow for the last year, but now it is an unacceptable rate of failure. I've begun notifying Amazon every time they are late, hoping they will figure out the problems and take corrective action. Many of my 2-day shipments are taking a week or more and an item I paid extra for 1-day shipping took 6 days. Sure, they refund shipping, etc, but that doesn't help when you need the item by a certain date, which is why I buy from Amazon.

If they don't correct the problem soon, I WILL stop paying for Prime service - but dropping Prime service will be a result of their consistent failure to meet their advertised deadlines - not because of the price increase.

Tigrisan says:

Free shipping on my Dyson was enough to make me stay, but I've had it since they started it. Free shipping, two day speed, lower prices on tons of items than is advertised to the general non-Prime buyer, early sales deals at Christmas plus lower prices (saved an additional $150 on a laptop last year with Prime pricing) is a win-win for me. I stream the occasional movie through my Blu-Ray player, but that's not why I bought Prime in the first place.

flighinhigh says:

Yes I will renew. My family does a lot of purchases and now instant videos is nice addition. The free shipping adds up over time. Lining in Minnesota and having a lots of snow days, two day service has not always made as the roads have been bad and blizzards will stop transportation. Two day shipments have only been off by one day. The increase is to account for the devaluing of the dollar, thank the Federal Reserve for continued printing press operations.

BigPuddin says:

Where's the option for "Yes, but only because it auto-renews on my credit card and the chances of me remembering to cancel are slim to none and slim just ate a cupcake." ?

The porn websites must love you!

sunburned says:

I'm ordering stuff off Prime almost every week. Usually prices are cheaper plus you're getting free/quick shipping. Of course I'm keeping it. Although my fiance and I should probably just combine accounts somehow.

hopefulfarm says:

Nope. no Kindle here, no ability to stream at home, and rising prices for goods (ridiculous pricing) means bye bye Prime for me.

mahalojunk says:

Won't renew? Heck, I've been waiting to sign up until it supports my android phone, tablet and Chromecast.

zackmack7 says:

Only keeping it cause I pay $49 as a student

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Dronak says:

I don't have it now, and a price increase makes it less likely that I'll consider getting it.

technomom says:

Put me down for a maybe. If, by the time my subscription is due for renewal (Feb 2015), Amazon has ported Amazon Instant Video to Android, I'll re-up. If not, then no.

nickcv says:

I'd been thinking about signing up. This finally pushed me to do it. Ask me again in a year.

darigaaz12 says:

half off for bring a student, I'll keep it

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Amir47 says:

If they expect me to pay $100 i'll cancel
I have been paying $40 for it after my first year free(amzon student) which is why I keep it and even if they bump the price to $50 then yeah i'll keep it. but at $100? NOTY

Amir47 says:

Just checked my account and it says
"On November 14, 2014, you will be charged $49 for another year of Student Prime."
which I'm OK with

darkmanx2g says:


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SkinsFan1987 says:

I never was on an annual plan in the first place, so I'm sticking around. The benefit of being able to throw Nick Jr. on for my daughter when she wants to watch what she wants is worth it for me. Plus, two-day shipping.

strra says:

between the "add-on items" and this, it's becoming less worth it and i don't use the instant video... so i don't think i'll be renewing

travo1978 says:

Nope. Just went to the site and my current subscription runs through Oct. It gives you the option to set a reminder for 3 days before it ends so the renewal can be cancelled.

mihabt says:

I was going to cancel it anyway given the lack of respect from Amazon to the Android community in not supporting Amazon Prime Video on Android devices, not evening sharing plans to do it in the future or explaining why contrary to support on Apple !! Started as an All Amazon buyer 'Music, Videos, Magazines, Books' to leaving their content 1 by 1 due to their platform lock and getting on Google's Play offering because they are platform agnostic, I know even if I bought an iPhone for some reason in the future, I'm not losing my content. Chormecast supported by all major video streaming, Amazon not ..etc.

I can have the patience and take advantage of free shipping 2 days later than what prime delivers! and Enjoy Netflix on any device including my tablets, phones and chromcast anywhere!

I get periodic rewards from my company that I can convert into Amazon credit, so Prime pays for itself with free shipping. I'm on the Student Prime right now, but when it's time to renew or drop it, I'll go for the regular Prime account so my wife's got easier access to it, too.

russell5 says:

Only $10 for me because of Amazon Student

DefTek says:

You don't have to be Kindle user to stream videos; works on Roku, XBox, TiVo, etc. Also, you can read books & magazines via Kindle app. I'm keeping due to Amazon Student Prime.

spamdigger says:

Keeping it. Still worth it for me even at $100.

randall2580 says:

I am fairly certain I use more than $99 in shipping alone, never mind some of the other nice things you get with the program. I am glad I just renewed at the old price however :-)

I will renew.

kj11 says:

Absolutely. Steam on PS3 with the app, oh Yea, and the little online shopping addiction my wife has.....

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Lee Crumley says:

I have twin boys and the diapers alone make it worth it, but we are in the process of potty training so of they are trained then bye bye prime. I will miss the streaming, but we do not use it enough to justify the $.

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jsabo says:

$5 overnight shipping is worth the extra $20. I'll still come out ahead.

John-Smith says:

I'm not sure. I honestly haven't watched one thing using Prime.. MAYBE IF THEY HAD AN ANDROID APP I WOULD.

I use it just for shipping. It is also very cool that you can share the two day shipping with up to 3 people. So it's worth it for me. But I'm not sure if it's $100 worth it.

jyemenai says:

I want to say I'm hesitant, but I order sooooooo much using prime. I need the 2 day. And I occasionally look at the videos. I'm waiting for streaming to android, until they I'll keep paying.

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RETG says:

Why keep it, They have been screwing their prime customers for years....

Just do some cost comparisons at Amazon or at other retailers.
And the reason they are raising is not due to shipping costs, but for the online usage of their movies/series, etc.
I have already notified them two weeks ago, before the raise in price, to NOT renew my prime account.

kinster02 says:

Just got prime so I will be keeping it but when it's comes to renewal, it will depend on how often I'm using the services. So far it has already paid for it self.

I have almost 11 months to decide but yes I'm almost certainly keeping it. I use it mostly for streaming but the fast shipping is awesome too

Robb Nunya says:

For me, it's all about prime shipping. I use it all the time, and would spend more money on just shipping per year than $99.

Yes. I am keeping. The savings in shipping charges offsets the cost. I also enjoy the additional free e books and movies.

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bluesun3030 says:

Yes, I will be renewing. But I will be renewing at the $79 yearly rate through Dec 2015. I still think it is a great deal at $99 per year since I take advantage of Prime & Prime Video.