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This week, Daniel, Flo and Jerry talk about the biggest upcoming launches of the year: the Samsung Galaxy S8, the LG G6. Can LG get a leg up in 2017 by releasing its phone a month before Samsung?

And we now know that Google I/O will be returning to Mountain View's Shoreline Amphitheater, but did you know that was where the Grateful Dead got its start?

Oh, and Jerry tells a story about an electric condom that you just can't miss. Trust us.

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Reader comments

Android Central 322: The electric condom


Used to love making time for the podcast, but I don't need to listen to anything titled "The electric condom."
Your managing editor needs to take a breath and recalibrate.

That's a shame, because you're missing out on something that's actually pretty cool and interesting. But if you're that put off by the word "condom," then that's probably not a first.

Yeah .. I'm kind of put off by the word too..

I like their podcasts, and I'll probably download it and listen to it later...

But... Really...

Sorry I just don't see the wit, class and substance in the title... I kind-of expected more...

I know these people are sharp, provacitive and entertaining... I like that. Just lose the 'gutter ball' mentality...



"A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection"

I guess it's the affiliation or comparison to sex. Is there a difference if it's clean or dirty? We can really spin this...

Maybe this is a 'clickable' topic to many who could find this topic an exciting subject or an interesting read on Android Central... ??? So be it.

Just a suggestion...

You guys have very good content in your podcasts... And I enjoy the conversations and occasional banter back and forth. Great stuff. I guess as a - prudish - old man I would like to see you guys keep your best foot forward at all times...

I hope you listened so you don't think I just randomly talk about condoms without being asked.

Also, this reminds me of another story (not sure if that's good or bad)

Microprocessors have had a Sign EXtend machine instruction as far back as the PDP 11 in 1970.

When Apple decided to try and convince people that computers could be a thing you use at home, the Motorola 6000 architecture was revamped at a very high cost because someone decided that there would be backlash if people know that there was a programming command abbreviated as SEX.

The 6502 that shipped in the Apple II e was missing the function.

Didn't matter, because the Intel 8048 used in all ATX keyboards had instructions called as ORL and ANL which caused just as much ruckus.

The vast majority of our readers don't listen to the podcast through the homepage. They have subscriptions in various apps that download the podcast automatically, and many don't even care about the title.

So no, the title was not meant to be clickbait. It was, however, relevant to the content of the podcast and was not meant to be offensive at all. Will keep your feedback in mind, though, and I appreciate it very much!

I just figured it was a podcast that was going to feature Phil and his modern dad stuff or something.

You can call it The Cleveland Steamer if you want, just keep it up! I found this one really interesting, and I always find interesting content in your opinions.

I really liked this mix of podcasters. Love the whole group generally, but Flo + Jerry w\ Daniel was a really good combo this week. (listener since episode 1)
Thanks as always!

Me too it was a blast and Jerry was off the chain at the end with the condom testing. Now i know my wife put a hole in it!

Jerry love the show and your killer tech comments. You make me want to be a programmer but i have dyslexia. I love the V20 second screen! Sorry just comes in handy... always on clock in meetings (don't where a watch) the flashlight icon is right there on top, wifi too. Always right there on the night stand with the time. Battery percent, messages I have not just a blinking light! Did I say anything about the killer audio! Lost interest when I tunes killed the audio quality but now really enjoying the music with tidal. Wish I never sold all that NAD gear years ago.